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Null Poison Ch220

Under Eye

“Hey wait a second! There was one thing I forgot to tell you yesterday but, there is one more thing you need to know about one of Klaus’ co-operators.”

“And what would that be? Something other than what all you already told me?”

“Well it’s more of an addendum to what I already told you. Do you remember the one odd one out in Klaus’ party?”

“Milworc of [Under Eye] you mean? What about him?”

I heard of him from the info broker in Norfast as well.

How Klaus had brought the leader of a hoodlum group into his party.


I heard a bit from Mielle yesterday as well but, was there anything more left totell?

“Yes! I’m talking about that very person but……..”

“I don’t know what you want to say but I’m listening so take a breath and explain properly.”


“Alright listen. First of all, [Under Eye] is a hoodlum group based in the capital. It’s not like they have some big goal either, they’re just a gathering of criminals. In comparison, [The Maginicks] whose leader, Carlo, you killed are the type that did crime in return for huge sums of money, and were closer to a criminal organisation.”

“I know all this. Why are you telling——-“

“I’m explaining everything from the top so, just be quiet and listen till the end………..Anyway, so when you told me that you had killed Carlo yesterday, I was too shocked to properly think about it but, if Carlo is dead that means [Under Eye] will definitely begin to move now.”

I still don’t get what she’s implying.

Why would [Under Eye] take action due to Carlo’s death?

I could understand if it was [The Maginicks] who were going to take action considering I killed there leader but……

Unable to grasp the meaning behind Mielle’s words, I could only blame her shitty explanation for my confusion.

“I really don’t get what’s that supposed to mean. If you’re ‘explaining from the top’ then at least explain in properly and in detail.”

“LIKE. I. SAID. [Under Eye] will now start taking action seriously. If [Under Eye] came to Edestor, you really will have to run for your lives.”

“So, not [The Maginicks] whose leader I killed, but instead [Under Eye] will take action? Why??”

“Yes, like I told you yesterday, both organisations are currently working for Klaus. And Klaus had ordered [The Maginicks] the important duty of bringing him your head. Why? Probably because he had chosen a member of [Under Eye] as his party member I imagine. But [The Maginicks] had now failed in their task, and the one to fail was their leader himself. Which means his trust with [The Maginicks] will definitely fall, and so inevitable he’ll give the same order to [Under Eye] instead. Do you understand now?”

“………..I see. That explains it better. But, wasn’t [Under Eye] a small organisation than [The Maginicks]? Why do I have to be so afraid of them?”

From what I had heard from the info broker as well, [Under Eye] was not as powerful as [The Maginicks].

I am curious why Klaus took [Under Eye]’s leader into his party but, I don’t think my understanding of the overall situation is wrong.

“As an organisation, yes……….but if we’re comparing the individual strength of its members, [Under Eye] is overwhelmingly stronger. Well, most of the punks that work for them are trash, but the 5 original founders of  [Under Eye] are all extremely strong. Rather than enter the already existing organisation, [The Maginicks], they created their own name, and were further hired by Klaus in the end. That should give you an idea of how strong they really are.”


“That strong huh? I always that these hoodlums were mostly all weaker than the average adventurer.”


“Well, if we’re comparing the average hoodlum to the average adventurer, yes you would be correct. Carlo was an extreme exception in  [The Maginicks], but his subordinates were all at best gold rank adventurers. But I’ve heard the 5 that founded [Under Eye] are all as strong as Carlo. And among those, their leader Milworc is said to be a match for even the [Sword God] himself.”

So it seems there’s 5 Carlo-level big shots in [Under Eye].

And their leader Milworc seems to be a level above the rest. Almost as good as Klaus eh?

I get why Mielle went out of her way to warn us of them.

“If he really can go toe to toe with Klaus, ——-that’s a complete monster alright.”

“Of course that’s the rumour going around, but if he ended up becoming a subordinate to Klaus in the end, I have to imagine Klaus did win after all, right? Even with all that strength, and even though he had tried to avoid the existing hierarchy of the underworld, he and his gang still ended up giving their reins to Klaus after all.”

…………..Honestly, this image of Klaus I hear is different from what I remember of him.

I always thought that he’d go crazy and do dumb shit with all his newfound power but instead, like me, or maybe even more than me, he’s building a solid foothold underneath him for the future.

My caution against Klaus raise even more, and I realized once again that I will have to go against with all of my strength else I’ll be easily killed.

He’s going this far just to take care of one measly [Farmer] after all.

“Alright, thanks for the warning. I understand the situation better now.”

“That’s good to hear. That’s it for the info I have.”

“I’ll stay on guard. Mielle as well, be sure to inform me if you get any new info on this matter.”

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And this time finally, we left the back alley.

Not just Klaus, I need to stay on guard against the movements of his party members, [The Maginicks] and also [Under Eye].

Especially this [Under Eye], I really need to properly gather info on them as well it seems.

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