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Null Poison Ch277

Big Mana Ball

“Phillip-san, I’ve brought Chris-san with me.”

“oo, wait there for a while. I’ll be done in just a second.”

We were made to wait outside the room, and after the smoke had dissipated, the old golem guy gave us the permission to enter again.

I followed after Esta but, even without the smoke, the room was still reeking of an odd smell.


“As always, this room continues to stink.”


“That’s the first thing you have to say? Well, good to see you back in healthy spirits I suppose.”

“Sorry for the worries. And thanks for the potions as well.”

“Don’t mind it. I was worried—–or rather curious about the fruit of skill that’s all, so I did a favour to get you in my debt.”

With a sly smile, the golem guy openly spoke so.

I had a feeling it’ll be that but……….Fecilia, Mielle, and now this old man. They’re all quite profit minded huh.

“There’s nothing special to tell you however. Just that eating it gave me pains strong enough to kill me.”

“I could tell that from watching you over the last 2 weeks! I don’t want to know that……….C’mon, did you actually get new skills?”

“Who knows I wonder. I’ll tell you if you answer my question instead.”

“A question for me? What is it?”

“I want to ask about high density mana. [Anti Magic] can only be used for disruption and interference right, but if you were to say hypothetically condense an even greater amount of mana, could it also be used as a direct attack?”


On the way back from the forest, I had been thinking about it. The Big mana blasts that Heracberg was using.

It used an inhuman amounts of mana but, if I was secretly wondering if I could replicate it as well.

Magic, and mana was this old man’s speciality so if there’s someone who knew how to do it, it’d be him but…….

“If you accumulate a high amounts of mana, of course it can be used to attack directly……….But, the consumption of mana is so high that its basically unsuitable to be used in actual battle. And I’ve said this before but, you have zero talent in controlling mana. While it’s not impossible, it’s not something I’d recommend you to try——-of course, the final decision lies on you but, I had to warn you in advance.”

“I see. A monster I fought in the great forest of Roza was using mana like that so I wondered if I could as well but………I guess things aren’t that simple huh.”

“One of the great signs of mankind’s evolution is magic itself. If firing mana alone was stronger, no one would be using magic in the first place.”

Now that I think about it, he does make a very valid point.


I mean, that’s the entire reason why I learned how to learn [Anti Magic] in the first place, and reality was never going to be that simple or easy.

“Now then, I’ve answered your question so it’s your turn to answer. Tell me verything about the Fruit of Skill!”


“Alright. I do owe you at least this much I suppose.”

From there, I spoke all that I knew and understood about the fruit of skill.

It was more or less the same as what I told Fecilia but, he kept asking for more details so it ended up taking quite some time before he was satisfied.

I always had this image of him that he wasn’t interested in anything unrelated to magic but, I suppose a thing like the fruit of skill was bound to attract even his attention.

I planned to go to Henjak’s place afterwards as well but, knowing that I’ll have to have a similar conversation there as well, I suddenly started feeling reluctant to do so.

“———and that’s about all I have to tell.”

“Fohohoh! I got to hear some really good information! Having heard it all, I feel reinvigorated to try out more new things as well so you can go back now!”

“After all the questioning, that’s it? Seriously, what a self-centred old man.”

“Say whatever you like. Esta, you plan on using the practice hall again right?”

“Yes. I’ll be training today as well.”

“I won’t be able to teach you today but, you are free to use it however long you like.——-alright then you two, see you later.”


Jumping out his seat, he grabbed our shoulders and pushed us out of the room.

Well I have nothing more to talk so it’s fine but, this way of getting sent out still kinda pissed me off.

“Then, I’ll go and begin my magic practice. Chris-san, what do you plan to do next?”

“I’ll go an visit a couple of acquaintances. And afterwards, I’ll go out and test my new skills.”

“Testing new skills……..Sounds fun. Be sure to tell me about it later if you find out how the new skills work. It’ll make me happy.”

“Of course. Once I know for sure, I’ll tell both you and Ralf about them.”

After having a quick chat like that, I separated from Esta and left the [Magic Cave].

I was already tired from talking to people today, but I had to pay a visit to Bors-san and Henjak at all costs as well.

After having a quick lunch somewhere, I’ll go to Henjak’s place first.

As thanks for the info he gave me about the great forest of Roza, I’ll give him all the new info I learned instead.

And so after having lunch at the commercial street, I headed to both of their places but………they were both out.

I wasted all this time walking around, and suddenly I had nothing else to do either.

I assume, Henjak was out gathering plants and Bors was probably out completing requests and won’t be back before night.

What should I do?…………..I didn’t want to have to come again another day.

I really wanted to finish my visiting rounds within today, so I guess I’ll just have to wait fo them to return.

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Until then——–I guess I’ll instead do the skill testing now.

I began moving with the northern plains as my new destination, knowing fully well that the sun would also probably set by the time I’m done testing all my new skills out.

I had been constantly talking about the fruit of skill today so from a personal perspective as well, I really wanted to just get on with testing the new skills already.

Unable to suppress my excitement, I basically ran towards the northern plains.

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