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Null Poison Ch215


“I can only tell you what I know. Also, you really will let me live if I tell everything, right!?”

“Of course, what you know is good enough. Depending on the info I get, I don’t mind letting you live, like I said. But first——tell me, where is Klaus and what is he doing right now.”

“I’m sorry since this is the first question, but I have no idea what Klaus might be doing right now……….Thanks to your letter, my connection with him was completely broken and all I know is things everyone else knows as well. Also, I had been deep inside the dungeon until yesterday so I really don’t know anything. I promise.”

Recalling the letter again, while still afraid I could tell anger seeped back into her eyes as she glared at me while she spoke.


Certainly, I was the one who drove the split between Klaus and her so I suppose it was my mistake to ask her of Klaus current whereabouts.

And going by Ralf’s info, the part about being deep in the dungeon until yesterday seems to not be a lie either.

While she’s obviously very angry at me, it seems like she’ll answer honestly now that her life was on stake.


“Well, my apologies for that. I didn’t think he’d completely cut you off.”

“That’s a lie!! The moment he read the letter, why did he stop listening to anything I even said afterwards then!?”

“Well, me and Klaus being on bad terms is a fact but, I didn’t write anything in that letter that would directly attack you Mielle. All I did was write some gossips at best.”

“Who gets that angry at some ‘gossip’, just how bad is you two relationship!? Aren’t you two brothers?——-What an utter mess. Just when I thought I had finally gotten away from that shitty Klaus, now I have ended up under the mercy of his shitty brother………I should have never gotten involved with you.”

At the verge of crying and with tears welling up in her eyes, Mielle spoke dejectedly.

Why is she blaming me when she was the one who attacked me first.

I just used her since I saw the chance, but she’s got what she deserved no matter how you look at it.

In fact, even back in Realzard, she tried to attack me first.

“Stop trying to play the victim. Last time as well as today, you were the one launched the attack first. And back then, if I hadn’t said I was Klaus’ brother, you were planning on killing me no?”

“………uuu, th-that’s——“

“You should be glad I let your attempt to kill me go with just that letter instead. And now you have the audacity of blaming me, you damn hypocrite.”

“b-but, because of your letter——!”

“I don’t give a shit about what happened, and its none of my business. If anything, shouldn’t you be hating Klaus for cutting all connection from you based on just one fucking letter? Am I wrong?”

When I said, Mielle completely shut up.

Everything must have been going her way in life if a single letter that put a couple twists in her life made her hate me so much but………..there’s a limit to how much unjustified hate I’ll allow.

If you’re gonna attack someone, do it with the resolve of getting hit back. And if you can’t take then, just grow stronger till you can stop that from happening.


Outsmarted, and now overpowered, Mielle has no right to play the victim any longer.

………..well, I digress so, let’s go back to getting more info out of her.

It’s not like I have so much free time that I spend it all casually chatting with her.


“Looks like you finally get it. So, is the princess in your party also on good terms with Klaus?”

“……….No they are not. If she was, I wouldn’t have been allowed in her party in the first place.”

“I see. So the princess and Klaus are not chummy.”

“Yes, far from it in fact. Well, actually I don’t know what Klaus thinks of the princess but, that stupid princess and her shitty guard certainly don’t think too well of Klaus.”

Looks she hates the princess and her bodyguard as well.

Is everyone against each other, or do they all just hate Mielle specifically?

………Well judging by how she acts towards me, I’m going to assume the latter.

“Well, that’s good to hear at least. I know that Edestor is safe for me for the time being.”

“So, you’ll let me go right?”

“No, I’m not done asking questions. And depending on your sincerity, I’ll think about it.”

“Could you at least release my binds. My head and nose are all so itchy it’s annoying.”

“Deal with it. Now, I want to ask about Klaus’ ability. And also tell me about his co-operators and party members. Basically, tell me every little info you have on Klaus.”

And thus, I began to drag out every little info on Klaus from Mielle.

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There was a lot more info that was vague than I would have liked but, as expected of someone who went to the same academy, and was close to him at least at one point, I also got a lot more info that I didn’t know about.

Especially in regards to his party members. It seems the influence of the [Sword God] was immense as not just Klaus himself, but all the people around him were unimaginably strong as well.

Looks like I really will have to find the Fruit of Skill if I want to have any chance of killing him in a face-to-face fight.

Once again, I was reminded that I needed to further increase my efforts into exploring and investigating the great forest of Roza.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    “Stop playing the victim, you hypocrite!” Judge Judy goes “PERFECT!”


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