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Null Poison Ch266

Battle Maniac

While extremely fast, its attacks were stereotypical and stuck to the conventional forms which made it easy for me to cleanly dodge them continuously.

The little change in its centre of gravity, leg placement, the direction and incline of its upper body.

Even if it was capable of firing its punches with almost no pre motion, if you observed very closely, you will notice such little details in its movements.


Creating a steady rhythm to its jabs, I was able to perfectly avoid all of its attacks, and was even able to dodge its extremely powerful roundhouse kick, and also the thrust-like front kick.


After each and every one its roundhouse kick, front kick, reverse roundhouse kick; the moment I avoid them is where I would have launched my own attack but this time, I didn’t because—-

“[Hail Kugel]”

“[Ignis Arrow]”

From all three of the magicians, speed focused spells were launched towards the enemy.

Esta used fire, Mielle used ice, and Fecilia used lightning element attacks, to make sure it doesn’t build resistance to any of the elements and continued to do big damage to the monster.

It’s only thanks to the perfect balance between the offense and defence that we were able to fully utilize the benefits of our numerical advantage.

Now once Ralf can join back again, no matter what this Heracberg does, we’ll be able to suppress it but…….

Before that could happen, to try and get out of this disadvantageous position, the Heracberg made a strange movement.

It let go of its compact stance that was ill-fitting its giant and hard body and instead twisted its knees to bend forward and put strength in its thighs to enter a new stance.

I could tell that it was gathering huge amounts of mana in its both hands, so I moved to quickly open the line of fire but, before the magic attacks could disrupt it, it finished gathering mana in its hands.


So much mana had been accumulated in its hands that you could see it with the naked eye, and I instantly got a bad feeling about what was about to happen.

I could only pray that it was simply going to utilize that mana to use a magic spell but, I highly doubt it can even use magic from what I’ve seen from it until now.

Which means, it was going to use it in a similar fashion to the very first attack, the mana slash, that it had used.

But since it’s the fists and not the horn, will it be a mana blow instead of slash?

My brain was going through all sorts of possible scenarios but, I could not prefict what it was going to do next.

I did a quick glance behind me and saw that Ralf, having notice the change in the Heracberg, was rushing towards me from behind Esta and the others but, I knew he won’t make it in time.

Having come to that conclusion, I deactivated all my detection skills and switched entirely to my defensive skills and activated [Skin Strengthen][Fortification][Iron Wall][Pain Inhibition][Self Regen].


Furthermore, I re-modified the already active [War Dance] and [Ability Unleashed] to further boost my defence, and braced for impact from the Heracberg’s attack.


Even though everything was going all smoothly with me dodging all of its attacks, and the barrage of magic doing consistent damage, out of nowhere, the situation became life threateningly dangerous again.

Part of me was regretful that we weren’t more aggressive and finished the fight while we had the advantage, but there was a part of me that was happy to see that this monster had more tricks up its sleeve, and that this battle was not yet over.

I couldn’t really explain this complex feeling I had.

It was like this when I faced the octopus monster as well but, recently I feel like I have started to enjoy fighting strong enemies a bit too much.

While looking at the Heracberg who stood there with mana enveloping its arms, I thought of such things and——–to brace for impact, I pulled out my shield, a rare occurrence these days.

And the moment I took stance with my shield, the Heracberg kicked off the ground and rushed straight at me.

As expected it was going to strike-type attacks, but rather than launch mana by swinging its fist, it looks like it was going to punch at me directly with mana infused fists.

If possible I wanted to completely avoid the fist entirely but, now the Heracberg  was fighting  more like an actual monster.


It’ll be hard to completely avoid its attacks.

I decided that it was better to wait for the very last moment and observe its attack and then perform a just guard to deflect it but——-the Heracberg must have seen through my thoughts as it launched both its fists simultaneously to attack me at the same time.

It’s left straight aimed for the front of my face, and that was only bait for the right hand’s body blow.

To put into percentage how it had divided the mana between its two arms, it was 20% in its left and 80% in its right.

Should I dodge the left straight and block the body blow from the right with my shield?

…………no, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to fully handle the full strength of the body blow.

I decided to let the left straight aimed at my face through and focused entirely on blocking the deadly body blow.

While taking the face punch head on with just a slight stagger, I put my entire strength into blocking that body blow instead.

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Thanks to [Pain Inhibition] I felt no real pain, but the punch hitting my face still made me extremely dizzy, but I managed to block the body blow that came swinging at me from below completely.


Feeling the heavy impact that seemed like it could gouge my body out, for a second my body slightly rose in the air but, I was able to completely suppress the mana infused punch.

“[Ice Cryonisis]”

“[Lightning Bolt]”

“[Flame Burst]”

Right as I finished blocking, a tremendous barrage of high firepower magic from the three assaulted the Heracberg as it showed an big opening after its own attack.

While still feeling vomit-inducing dizziness, I switched places with Ralf and somehow managed to leave the frontline.

“Chris, sorry for the wait! Leave the rest to me!”

“Make chances for Snow to attack as well. You should be able to quickly shave its health down. I leave it to you now.”

While staggering horribly, I managed to make it behind Esta and the others before crumbling down to the floor.

I had completely lost the sight from my right eye due to the blood flowing across my face, and I decide to watch the remaining battle with the blurry vision of my left eye alone.

All three strong magic spells had made a direct impact and the monster was in tatters, but you couldn’t let your guard down against this Heracberg until it was truly over.


While still making sure that I can run back in just in case they need help, I continued to observe the battle closely but——–with Ralf joining the battle, Snow who had a much better coordination with Ralf, went on an absolute rampage.

Hurt, and now completely out of mana as well, the Heracberg was unable to keep up with Snow’s fast movements who was in a fully healthy state, and within minutes of me leaving the frontline, Snow ripped the Heracberg’s neck off and killed it.

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