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Null Poison Ch284

Weapon Search

“OOh! That’s the place we fought the Blue Ogres right! But wait, why are we going there out of all places now??”

“Climbing across the Barbadd Mountains, they say there is a cave, called [The Cave of Bahamut]. Have you heard of it? There, in that cave sleeps the sword of the first hero, the [Vendettatein], or so I have heard. That’s my goal.”

“Ooh I remember! Chris-san, You did tell us about this a long time ago in front of the notice board in the guild………And certainly, except myself who got this staff from the uncle from [Shichifukuya], our equipment certainly feels lacking. If Chris-san or Ralf could use a sword like that, it would greatly increase our power.”


“The sword of the first hero…………[Vendettatein]! Sounds awesome! Back when we came to Edestor, it would have been impossible for us but now, I’m sure we can conquer even the mighty [Cave of Bahamut] itself!!”


Looks like both of them are overwhelmingly in favour of my idea.

Since I instantly rejected the Dunegon idea, I though Ralf might sulk a bit but……..well, I suppose that’s just not the kind of personality this guy has huh.

“Looks like both of you agree then. But, as you’d imagine from the notice left abandoned on the board, clearing a place like [Cave of Bahamut] is for Scarletite rank adventurers, normally speaking. We’ll need to extra careful and prepare the best we can before we challenge that place okay?”

“Of course! This has a much more material reward for conquering it as compared to the Dungeon’s 50th floor, and at the same time a great place for us to test our mettle. As expected of Chris-san, you always come up with the best choices for us!”

“I’m getting fired up too! We’ll need to gather some info as well in that case! Though I imagine it’d be a bit easier than finding info for the great forest of Roza was!”

“While we do our requests, let’s split and also find out as much info as we can about both the [Barbadd mountains] and the [Cave of Bahamut].”

With all members in agreement, we have settled on our next main objective.

I imagine this will probably be our last main objective in Edestor.

Once we have conquered the [Cave of Bahamut]……….finally it’ll be time to return to the capital and challenge Klaus.


“Chris, what happened? You’re suddenly making a really scary face!”

“I was just thinking of how the final duel with Klaus was soon coming closer. Once we have cleared the [Cave of Bahamut], there’ll be nothing else left to do.”

“I try not to think about it too much but, your objective is to get revenge against you younger brother after all…………frankly, it gives me a lot of complex feelings.”

“Same here. Unlike before, we’re leading such satisfying and happy lives now after all! I’d end up wishing that these days could go on forever.”

“Sorry. For making you go along with my own selfishness.”

“you don’t need to apologise Chris-san. We made a party with you knowing full well what it entails, and having such a lofty goal is precisely why we have been able to become so strong.”

“Exactly! And not to mention, once we beat the shit out of that Klaus, we can once again return back to this lifestyle, and this time for good!……..So let’s beat that guy at all costs!”

“Yeah, I’ll be counting on you two till the very end.”


Both of them gave a strong nod when I said that.


You wouldn’t think we were talking about something dark like getting revenge on someone, that’s how bright the atmosphere was in this room.

Now it was about time we all should go and get some rest to prepare for tomorrow but…….

There was still something very important that I hadn’t talked about yet so I restarted the conversation.

“———speaking of, I forgot to talk about something very important.”

“Important? What’s more important than what we already talked about?”

“it’s about my new skills. I wanted to explain my new skills to you guys as well.”

“Oh right, we hadn’t talked about that yet had we. So, are they really some incredible skills?”

“Yeah, all the new skills I got from the fruits are unique skills.”

“All unique skills!? Man, that fruit really is some crazy item huh!!”

“Yes, although the side effects did almost kill me, even though I had [Null Poison]. But for the time being, let me give a light explanation or a live showcase if possible of what they all do.”


Now there’s only so much I could actually show in a room like this. And I don’t know if I’ll ever get the right opportunity to show [Suicidal Strike] but, I still need to give them proper explanations of the skills.

Who knows, they might even think of some other way of using those skills as well, especially for [Effect Spread] that I still didn’t know anything about.

“The first one is the [Hardening] skill. It allows me to harden anything I touch.”

“…………Eh? What kinda skill is that? Is it even that useful of a skill?”

“I’m quite confident of its applicability. Hey Ralf, give me your hand.”

Taking Ralf’s hand who was still tilting his head in confusion, I used [hardening] on it.

Instantly, his hand became hardened as steel and while he was surprised at first but then began touching his hand looking amused.

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“Amazing, this is crazy! How has it become this hard!?”


“It’s good for defence, and if I throw something after using [Hardening] it’ll hit much stronger. I can even use it to make swords and shields stronger as well.”

“Hey, wouldn’t this skill make me even stronger as well!? We need to try this stuff out later!”

“Well, it’s not that almighty of a skill. Like I said, I need to touch it to activate it.”

“So while it’s usability is a bit limited, it’s still a very powerful skill regardless, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the right way to think about it.”

The first skill alone got quite the reaction.

Since I didn’t really have much skills that could affect others this clearly, Ralf found it quite fresh as well.

But, I don’t plan on using [Hardening] too much on Ralf or Esta, and the ones I want them to remember about and learn are the other two skills, barring [Suicidal Strike] of course.

As far as showcasing these skills go, these next ones are the main ones in my honest opinion.

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