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Null Poison Ch237

Learning from Bors

About 5 days had passed since my chat with the country’s princess, Charlotte.

We continued completing our requests and saved up quite a bit of money by now.

I had got Mielle to help me with the exploration of the great forest of Roza but, I definitely needed to pay her properly for it so no amount of money would be enough right now.

I also needed to find another ice magic user as well but, that wasn’t going too well either so we had no choice but to focus on making as much money as possible for now.


I had once again asked the old golem man to help us find someone willing to help but, in the end we might have no other choice but to entice them with a huge amount of money.


Though after all this work, just thinking of how there was still a chance that we still might fail to continue through the forest, it made my body shiver with fear.

My thoughts were heading to a negative direction as I walked through the commercial street and headed to the [Magic Cave].

My reason for coming here was not to meet the old man but, because I had asked him to lend me the training hall, and had been practicing with Bors in there.

I had a mountain of things to do in relation to the Roza forest expedition but, learning from Bors was also equally important, and was part of those ‘things’.

Honestly speaking, I did consider just cutting the lessons short on the first day if I felt like I couldn’t learn much from him but, after training with him, I managed to get a good hold on this ‘A weakling’s thought process’ of his, I mean that in a good way, and instead ended up asking him to continue his lessons for three days straight now.

I suppressed my yawn due to fatigue, as I walked through the dark corridors of the empty [Magic Cave] and headed to the training hall.

Entering the hall, I saw Bors doing some light stretches inside.


“Hey Chris, you’re late! Even though you requested this!”

“I’m not that late. I’m earlier than yesterday at least.”

As we did our usual greetings, I also began doing some light stretches  to get ready.

Soon after, I picked up the wooden sword, and began my special training with Bors.

“You haven’t forgotten the things I’ve already taught you right?”

“Yeah, I’m already beaten those things into my body and brain.”

“good good, you’re a fast learner, so I’m sure you’ll master my style pretty quickly! On that note, I actually brought someone with me to help today as well!”

When Bors suddenly shouted that, a person showed up to the hall from a different room and calmly walked towards us.

I wasn’t using my detection skills, and wasn’t in my usual cautious state so I never sensed them.


He’s the guy we met some time ago, one of Bors’ party member.

If I recall……..his name was Rufus, right?


“Rufus was it? What exactly will you be helping me with today?”

“How rare, you actually remembered his name even though you only met him once! I never thought you’d be the type to remember people’s name Chris!”

“I am not exactly the social type am I, so the people I meet are few anyway. Hard to forget those. That aside, what’s he going to help with?”

“With the lessons of course! I needed to corner you properly to make you feel the desperation and danger, but even after sealing your skills as a handicap, it didn’t exactly feel like facing a ‘dangerous opponent’ for you right? So today, we’ll fight 2v1 to attack you more relentlessly. You can use skills as well this time to defend, so let’s begin practice!”

“What he said. Please go easy on me today.”

After Bors’ long explanation, Rufus gave a light bow and greeted me.

I don’t know how strong Rufus is but in the end, he’s also only a platinum rank.

Even with the two of them, it was normal of me to think that they’ll be no match if I go all out with all of my skills.

Though I also trust Bors’ judgement but……….well, let’s fight and see how it goes first shall we?

This was a good chance to try and utilize the things I had learnt in the last 3 days.


“Alright. I’ll fight at full strength as well for now.”

“Alright! Then, let’s start shall we? Begin!!”

With his words, Rufus instantly circled to the left of me while Bors went to my right.

His languid attitude from when he was greeting me was nowhere to be seen, and I could see his eyes lit with vigour.

With a short wooden sword in his hands, Rufus lunged in straight at me and swung his word sharply.

[Perception Enhancement][Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Physical Ability boost]

I quickly activated multiple skills, and first focused on blocking Rufus who was attacking first.

I matched Rufus who swung his sword as if to mow me down, and swung diagonally to block his attack but…….

The moment I raised my sword, I saw Rufus’ lips curl into a smile.

Sensing impending danger, I quickly turned my focus to what was behind me, and as expected, Bors was also launching an attack at me with the exact same timing as Rufus.

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First, I’ll knock down Rufus, the deal with Bors——that was how the simulation had gone in my head but, as if mocking my estimations, Rufus stopped his attack midway.


Before our wooden swords could collide, he stepped away backwards.

Knocking Rufus down became impossible but, then I just have to crush Bors first instead.

I turned around instantly to do so but, to my shock, Bors matched Rufus’ movements and had back-stepped away from me as well.

The instant I felt a bad premonition from their sudden useless actions——from Rufus’ direction, ‘something’ strong struck my side.

Although my balance was broken, I still tried to check what exactly had hit me but, Rufus was still standing away from me and was looking at me with a calm and composed look.

The moment I looked away from him, something had hit me.

Magic, or a skill? ……….No point thinking about it now.

Quickly switching my thoughts, I decided to rush Rufus and attack him but, as if he had read my thoughts, Bors instantly closed in on me.

I panicked and tried to deal with him, and managed to avoid his attacks but……….I was getting irritated from being knocked around like this, and I had still not caught on to how they were attacking me.

Looks like I really have to fully utilize the stuff I learnt from Bors here.

I was planning on winning quickly and then make him return to teaching me without using skills but, looks like this might be the best kind of training in and of itself for me right now.


I quickly changed my thought process again, from an aggressive mode to a more defensive one.

From here, I will utilize the style of fighting I had learnt from Bors, a coward’s fighting style.

It’s meant mostly as a way to buy time until you can find an opening to run away but, this will be very useful for me against all the strong enemies I will surely face in the future.

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