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Null Poison Ch271


After taking a shower and cleaning my body, I left the room quietly so as to not wake up the two and Snow who had instantly gone to sleep, and headed towards the church with fruits of skill.

My head was feeling dull but, my body was still pumping adrenaline like crazy that kept my eyes open.

Like Esta said, my body really could collapse at any point now and even I knew that but, my legs didn’t stop and I made it to the church.


First, I need to get my assessment done and check my current status, then eat one fruit of skill and then check again. The usual method.


With shaking feet, I made it to the assessment room and waited for the old Sister to come.

“Oh, you’re back again. It hasn’t been too long since you had an assessment done, no?”

“Don’t I always get assessments done in short gaps? Regardless, I’ll pay as always so please do my assessment quickly.”

“I know, I know………..or rather, you seem exceptionally tired right now, but are you okay? Those are some deep ark circles under your eyes.”

“To be honest, no I don’t think I’m fine but, if you hurry up with assessments, the faster I can go and get some rest, so please.”

I’m happy that she’s worried for my health but, I’d prefer if she spent that time quickly doing the assessment instead. That would be much better in my current state.

Since I was barely staying up, my responses were certainly ruder than normal while I waited for her to finish my assessment.

The last time I came here was before I went to the East Area.

I doubt there’s been much increase in stats since then but, to get an accurate details of what effects the fruit of skill has on my body, I need to have the exact info of my stats as well.

“——-And, it’s done. I doubt there’s change but, do check.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

I took my card, in return for a gold coin and quickly checked the card.




Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 28(+477)

Strength: 25(+551)

Stamina: 24(+349)

Magic: 7(+191)

Agility: 15(+283)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification][War Dance] [Hearing Enhancement] [Cold Resistance] [Intimidating Presence] [Valour] [Hard Hit] [Heat control] [Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] [Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior] [Iron Wall] [Colour Change] [Mental Attack Resistance] [Sticky String Operation] [Mana Sense] [Silent Steps][Self Regeneration] [Physical Ability Boost] [Ability Unleashed] [Mind Unleashed] [Leg Strength Enhancement] [Crimson Eyes][Wild Instinct][Team Morale Boost][Venom][Sound Wave Detection]



As expected the increase in stats was not a lot, just a little upgrade from last time.


I don’t even know if the fruit of skill increases your base stats or not but, there’s no harm in making sure.

“Good enough. I’ll be back again today so I’ll be in your care.”

“Again, the same huh………..I really don’t understand the meaning behind your actions but, sure, I’ll do my job as always.”

Saying that to the old Sister, I left the church for now.

I quickly moved to an empty location, and then moved to consuming the fruit of skill.

I brought out one of the fruits from my rucksack, and lifted it against the sun it observe it again.

It’s smell has greatly dissipated but, it’s appearance was still eerie as always.

I was scared of how it was going to taste as well but, more than that, my biggest worry was the rumour that whoever eats a fruit of skill dies on the spot.

I have basically assumed that the death is because of a poison so I’ll be fine but, there’s always a chance that it’s actually something else that was the reason behind said deaths.


 A little too late to get cold feet but, like I had proclaimed to Fecilia in that cavern, without this fruit, I’ll never be able to catch up to Klaus and I might as well be dead.

So even if it does kill me……..I have no choice but to go for it.

“…………….thanks for the food, O lord.”

If I did die, I felt what worry over what would happen to Ralf, Esta and Snow, but regardless, I gave my before meal greetings and took a bite out of the fruit.


The moment I took the bite, an intense bitterness assaulted my tongue, which was followed by a sharp pain inside my body, as if someone was pricking my innards with a needle from the inside.

I guess there was small spikes inside the oddly shaped fruit as well, and I almost ended up puking it all out but……..

I quickly drank the water I had brought to wash the fruit down into my stomach forcefully.

The bitterness stayed even after the water and made me nauseous but, more than that, the pain that assaulted me from the inside was far, far worse.

It was as if spikes were piercing into my tongue, my gums, my throat; and just the act of swallowing my spit resulted in intense pain.

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If this fruit was not the fruit of skill, I would throw it all away but, for now I activated [Pain inhibition] and swallowed the remainder of the fruit as well.

I probably should have activated this skill from the start but, it cost a lot of stamina which was in scarcely available to me in my current state anyway.

[Pain Inhibition] couldn’t kill the bitterness in my mouth though, and the pain will return the moment I turn the skill off so this was mostly a temporary measure.

Now it was also a race against time as my stamina depleted, so I wanted to quickly devour the rest of the fruit but……….This one bite was no more than 1/20th of the full fruit.


I was at a loss against the suffering I was about to go through but then again, if this really gives me a unique skill, this will most certainly be all worth it.

While feeling happy that at least my body didn’t explode or something the moment I ate it, I continued eating the remainder of the fruit.

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