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Null Poison Ch224


“Daah! Shiit!  Ah, one more round!!”

“That was my third win. And I have plans back in Edestor later so I can’t do more.”

“Hey, it’s not fair to quit while you’re ahead! Chris, c’mon one last time, please!”

“Like I said, I already have plans for later. As you promised, we’ll find some time so that I can have you teach me later. I’ll be in your care Bors.”

“Oi, wait a minute!”

Leaving Bors behind who was still complaining, I began walking back towards Edestor.


The conversation must have already given it away but, as expected I won all 3 matches against Bors.

None of his tricks worked on me. He tried throwing sand in my eyes, random kicks to catch me off guard, etc etc, Bors tried every little trick in the book but alas none were effective and soon enough, I had 3 straight wins.


If anything, his first attempt where he didn’t try any tricks was probably the one time I had the most trouble, and that was the fighting style I was hoping to learn from Bors but, the remaining fights were unfortunately a mess.

Well, I get it, he must have felt that he had no chance of winning if he fought like the first match where it was a completely one-sided onslaught from me so he was trying to create some sort opening against me but………

Honestly, he was so bad afterwards that I almost wanted my respect back.

In any case, with this I have guaranteed lesson from Bors now.

Whatever it is that allows him to fight like that, I will definitely learn it no matter what.

Swearing to myself, I returned back to Edestor to prepare for my trip to the Great Forest of Roza.



Once my packing was done, I spent no time resting, and instantly headed out to the great forest of Roza to the south of Edestor.

It’s been about a month since I had been here.

While feeling both overawed again as well as a bit nostalgic from seeing the great forest spread in front of me, I walked towards the base I made on my last trip here.

It took quite some time to make, and it was still far from perfect or done, so I was worried that it may have been taken over by some other monster or creature.

[Perception Enhancement][Perception Range Enhancement][Life Presence Sense][Mana Sense][Hearing Enhancement][Stealth]

Since I didn’t bring Snow with me this time around, I was using all my detection skills, perhaps overdoing it a bit, but regardless, with full caution I headed towards my base.

——-Finally, the base I stole from the Orcs came into my view.


From a quick glance, it seems the same as before, and I couldn’t sense any monster here.

Still, just in case, I did a full circle around the base to check everything, and once I was sure that there were no problems, I entered my base at last.

Seeing the base again made me realize once again how roughly built this base was and how much more work could be done here.

Since the other huts had a horrible stench of the Orcs, I had to build my own hut from scratch so I guess it couldn’t be helped but still……..

While checking the parts that had degraded in the month I wasn’t here, I put all my stuff inside my base.

Since I had been fighting Bors in the morning, it was already evening now.

Even if I started exploring today, the most I’d manage is collecting some poisonous plants from around the area, and fix the parts of my base that had been worn down.


After sitting down and taking a small break, I left to collect materials to fix my base.

First I gathered some wood, and then some rocks, vines and leaves as well.

After gathering any good materials I could find near the base, I then went back and repaired the base to the best of my ability.


And by the time I was done reinforcing the fencing around the place, it was already late night, so I stopped my work there for now.

I accomplished a lot considering how little time I had been here so it was definitely worth it coming here so soon after my matches with Bors without resting in the middle.

And from tomorrow, I am going to be able to dedicate all my energy to exploring and gathering.

While feeling excited as I looked towards the sea of trees that spread to the horizon, I went to sleep inside my newly repaired base.


Since I had gone to sleep early last night, I woke up almost alongside the sunrise.

There was a mountain of things to do today so I should start preparing straight away and leave as soon as it is bright outside.

Today’s plans include, firstly to check on Ongneer.

I’m curious about the Orc King’s corpse I left there, and if the humanoid rabbit monster one hasn’t withered yet, I’d like to gather some fruits from that one too.

It was quite some distance away from the base, and I didn’t have Snow with me either.

I need to prepare properly before heading out.

I put out my map and compass. And then packed some water, and some emergency rations inside my bag, and then headed out to the East region of the South Area, towards the Ongneer.

The thing I had to be the most careful of was the CrowOrnith that is supposedly an inhabitant of this area.


It was most probably the monster I had sensed last time around so, it made sense why Henjak went out of his way to name-drop it and specifically warned me of it.

To make sure I don’t run into it, I activated all my detection skills, and continued through the forest at maximum vigilance.

About 3 hours passed as I walked towards the location of the Ongneer.

I wasn’t even carrying the Orc King’s corpse this time around yet, it took me a lot of time to get there, but in the end I did reach the place safely.

As you’d expect, I really missed Snow’s presence who could search enemies better than me and get rid of them. And so with everything on my shoulders now, I ended taking a lot more time alone.

I regretted not taking Snow with me and letting Ralf take it to the dungeon instead, as I inspected the Ongneer tree.

As expected of the extremely dangerous Ongneer, there were no presences of monsters nearby thankfully.

Part of me wondered if I should make a second base right around this Ongneer but, if I do that, Snow won’t be able to come here either.

Also, I don’t want to sleep anywhere close to these corpses, not to mention the stench of rotting flesh that was almost unbearable.

On further thought, a second base around this Ongneer was met with a resounding ‘No’.

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“………Oh! It’s properly sprouted!”

While no base was unfortunate, the main reason for me coming here was indeed successful. The Ongneer had successfully sprouted from the Orc King’s corpse.

The humanoid rabbit one was almost withered now, but it still had a fruit hanging still.

And then there was the fruit of the Orc King.


After gathering both of them, I carefully sealed them inside my bag to make sure they don’t get destroyed.

With this, my first objective was done but let’s see, what should I do next?

I have already decided to leave the exploration of a new area for tomorrow so there were 2 things I could do today.

The first one was simply, gather as many Reizen grass, Lizaf fruits etc as I could. Basically the usual poisonous plant gathering.

I had almost eaten through all of my previous batch so I needed to gather enough again during this trip as well, so it was probably the best way to fill the time left after my Ongneer investigation.

The other was of course, find and kill a monster for Ongneer and bring it back here.

Since the humanoid rabbit Ongneer was already withered, I needed to find another host to make sure this Ongneer doesn’t die out.

And taking into consideration that not all monsters can sprout an Ongneer, I’ll want to quickly find another new host. Especially because this place was pretty far from my base.

Since I have spent a full three hours just to come here, it might be more efficient to find another host while I’m still nearby.

While gazing at the Orc King’s Ongneer, I spent a couple dozen seconds pondering over which choice to make——-but finally, I decided to go with the first option.

Of course, it was hard to not look for a new host but, to first hunt something and then carry it back here will use up a lot of energy.

Judging from the look of the current Ongneer, the Orc King one doesn’t seem anywhere close to withering just yet so I decided that next time, I can bring Snow with me to hunt down a really good host for the Ongneer instead.

With the decision made, I guess I should start going back to base while gathering as many poisonous plants as I can.

Here as well, I missed Snow once again as I’ll have to focus on both gathering plants as well as keeping an eye out for enemies at the same time on my own, which was going to be quite tiring as well but………

But then again it’s not like I’m being restricted, as this was how I always did it back in Peixa forest and Carlisle forest.

I’m used to it and I’m sure I can do it in Roza forest as well.

I revitalized myself by giving my cheeks a slap, and began walking back the way I came while gathering as many poisonous plants as I could.

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