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Null Poison Ch23

Bronze rank

The next day.

In the end, I ended up working late into the night yesterday and woke up feeling not fully refreshed.

I was hit with the desire to fall back to sleep again but I had spent almost all of my saved up money from goblin hunting on ability assessment and my trip to Peixa forest.

I want to keep the money I got from selling mom’s accessories as a last resort only so I had to return back to normal adventurer work today at any cost.

Hitting my cheeks with both hands, I forced myself to fully wake up as I got off my bed.

Looking around, the two had already left, perhaps early in the morning.

The big empty room made me feel a bit lonely as I continued my preparations before leaving the inn.


Entering the guild, I went directly to the quest accepting counter.

From today I could take bronze rank quests and finally say farewell to the life of only goblin hunting but……. Since you could accept rookie rank quests even after promoting, I could return back to old faithful if the need arises.

Of course, bronze rank quests paid much better but I had become quite the pro at goblin hunting in the last two months if I say so myself.

I wondered if I could earn more from simply killing so many goblins that the earnings were higher than a normal bronze quests payout but, in any case, I had to try these new quests out at least today before comparing efficiency and profit. If these new quests turn out to be less efficient, I’ll just go back to goblin hunting from tomorrow.

While waiting in line, I came upon this conclusion in my head.

“Welcome! This is the counter for accepting quests. How may I help you?”

“I’ll take a quest please.”


“Then, can you please provide your adventurer card first?”

The same old usual back and forth occurred as I handed my card.

“Mr Chris, correct? Umm your rank is…….you got promoted from rookie to bronze since last time. Congratulations.”



“With that you may take a bronze quest from now on. What will you like to do?”

“Give me a bronze rank subjugation quest please. What options do I have?”

“For bronze rank you have, well, a sudden increase in the type of targets……..but before that, I need to ask, would you like ones with big numbers or smaller numbers?”

“Small ones please.”

“Very well, then your options are Stray cowbirds, Baby lizards; Bubble wisps that appear in the deserted village in the east. HedroSlime that appear around Mitsuria river. These four are the available quests.”

Stray cowbirds, baby lizards, bubble wisps and hedroslimes eh?”

They’re all monsters I havent heard off before but I can somewhat guess what they are like from their names.

Cowbird sounds like the easiest to kill, but there Is one thing I’m curious about.


“What’s the difference between those that have a specific location and those without?”

“Those without location are actually kill requests from people who want specific materials from those monsters. As such you’ll be asked to bring their entire corpse, or at least whichever part they are looking for to complete the quest.”

“And those with their location specified are targets because they are dangerous and need extermination I assume?”

“Precisely. Normally speaking, those without a specific location tend to give better rewards.”

Meaning I’ll have to first figure the info of those monsters starting where to find them, and learn how to properly extract the required materials unless I have to carry the entire corpse from however far away; all of which make the reward higher—–because the workload is bigger.

I debated what to do in my head. If I want continue solo and without a party, only quests which have the location specified could be completed in a single day.

 But, well, even that could change depending on the rewards I suppose.

For example if a quest without a specified location paid out double than the other, then its more efficient to just take the one with the specified location and do it twice, i.e. same profit in two days.

“which one of these pays the best?”

“That would be the Stray cowbird one. The request comes from the butcher’s shop, and requires its body parts. The reward is 1 gold, and depending on the condition and size of the monster, it can increase upto 3 gold.”


“Alright, and which one pays the least?”

“That would be Hedroslime and BubbleWisp. 4 silver coin each.”

The stray cowbird being the highest is understandable but even the cheapest one pays out as much as 20 goblins. As expected, the increase in revenue from rookie to bronze is massive.

Now remains my choice but, the cowbird is tempting obviously but there must be a reason that it’s the highest. What if I fail to kill one for over a week? I’ll be out of money completely.

Considering my current financial situation, the best choice is to go for the specified location ones.


“Alright, I’ll take the quest for Hedroslime then.”

“Understood. Then we’ll be counting on you to kill the hedroslime around MItsuria river. One kill earns you 4 silver, the max limit is 3 kills. Every extra kill also earns you 4 silver coins.”

“Got it. I’ll take that.”


As I got up and began to leave, the receptionist suddenly stopped me in a hurry.

“Could I ask you to wait for moment please.”

“Hm? Is there a problem?”

“Its regarding the specific details of the quest. At bronze rank, the quests will become more specific and increase in number so its not possible to tell everything orally for us. Hence, they are explained in full on that notice board over there.”

“Ohh, so that regular crowd was people looking and confirming the details of their quests?”

“That is correct. Starting from the right boards, it goes Bronze , silver, gold—– and so on separated by rank. So you can look up all the available quests and the details there before coming to the counter and bring the paper of the quest you want attached on the board and make this whole process go much more smoothly so please, If possible, use that.”

“I see, thanks for explaining.”

“No need, and just to be clear, if you, for whatever reason find it troublesome, we will still explain everything, like today, however many times you want so please do as you wish.”


“Got it. I’ll make my choice from the board from here onwards.”

“We appreciate it. Now then, we wish you great success on your endeavours.”

I see now. Normally, you’re supposed to make the choice at the board and then come to the counter.

If everyone kept asking for details everytime they came for a quest, it will take a whole lot of time. Next time around, I’ll make sure to get all the details from the board first.

While thinking all this, I left the guild.

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