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Null Poison Ch254

Ice Platforms

Due to the sudden change in plans, we were a bit exhausted by the end but we did make it safely to the humanoid rabbit base before the sun set.

We were walking at quite the high pace but, both them still looked quite nonchalant in their expression, which showed that they were both definitely quite capable and strong.

I guess I don’t need to be worried about their physicality just because they are magicians.

Afterwards, while talking about how we’re going to explore the East area, we ate our dinner and then quickly went to sleep to recover our energy.


Early next morning, after making sure that everyone was packed and ready, we finally began the exploration of the East area.


“Like I told you all many times before, it’s better to consider the east area as entirely different area than this. The amount of dangerous monsters are far more, and be sure to always be wary of your footing.”

“You really are obstinate huh………and like I said before as well, I’ll be fine. The dungeon is filled with dangerous monster so I’m used to it.”

“I’m sorry that Chris is like this! But seriously, it is very dangerous so even if you think you’ll be fine, please be careful!”

Sensing sparks flying between me and Fecilia again, Ralf quickly interjected to mediate.

Since yesterday…… fact from the start, this Fecilia has been really trying to get on my nerves.

I get that she doesn’t like the way I talk but, she’s really particular about the most minor details as well which was a pain in the ass.

“Chris-san, let’s go. I’ll be with them and keep an eye out so don’t worry.”

“right right, we don’t want to waste time so let’s hurry up and go.”

Urged by Esta and Mielle, we finally set off.

First, we need to reach the place where the ground begins to become softer.

From where should we start using the ice platforms was to be decided on the spot but, we need to get there first before we start thinking of that stuff.


Even though I have already gone there twice, I still kept myself at maximum vigilance as we walked to that place.

……….phew, it’s finally in sight.

Some Rex Bills did appear and we struggled a bit on how to deal with them which wasted some time but in the end, we reached here safely.

From here the ground becomes softer, and further beyond, the amount water begins to increase.

Last time when the RexBills showed up, it became a bit of a mess but, there’s going to be even more from now on.

I need to carefully think of from where do we start making the platforms.

“Chris! This is where we stopped last time right? Should we start using magic from here?”

“I’m not sure myself, so I’d prefer if the magic users themselves made the decision. Esta, you already saw this last time, so tell me what do you think?”


“I think we should start using magic from here. The RexBills we ran into just a while ago is the decider really. Mielle-san was in full panic from those, and there’s only going to be more and more of them from now right?”


“Yeah, just the RexBills alone, my leg got attacked by a dozen of them the moment I took a step into the mud last time I was here.”

“ugh, I think I’ll puke…….”

Mielle’s expression distorted just from listening as she looked nauseous.

Mielle aside, even just thinking from a safety stand point, it was better to start using magic from here I think.

The main problem was of course their Mana capacity.

The worst thing that could happen is that they run out of mana right in the middle of the water but, if that won’t be an issue, I’d prefer to start using magic from now as well.

“I agree, I think we should start using magic from now just from a safety perspective as well. But, would both of your mana last all the way?”

“I don’t think I’ll have any issue but, of course that depends on how long the way is going to be.”

“I’d say it’ll take at least a couple of hours to go through so be prepared.”

“As for me, I can last for a whole day so it’ll be fine. If it means we can avoid those disgusting bugs, I too would prefer to start using magic from here as well.”

Looks like both of them agreed with it as well.


I don’t know if I can wholly trust their word but, they are talented magicians. I’d like to entrust such matters to their own judgement.

“Alright then, let’s start making the platform from here. Until we reach the area where the entirety of our legs are underwater, you can take it in turns.——First, Esta we’ll start with you.”

“Understood. I’ll do my best until my turn comes to end!”

Since I haven’t explained all the details of our abilities to them, they were a bit confused by my decision but, Esta possesses [Mana regen] skill.

She has a lot more freedom with managing her mana usage so I’ll have her work a bit harder while we are still in the swampy area.

“Good, Esta, we’re counting on you. You can start now.”

“understood.——-just wait a minute.”

After that, Esta put both her hands on the ground and began chanting something.

Soon enough, I could see the foothold around us begin to freeze.

She said that she couldn’t do it alone but, the ground was rapidly freezing, and the mud within a 10m radius disappeared in no time.

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“It doesn’t feel like it’s frozen solid completely but it’s still a lot harder than the muddy ground from before. This is definitely a good enough foothold for us to safely walk on.”


“I may have never heard of you before, but your skill with magic is truly great. And at that age no less………..I almost want to invite you to our party in fact.”

“Yeah, this is pretty well done. I had heard that you could use intermediate magic but, this is honestly beyond what I expected.”

While showered with praise from both Fecilia and Mielle, we let Esta be the vanguard as we began walking through this muddy swamp area.

When I came here alone, every step I took required a lot of effort as the mud would stick to my legs but, when you have foothold like this, even just walking is so much more faster and easier.

Once again feeling how incredible magic can be, we quickly and easily reached the area where the water level begins to rise.

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