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Null Poison Ch233


5 days had passed since I came back to Edestor.

While looking for help with magic, we planned to take on requests involving water based monsters, or at least that was our objective but………

[Request regarding help in exploring the great forest of Roza. Wanted: A magician with at least intermediate level Ice magic mastery], This request that we had put up had yet to garner any interest from anybody, and we got zero help from the old golem guy’s place as well.

Of course, on our demand, the old man did introduce us to about ten or so magicians who could use intermediate ice level magic but the name of the Roza forest alone was too heavy as none of them seemed interested in helping us.


As for the aquatic monsters as well, we have had no progress.

While there is a river near Edestor, there weren’t many requests asking for subjugation of underwater monsters was very rare as, well, underwater monsters are hardly going to cause any damage to people are they?


And even if these requests did it show up, it was mostly for Glutal Salmons or Marblin Eels, basically capture requests for delicacies.

Not to mention, just like the Stray Cowbird, you had to hand over the monster to client so you didn’t get a corpse to take to the Ongneer in the first place.

We even thought of hunting a different aquatic monster while we were catching salmons and eels but, at that point, we realized it was better to just to not take said requests and we might as well fully focus on finding a monster for Ongneer in the first place.

All said and done, even though we were attempting to work towards helping with the Roza forest exploration, we had made absolutely no progress in the last 5 days.

Today once again, we’ll spend our day completing requests as usual——-or so I thought until before I had left the room but, we suddenly had a rare visitor today.

“Hm? Did someone knock on the door? Chris, did you invite someone?”

“Not me. Which means it’s not someone either of you called either?”

“I certainly didn’t. Who would come at such a time anyway?”

I instantly activated [Life Presence Sense] and [Mana Sense], and checked the visitor but……….

Thanks to the abundant amount of mana I saw, I instantly knew who it was.

I quickly opened the door to let the person inside.

“What’s happened for you to show up so early in the morning old man?”

“Before questioning me, at least let me inside to sit. I haven’t walked this much in a while so I’m feeling a bit tired.”

The old golem guy pushed through and walked past me and ignored the two who were surprised to see him, and sat down on a chair.

I had a lot to retort at but……….first let me ask why he came.

“Hey is the old guy for whom we did the request back in oxter?”

“Phillip-san!?! Why did you come here so suddenly!?”

“Haa haa……….give me a second to breathe. Need to let my body relax a bit.”

“Here, drink some water.”


I suppressed my urge to make him hury to the topic at hand, and handed a glass of water to the old man who looked a bit out of breath.


After gulping down the water, his breathing finally seemed to return to normal.

“phew, I suppose it’s my fault for constantly being stuck inside. Maybe I should start doing some exercise regularly.”

“If you’ve calmed down, you can skip the preface, and talk.”

“I know. Don’t rush me………..I came here to talk about the thing Esta had asked of me. I personally came all the way so be grateful at least.”

“Thank you very much………..So, what did I request of you again?”

Esta tilted her head in confusion either not recalling what she asked of him, or not sure which thing he was talking about because she asks about so many things from him.

If I had to guess, it’s probably in regards to ice magic users but……….

The old man, did he perhaps find someone willing to help us with the Roza forest’s exploration?

“The thing Esta asked of, is it about the ice magic user that we’d been looking for?”

“Oh right you did ask of that too but no, not that one. It was about that weird woman who you said might come to my store asking about you lot! The girl called Mielle.”

“Ah! Since I can’t go to the store while I’m completing requests so I did ask to inform me if Mielle came asking for us! Did you come here all the way just to tell us that Phillip-san?”


“This Mielle showed up early in the morning you see. So no one else was there so I had no choice but to come myself.”

“Is that so! Phillip-san, thank you so much!”

Looks like Mielle had showed up at [Magic Cave] once again asking for us. And the old golem guy had personally come all the way here just to tell us that.

Well, we were about to leave to do requests so I’m glad we didn’t miss each other.

“Thanks for going out of your way for this. So what did she say?”

” ‘Come to the usual spot tonight——she said. Well that’s all it was so I’ll take my leave now……..seriously, using an old guy as your personal carrier pigeon, you lot really are a crazy bunch.”

“I’ll be sure to come and thank you again! Phillip-san, really, thank you so much for this!”

“No seriously, I appreciate it as well. I might come to say thanks as well.”

Having recovered his stamina after sitting for a while, the old man continued to grumble and mutter complaints as he quickly left the room again and went on his way.

Both me and Esta gave our thanks and saw him off.

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Since it was convenient for us, we had basically been using [Magic Cave] to stay in contact with Mielle but………I never thought the old man himself would end up coming here to tell us.


He would have never done this if I was the one who had made the request so this must be thanks to Esta making said request.

Looks like Esta really had become one his favourite disciples as I could tell from today that he seemed to pamper Esta a lot.

“What a surprise, for Phillip-san to come here himself! I had only asked him to send a messenger when needed but, I never thought he’d walk all the way himself. Honestly, I’m still in shock.”

“I am surprised too. For that eccentric old man to go this far, Esta, he must have really grown fond of you huh.”

“You two stop! Enough about the old golem guy, and let’s talk about Mielle! What does she mean, the ‘usual spot’??”

i’ve only met her twice, and that was at the same place.

I don’t know if that makes it worthy of being called ‘the usual spot’ but, well, I’m sure she means that same back alley.

“Last time, the back alley I introduced you two to her in, she probably means that one. Still, tonight huh………..if the old man hadn’t come, we definitely would have failed to meet.”

“Agreed. I would have liked more time between the call and appointment but, I wonder if she has a reason to make it quick I wonder?”

“I wouldn’t  be able to tell. We’ll know tonight regardless.”

“Yup! So then, let’s focus on our usual requests till tonight then!”

With Ralf’s words, we left the room and headed towards the guild.

Like he said, completing requests come first. Then we’ll see what happens next.

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