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Null Poison Ch240

A Tightly Packed Schedule

The day after I took my last training session with Bors.

It was finally tomorrow when I’ll take Ralf and Esta to the great forest of Roza to do our preliminary investigations.

Since my last expedition to the forest, my days had been jam packed from doing requests, holding important discussions, training, recruitment etc, and I barely had any time to fully devote to myself.

Today as well, I had spent the first half of the day completing a request for money but, since I had yet to even fully reflect on my last trip to Roza forest yet, I had no choice but to forcibly make some time this afternoon.


I was genuinely quite tired, and in all honesty, wanted to go crash in a bed asap but…….


There was still so much I had to do in this remaining half day that I had no time to rest.

Firstly——-something I had to do at all costs, that is, to discern the details of the poisonous plants I collected on my last trip.

While I had been consistently consuming Reizen grass and the rest everyday with my meals, the new ones I had found were simply lying about in dried form untouched as I had not been able to find some time to go to the church.

There weren’t a lot of them but, one of them was the Orc King’s Ongneer so I needed to properly discern them each.

After that, I needed to go and grab Jinpi potions from [Gaddfoura].

I had got the message from Bors-san but, in the end I couldn’t find time to go there still.

I suppose it’s only natural since I have been doing requests from morning till night but, I was never to get there during the Store’s open hours, and it was always closed by the time I came back from doing requests.

It was only the big general store [Relab Market] that employed so many people that it could stay open even at night but………

With our lifestyle, going to places like the Church, [Gaddfoura] or Kevin’s weapons store was basically impossible.

I had been mostly doing maintenance on my sword myself but, it was about time I let a pro handle it as well. So after Gaddfoura, I needed to go to Kevin’s place next.

While I went back to the Inn to pick up my poisonous plants, I tried creating a proper schedule inside my head for the remaining day.



After packing all the poisonous plants in my bag, I made my second trip to the church since coming to Edestor.


Walking through the holy atmosphere of the building, I entered the ability assessment room.

Until now, I had only been in assessment room that were covered in dust so it still felt odd being in such a neat and tidy place——as I rang the bell that was kept in the room.

After waiting for a while, the old Sister, same as last time, came into the room.

I obviously remembered her face but, since it had been quite some time since the last time I came, I wondered if she would recognize me as well. Especially considering how many adventurers she must have to see every day.

While I was hesitating over how to start the conversation, it was Sister who sat down in front of me that spoke first.

“Oh? Aren’t you the one that did multiple assessments that one time?”

“I am but………you remember me?”

“Of course I do. It’s true I have to do assessment for a huge amount of adventurers here in edestor but, there is only one who had me do assessments multiple times in a single day after all.”


Well, that sounds about right I suppose.

Since each assessment cost 1 gold coin, it wasn’t exactly cheap either so only an idiot would do what I do normally.

If I was in her place, I’d end up remembering such a guy too even if I didn’t want to.

“The world may be vast and wide, but I guess I really am the only one who does that huh. Also, it’ll be multiple assessments today as well, so I’ll be in your care again.”

“Today as well? Well, we of the church have hardly any reason to complain but………Well, if you understand that it may be futile then I won’t try to stop you either. Well then, please hand over your adventurer card and one gold coin please?”

I did as she asked and waited for the assessment to be done.

I haven’t eaten the Orc King’s ongneer yet but, I’m interested in seeing how much my stats have risen.

“Thank you for your patronage. Then I’ll begin—–and it’s done. Here’s your card, please check.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Giving a light thanks to the sister for quickly finishing, I checked my adventurer card.

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Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 26(+434)

Strength: 24(+512)

Stamina: 22(+319)

Magic: 6(+182)

Agility: 14(+244)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification][War Dance] [Hearing Enhancement] [Cold Resistance] [Intimidating Presence] [Valour] [Hard Hit] [Heat control] [Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] [Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior] [Iron Wall] [Colour Change] [Mental Attack Resistance] [Sticky String Operation] [Mana Sense] [Silent Steps][Self Regeneration] [Physical Ability Boost] [Ability Unleashed] [Mind Unleashed] [Leg Strength Enhancement] [Crimson Eyes]


Yeah…………I mean, they have gone up at least.


It’s around a 30-40 increase in all stats.

Of course for Agility, since I never took Jinpi potions so it’s barely changed from last time but, for the rest, well, it’s still a passing amount of increase.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to see a more explosive increase but………it would cocky of me to hope for more this now.

Since my own base stats had only risen by 1, I was once again grateful for the potential of the poisonous plants.

I fully digested my stats first, and now it was time to see the effects of the Orc King ongneer.

It was a Mithril rank monster individually but, it would be even higher when leading an army.

I mean I did witness its ability to increase the strength of its subordinates first hand, so I was hoping I could get a skill like that as well.

While praying that that skill was a common skill, I left the church for the time being.

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