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Null Poison Ch263

Cavern Exploration

Since the high firepower magic ended the battle in an instant, we never even got to find out how strong those monsters actually were but, clearly they weren’t strong enough to survive that level of magic.

If it was the octopus monster, I’m sure it would have easily dodged Esta’s [Flame Tormenter] ………perhaps that octopus monster really was a special case even within this cave.

“Well that ended quickly. I was expecting to run into more monsters like the one yesterday but, this was anti-climactic to say the least.”


“yeah, I too was wondering if the one from yesterday just happened to be an exceptionally strong one but that said, don’t let your guard down either.”


“I will not. Now that I have been hired as help, I won’t let myself be a burden and disgrace myself like what happened yesterday.”

“That’s more like it. Guess I don’t need to be worried.”

Fecilia also felt the difference between the power levels of the octopus monster and the Sahagins but, she seemed to have some self-consciousness about yesterday’s mess, as it seems she was not going to be too relaxed, if anything, her eyes were glittering with willpower.

I think I was able to do my job pretty well in the end!” She said that afterwards yesterday but I think she just had too much pride to reflect on her mistakes on the spot, that’s all.

“Oi oi, why are you two getting all fired up on your won! We only know about that monster from what you guys told us but, was it really that damn strong!?”

“I have said this many times now I feel like. If it was the monster from yesterday, it would have easily dodged all the magic attacks you guys used just now.”

“Are you sure you guys aren’t over-estimating it just because you two fought it by yourselves and struggled because of it? Close the escape route and then kill with advanced compound magic. I can’t think of any monster that can avoid a combo like that so easily.”


“What Chris says is no lie. I can also confirm that that monster would have definitely dodge the attacks we just used.”

There was a clear discrepancy in recognition of the monster’s strength between the two of us who fought it and the rest who had only heard of it.

Even though I explained everything in such detail, I guess it’ll never truly live up to actually experiencing it yourself huh.

“Well, enough about the octopus monster. That monster possessed an aura strong to wake me up from sleep from afar. If we were coming close to another one like that, I’d sense it even if I didn’t want to. With Sahagin’s beaten so easily, we’ll continue using this same combo against whatever herd of monsters we run into.”

“Understood. Leave the magic to us!”

I quickly cut short the talk about the octopus monster and urged everyone to continue with our exploration.

From here onwards, I’m starting to sense more strong monsters regularly, so we’ll need to start fighting properly with everyone having their own dedicated roles in battle.


Me, Ralf and Snow will focus on quickly eliminating any small monsters we might run into, while making sure to save stamina for stronger opponents.


Esta, Mielle, and Fecilia will use the same combo as just now to decimate them if we run into a herd of monsters.

Since this was an improvised party, it was necessary to make proper rules in advance, and following that we continued our exploration of the caves.

From then on, we ran into multiple other monsters like the Sahagin but, there was no one that was anywhere near as strong as the octopus monster, and we were able to subjugate them all with ease.

And above all, the [Sound Wave Detection] that I got from the Owl monster was really effective, and let me gather info of whatever’s coming ahead inside the cave, we never got ambushed nor did we ever get stuck in difficult terrain.

Its stamina cost was certainly harsh but I could quickly activate and deactivate it, and overall it was definitely one of the most useful skills in here.

Couple with Snow’s own high detection ability, this cave that was supposedly as dangerous as Bahamut’s cave, was getting explored with quite some ease.

The only real worry that we’ve had since coming into this cave came from, of course, the octopus monster.


But I had yet to sense anything like that again, let alone run into one but, as we began to approach the innermost depths of the cave——-or from what I could tell was the innermost area, I suddenly felt a presence that sent a huge shiver down my spine.

“There’s something right ahead of us. It’s presence is similar to the octopus monster.”

“Me too! I just sensed it too! Like someone just grabbed my heart or something!!”

“I can feel it as well. But, it’s slightly different from the one we fought yesterday from what I can tell…………that said, it is certainly as strong and unpleasant.”

When I gave the alert, both Ralf and Fecilia, who must have also sensed it, gave their agreement as well.

As for what Fecilia said, I too agree with her observations.

Of course, since only the two of us actually fought that octopus monster, only we could tell, that this presence, while similar, was not exactly the same.

At least if it was the same monster as yesterday, I was confident that we could beat it again but……..

If it’s another completely different variety of monster that was as strong as that octopus monster, that changes things.

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“I agree with Fecilia. The monster ahead of us is not the same monster we fought yesterday.”


“So a different species that is as strong as that one?……….what do we do, Chris-san?”

“To be honest, I want to avoid another fight like that here but, I am also curious as to what we could find beyond that monster as well. I’m thinking we face it head on, but what about you guys?”

“Why are you acting all modest now? It’s not like you’d obediently accept and won’t force to fight it anyway if we said no, right?”

“………Well, I guess you’re right. If you say no, I’ll have to ask you to go back all the way on your own, that’s all.”

“See, I knew it. I had already resolved myself to go along with your nonsense the moment I left camp so let’s just go at it and be done with it. I want to be done with this expedition and go back to the comforts of the city, clean every inch of my body and then get a good sleep as soon as possible.”

I think everyone here seemed to agree with Mielle’s thoughts in their hearts as the tense atmosphere got lightened a bit.

……….well in that case, I don’t need to hold back either.

Let’s enter our battle formation and go and kill this damn monster, shall we?

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “If it was the octopus monster, I’m sure it would have easily dodged Esta’s [Flame Tormenter] ………perhaps that octopus monster really was a special case even within this cave.”

    Looks like straight BS. How to dodge an encircling magic, when that humanoid octopus was only walking around at the same speed so far? I would believe rather in it using that water blast attack to make a gap in that fire magic to escape.


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