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Null Poison Ch243


Yesterday, I had spent half a day going around various places and stores and was able to finally finish all my errands.

I just barely made it in time but, I did get my sword maintenance done as well so I was feeling quite satisfied with how the day had went.

——and now, today we’ll head to the great forest of Roza together as a party to explore.

It’ll only be next week when Mielle will join us as well and the exploration will begin in its earnest but, I needed to make a base in the easy region of the South Area, and I had yet to find a third ice mage so, this time we’ll only spend about three days in the forest, and the remaining four will be spent on finding that last member.


To make sure I don’t forget the sensation I learnt when fighting with Bors-san and Rufus, I wanted to spend some time to myself training as well but…….


After forcing Mielle to come with us, if we ended up lacking in personnel and failed in exploring, it would result in a colossal waste of time and effort so we really needed to put all our effort into finding a person to help with our Roza forest exploration no matter what.

The old golem guy was also helping with our search but I don’t have much expectations from the [Magic Cave] anymore.

I disliked this stalemate situation but, I do have a certain someone in mind that I want to try and recruit.

I expect to get rejected there as well but, I should at least go and meet them once I return from here———-But before all that, it was important we make this current expedition a success first and foremost.

“Chris! You ready? Let’s go already!”

“I’ve been done with my prep a long time ago Ralf. You’re the one who spent an age inside the toilet.”

“If we are all finally ready, let’s head out. Chris-san, lead the way if you don’t mind?”

“Yeah, of course. It’s a pretty much a straight road though.”

Now that Ralf was finally out of the toilet, it was finally time for us to head to the Roza forest.

I’ve already been there many times so I’m not that worried, but it will be Ralf and Esta’s first time there so I was a little bit nervous.


I possess a huge amount of skills which made monsters like RexBills and Medicine Ants be no problem for me, but for Ralf and Esta, they are a serious threat.

And I can’t even detect these two monsters with my detect skills either so we had to be extra prepared.

I have warned them multiple times as well but, just in case I’ll remind them once more and then……’s off to the great forest of Roza.



“We’re finally here. This is the great forest of Roza.”

“Holy shit this really is a huge forest! It’s in a whole different level when compared to something like the Carlisle forest. Even I can tell that much from just looking at the entrance to the place.”

“It really is a frightening sight……….I’m always amazed how you manage to explore a place like this all on your own Chris-san.”

“It’s mostly thanks to huge number of skills I possess really. If anything, it’s more safer for me to go alone. Like I warned you before leaving Edestor——-“

“Yes yes, we heard that enough times already! ‘be cautious of leech and ant looking monsters!’ Right? I don’t think anyone will forget considering how many times you’ve told us that!”

“That’s just how dangerous those things are. You’ll never even notice when and where they start to attack you so, seriously, be careful. ——-alright then, let’s head inside.”

As always, I had Snow lead the way with its detection skills, and we continued forward while being vigilant of our surroundings.


Since the south region of the South area was basically the entrance to the forest overall, there were far fewer monsters here and there weren’t many dangerous creatures to be found here.

Furthermore, since we were being extra cautious this time around as we moved, we reached the base I had built without ever running into a single monster.


The two looked around the renovated Orc nest with interest but, most of the huts were still unusable due to the smell of the Orcs even now, so I hope they aren’t expecting something too incredible.

“Amazing, is this your base! You said to not be too hopeful, but ain’t this place way better than the Carlisle one?!”

“I agree! I was expecting something far, far worse to be honest but these things look pretty sturdily built and should be perfectly serviceable.”

“You’ll soon find out why I said not to get excited the moment you actually enter one of those huts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

It’s better if they experience it themselves rather than me trying to explain so I led them inside my base.

Snow of course, already knew of the horrible smell, not to mention it also had a sense of smell that was many times stronger than ours so it quickly ran straight to the little kennel I had made for Snow last time around.

“Ugheee! The fuck is this smell!!?”

“See? This is why most of these buildings are unusable. Do you understand why I said that this base was deceptive now? C’mon, first we have to actually build a place for both of you to sleep in as well. Once that’s done, we’ll go out to the east region and make a new base there. We’re gonna be fast about it so keep up!”

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Ralf had screamed in disgust the moment he entered one of the huts, meanwhile Esta seemed to have caught a whiff from afar so she stopped before she made the same mistake.

Now that they both understood the problem with this base, we need to quickly start to build a place for these two to stay in as well.

I should probably make it big enough so that Mielle and one more person can use it as well……….but before all that, I need to gather materials huh.

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