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Null Poison Ch247

Preliminary Work

While looking over the corpses of the humanoid rabbits, I used one [Fir ball] to turn them into ashes.

I doubt these humanoid rabbits ever even thought that after just a few seconds of them launching a fierce attack on me, they’d all be annihilated.

Well, I call it a ‘fierce attack’ but I had it all completely under control from the start.


“Yoo Chris! That went perfectly eh? When I saw you going against all those by yourself, I panicked a bit but, seeing how you don’t have a single scratch on you, I guess you were intentionally letting them attack you, right?”


“Yeah, you guessed it. I learnt a lot from Bors-san, so I wanted to try it all out.”

“I knew it! As expected of you to be trying out new moves in a situation like this though!……..Hm? Bors-‘san’?”

“That aside, have you made sure not a single humanoid rabbit is left here?”

While chatting with Ralf who came up to talk to me with a wide smile, I asked about the rest of the nest.

“Hmm…….Ohh! we didn’t check inside the houses but, I didn’t sense anything so I doubt there’s  anyone left?”

“I see. There could always be more humanoid rabbits that were simply not here at the time and might come back but……….for the time being, I’d say it’s a job well done.”

“Yeah, been a while since I’ve fought a big herd like this but, that was a lot easier than I expected!”

“Just because it was easy this time doesn’t mean it’ll always be like this so don’t get cocky. This place is filled with monsters much stronger than these humanoid rabbits.”

“——-Chris-san, I’m done burning the corpses on this side as well. What’s next?”


While I was warning Ralf who was acting all flippant, Esta came back from dealing with the corpses.

‘What’s next’ eh………

The sky was already orange, and it’ll be dark within an hour.

It’d be best to finish things up and quickly make our way back to the Orc base.

“We should return to our first base. And then first thing in the morning, we’ll come back here and then renovate this nest into another base.”

“Eh? Do we really have to go all the way back, even though we have to come back here again tomorrow? We already killed the monsters here, couldn’t we just stay here for the night?”

“It’s nowhere near complete to be called a base so no. And like I said, there’s always a chance that other humanoid rabbits that may have been away return back here, and there’s a chance that some other monster might try to ambush us here as well. Not to mention, we haven’t even checked the condition of the buildings here either.”


“I agree with Chris-san’s opinion here. We left our provisions and food back on that base as well so it’s better we go back once and get our things in order before proceeding.”


“Ueegh. Then let’s go back already! It’s pretty damn far away so it’ll be dark before we get there if we don’t hurry up!”

With Ralf convinced, we decided to go back to the Orc Base for now.

The sun did set completely by the time we made it back but I had [Crimson Eyes] so we didn’t get lost on the way.

From tomorrow, we’ll begin renovating the humanoid rabbit nest into a base.

For our first day here, we did a lot of work so I wanted to rest my body as much as I could.



3 days had passed since we entered the Roza forest.

The day before yesterday and yesterday were all spent on fully building a decent base and we had finally finished building the east region base in the South area.

Also, thanks to having Esta with us this time, we were able to make a much better base than the Orc base.


Of course, Ralf was huge help in gathering materials as well, and the work that would have taken me alone a lot of time got done much faster and smoothly. Once again, I was made to realize how much better things were when in a group.

“Man, this sure turned into quite the nice base huh!? Since both the Carlisle forest base, and the base near the entrance here were made by Chris, I didn’t feel strongly about it but…….when you make one yourself, the feeling of satisfaction and attachment is a lot stronger eh!”

“Don’t about attachment but, at least you get how tough it is to make these bases?”

“Yeah! Not to mention, there’s a lot of monsters constantly showing up here as well! I mean Snow took care of most of them but still, I for one, could have never been able to make one by myself.”

“Exactly, that’s why need good defensive fence. Now you know why we went back to the Orc base on the first day, no?”

Due to his first experience being Carlisle forest, Ralf didn’t have a lot of fear towards forests, so his thinking towards a lot of things was a bit too naïve.

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Hopefully, he’ll be a bit more focused from now.

“that aside, Chris-san, what’s next on our agenda? Would you be focusing on gathering more poisonous plants?”


“No, we’ll go take a quick look at the East Area, and then return straight back to Edestor. We still need to find that last ice magic user, and we only have 4 more days before our promised meeting with Mielle.”

“Eh? We’re going back already! But we just built the base though!”

“We built this for use for the main expedition. Don’t worry, we’ll be back again here and then you’ll get to sleep here as much as you want, and even when you don’t want to.”

I said that to the complaining Ralf, and began getting ready to take Snow and them both to the East area.

That area was a first for Snow as well.

Until now, Snow and myself were the vanguards for everything but, from here Medicine Ants and Rex Bills will be a danger so I’ll take the front guard myself alone and handle enemy detection as well.

I warned all three of them to be careful of where they are stepping, and I focused on detecting every little small creature that might be coming towards us.

As we continued walking with me at the forefront, the ground below us began to slowly turn softer and mushier.

It was still walk-able but, any more further and the mud will begin to swallow our boots.

Snow also was equipped with something similar to boots but, for a slight inspection, this is as far as I am willing to go for now.

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