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Null Poison Ch275


After leaving the guild, I was planning on looking for Mielle but someone called me from behind.

Turning around, I saw Fecilia who had chased after me for whatever reason.

“Fecilia? What happened?………oh right, I hadn’t paid your share yet had I?”

Vincent’s attitude completely distracted me from everything so I completely forgot paying Fecilia for her work as well.


She even used a potion worth an entire platinum coin on me in the caverns, so my ten gold coin payment might seem like let-down for her but, regardless, I intend to pay her properly for what it’s worth.


“Oh I don’t really care about the reward but……..sure, I’ll accept it regardless.”

“And I heard you came to visit me while I was bedridden as well. Thank you for that.”

“I was simply curious how the man who was able to so easily fight against those strong monsters inside the cave suddenly ended up collapsing that’s all. Unlike Mielle-san, I didn’t bring any visiting gifts either so, pay it no heed.”

I still didn’t quite get what kind of reason was that but, well, if she says pay it no heed, I shouldn’t think too much either.

But wait, did Mielle actually bring something for me?

………….I guess I’ll have to buy some kind of return gift before visiting her in that case huh?

“………all that aside, you ate the fruits of skill right? I heard that was why you collapsed from Esta-san.”

“Well yeah. The moment I ate it, my condition suddenly took a turn for the worse.”

“So you really did it. I actually came to hear about it from you, but you were completely unconscious back then so could you tell me more about it now?”

To hear about happened after eating the fruit of skill is why Fecilia chased after me eh?


I don’t really want to talk about the fruit of skill to many people but, I owe a big debt to Fecilia for helping me get them so she has the right to know I think.

Rather than try and be secretive, it’s better to tell her everything without lying.

“The fruits we gathered were absolutely the real thing. As a side effect of eating them, my body completely collapsed but, I did get new unique skills as intended.”

“So it really was real huh. Just how strong are these new skills and what kind of abilities are they?”

“Sorry, but I don’t plan on telling that much in detail to anyone except Ralf and Esta.”

“I suppose that’s only natural but still……’re a stingy one huh.”


“I don’t care what you think of me but, I won’t say what I don’t want to say.”


“Then let me change the question. The rumours that eating the fruit of skill will kill you, are they real? Though I suppose that is an odd question to ask the guy who did survive eating one.”

How should I answer this one? I’m pretty sure the fruit possess an incredible amount of fatal poison, but because I have [Null Poison] I survived but………..that was only my assumption.

In truth, if I didn’t have the [Pain Inhibition] skill as well, I probably would have died from the debilitating effects of the fruit as well, and that constant intense pain that won’t even let you sleep is probably the main reason why the fruit tends to kill the person who eats it.

In either case, the fact remains that eating the fruit kills the person.

“No, I think the fruit does in fact kill the person who eats it. I only survived because I possess multiple skills to counteract the harming effects of the fruit of skill but, if a normal person ate it, I’m pretty sure they won’t survive it.”

“Skills to counteract the effects of the fruit of skill eh………..I am curious what those might be but I doubt you’d be willing to talk about those?”

“No chance.”


When I gave an instant reply, Fecilia pouted her lips to show her displeasure.

Until we reached the caverns, she was mostly expressionless so I couldn’t get a read on what she was thinking but, she’s become a lot more expressive since then.

………or perhaps I simply became more used to reading her more delicate changes in expression and mood.

“Was that all? If you have any more questions, I’m willing to answer them.”

“No, I have no more questions. Sorry for stopping you.”

“No, I know my answers were hardly perfect so don’t worry about it………oh right, actually I have a question for you instead, if you don’t mind?”

“What is it? I’ll answer if I can of course.”

“It’s about your hairstyle. You had quite the peculiar curly hairstyle during our expedition no? It was basically a trademark look of yours, or so I thought, but today you’ve cut those away so I got curious that’s all.”

“Is that it?——–how does it look? I think short hair suits me quite well as well.”

“Don’t ask me. If there’s no reason behind it then that’s fine.”

Fecilia gave an elegant twirl, and spoke as if to poke fun at me.

I only asked because I thought there was some reason behind it but, looks like there isn’t any. I turned back around, and was about to leave when——-

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“I simply recognised that I was still lacking in various ways. After promoting to Scarletite rank, I now realize how over confident and cocky I had become that’s all. I took a lot of care of my hair everyday and they were precious to me but, that is why I cut them, as punishment for myself.”


“Is that so………….my bad. I guess it’s our fault for forcing you to come to such a dangerous place with us.”

“While I suppose you are certainly at ‘fault’ Chris, but it did also give me a chance to revaluate myself so you don’t need to apologise. To make sure I don’t fall behind you who’s most certainly going to become even stronger after eating the fruit of skill, I’ll continue training even harder so……….if the chance arrives, please invite me again on another expedition.”

“Sure. We only explored the east side of the great forest of Roza, so if I decide to explore the other side, I’ll be sure to invite you again.”

“…………….okay, maybe not to that damn forest again, if possible.”

Her resolved face instantly crumbled, and Fecilia rejected my idea with a bitter face making us both break into a light chuckle. After that, I gave a short wave as I said goodbye and went on my way.

When we met she was quite antagonising, and I was definitely let down a bit from what I expected of a scarletite adventurer but, in the end, as far as mentality goes, she was definitely a top-class adventurer. There were no doubts about that.


I need to make sure I master those unique skills properly to not fall behind Fecilia………..

And when we party up together again, I’ll need to make sure that I work hard enough that she doesn’t end up thinking that I’m lacking that time either.

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