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Null Poison Ch256

Survival of the Fittest

It’s raw strength was obviously high but on top of that, it was charged with electricity so if you were to fall into the water, you’ll get electrocuted instantly.

Henjak had warned me about this one many, many times over but, honestly, I still didn’t think it would be this big in size.

“That’s a thunder alligator. It’s an amphibious monster that can control electricity. Avoid getting dragged into the water at all costs.”

“Even if you say that…………it’s already rushing at us!!”


“We have the high ground, we just need to make sure it can’t climb up on the platform while also making sure that we don’t get dragged back into the water as well.”


“You sure make it sound easy huh! Also, did you say it uses lightning attacks?……..Save me, if I fall into water okay!”

“Um, should I defeat this Thunder Alligator with my lightning magic before it gets here? It’s safer and probably faster in my opinion.”

While me and Ralf were having a spat on the ice platform deciding how to deal with it, Fecilia gave her suggestion once again.

I’m sure that using magic is probably the best way to deal with underwater monsters and, I’m sure she felt a bit impatient seeing me and Ralf look all flustered.

…………but considering how much longer we might have to go, it’s better that me and Ralf handle the Thunder Alligator ourselves.

Since we can’t help with making the ice platforms in any way, it won’t sit well with me to just sit around doing absolutely nothing.

“Thunder Alligator probably has high resistance to lightning magic so it would be useless anyway. Would be pretty dumb if it got hurt by its own lightning magic, right?”

“——then, I could use [Icy Burst] to freeze it to death. Surely you  won’t have a problem with that then, right?”

“No, like I said, I want you to save your mana. Just trust me and Ralf, and watch will you.”

“I’m sorry but I have zero trust in either of your capabilities……….but, I agree that we should save as much mana as possible. That said, I will act the moment I feel like things are getting dangerous and instantly kill it with my magic so be mindful of that.”


While annoyed with the flat way Fecilia said that, I did agree with her conditions.

She’s not wrong after all. If we struggle, it basically puts her in more danger after all.

But regardless, for now I convinced her to not help, and as long as we overwhelm our opponent, there should be no problem.

“Ralf, you can’t hesitate here alright. We are going to defeat it as perfectly as possible.”

“Well after hearing her, even I’m a bit more fired up! Chris you attack it from above, and I’ll make sure it can’t climb this platform!”

“Got it. Certainly, splitting the roles will be more effective. Leave attacking to me.”

The sudden appearance of the Thunder Alligator sent us into a slight panic but Fecilia’s remarks calmed us down.


It’s a peculiar location to fight but, if we coordinate our offense and defence well, it’s not an opponent we can’t handle.


It’s strange body colour was obviously a warning sign, and it’s giant mouth was big enough to swallow an entire human whole in a single bite.

Furthermore, it even possessed powerful skills that allowed this Thunder Alligator to use lightning but, Ralf used his shield to keep it in water, and I stabbed it from above whenever I found an opening, making it so that we were able to one-sidedly attack it over and over again.

Like this we planned to slowly weaken it until it died but, the muddy water became even more difficult to see through due to its blood spreading around, and due to the blood, more carnivorous creatures began gathering around the area.

The small carnivorous creatures rushed in to attack, but——-the one they attacked was not us but the bleeding Thunder Alligator.

It realized that it was being bitten into by the small creatures so it tried to run away from both us and the area in general, but more and more creatures attacked it and……… a matter of moments, only a miserable corpse of the Thunder Alligator was left.

I know we are the reason it ended up this way but, I didn’t really feel like we were the ones who killed it.

The Thunder Alligator was definitely one of the monsters that was high on the food chain but even that got mercilessly ripped to shreds. Such was the East area, where the survival of the fittest was the only rule.


It was an abnormal area where everything other than yourself was simultaneously both an enemy and a prey to eat.

I was keen on overwhelming this Thunder Alligator to make Fecilia eat her words but, that all motivation had cold water splashed on it unfortunately.

“The Thunder Alligator’s dead right?”

“Yeah. You can see its upturned belly, and the creatures are probably feasting on the corpse underwater right about now, judging from how much blood is spreading around the body.”

“…………What the hell, I didn’t even get to feel the satisfaction of a win! This submerged forest, is a bit too unique of a place, don’t you think?”

“I mean I did tell this to you beforehand. This is just how dangerous of a place this East Area is.”

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The threat of the Thunder Alligator that had us panicking a bit, was now nothing more than a pathetic corpse floating across the river.

Anyway………at least the other three also got a good idea of what kind of dangerous place this submerged forest was. Let’s take that as a positive.

“Hey, should we also build a fence like thing around us? We still have Mana to spare after all.”

“No need. Just be cautious of your surroundings, that’ll be enough for now.”

“I must agree with Chris here. Besides, the safest thing to do is to continue moving forward in my opinion. I don’t how far our destination is but, let us continue moving ahead.”


Just like Fecilia said, the safest thing was to quickly pass through this entire area as soon as possible.

I don’t know how further in we have to go still but, our aim is the cave at the end of this path.

If Henjak’s info was correct, that cave itself was an incredibly dangerous place as well but——-for now, we won’t know until we actually get there.

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