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Null Poison Ch289

An Unexpected Person

After leaving [Gaddfoura], I walked all the way to the [Magic Cave].

My visit today had nothing to do with any magic lessons, and was actually to use the shop itself.

That said, I do want some reference before buying anything, so I plan on visiting the pld man as well to help me with it.

After giving a light greeting to the shop clerk, I walked through the usual doors and corridors and headed to the same old room where the old golem guy is always working in.


“Hey old man, I’m coming in.”


“——-Hm? Chris? Just wait outside the room for a while, things are really messy inside right now.”

As always a mysterious smoke was seeping out of the room and after he said that, the smoke began to slowly lessen as well.

Soon afterwards, he gave the permission to enter so I gave a curtsey knock and then entered the room.

“You look lively as always. Looks like the fruit of skill has had no after effects ether………just what kind of weird body do you have Chris? I want to fully examine you at least once.”

“On the other hand, you sure look thinner and skinnier than before. There’s even dark circles under your eyes. Have you not been sleeping properly or what?”

“Thanks to you showing me the fruit of skill, the things I wanted to study and investigate suddenly increased that’s all. I have been doing nothing but research from day till night for the past three weeks with barely any time to sleep.”

“Well that doesn’t sound healthy. You aren’t exactly young either, should probably get some proper rest regularly, no?”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying!? It is precisely because I’m so old that I must study and research as much as I can before I die!!”


Breathing out from his nose in vigorous excitement, the old man loudly proclaimed, so I couldn’t help but laugh as well.

How should I put this……..this old man really is a complete weirdo.

I’m hardly in the position to be judging other I know but, this man will really put his own life in danger for the sake of his own desires.

I don’t hate it but, even I couldn’t help but feel a bit worried for his health.

“If you’re going that far, I won’t try and stop you anymore but, if you die because of it, wouldn’t that make it all worthless anyway? So try and get the bare minimum amount of rest at least.”

“Of course I understand that much. So, why did you come here today anyway, Chris?”


“………..Oh right, seeing you so skinny made me almost forget my actual objective. I was hoping you’d give me some tips and guidance on the items sold here in your store. Things you’d recommend, or things that are easy to use etc, I assume you’d know those better than anyone here, right?”


“Hm? I can’t really be your guide. As you can see, I’m hardly free right now, furthermore, I barely know anything about the store itself. I know I own it but I spend most of my time here in this room.”

I was hoping to get some help from like Rupert did but, he instantly shot me down.

And his reason actually made sense as it did seem plausible that this old man never even bothered to know what all his own store was selling.

I regretted not realizing this by myself but, I guess I’ll just have to go and search them on my own.

“…………You’re right, it was stupid of me to expect anything from you, old man. I should have known that would be the case.”

“So it is. Ah but, I can introduce you to someone who can help with this kind of stuff though. Consider it thanks for showing me the fruit of skill.”

“Really? That would certainly help.”

The old man himself was a miss but, he can bring me to someone who can help with what I want.

The old man stood up from his chair and went out to call someone after telling me to wait here.


About 10mins later, the old man returned with a familiar looking woman.

“Chris-san, long time no see. I presume you may not recall who I am but, I was in charge of taking care of you while you fell unconscious……..”

“I do remember. Sofia, right?”

“Yes! You did remember me!”

When she came in she had an uneasy expression but, the moment I said her name, Sofia showed a smile reminiscent of a blooming flower.

It’s not like we had any deep connection but, as she said, she had nursed after I had collapsed while training in magic here.

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She always has a ‘nice person’ aura about her, and on top I was just glad that it was not someone new that I had to deal with.

“Ah I did ask you to take care of Chris back then didn’t I. Well, that’ll make things even faster. Can I ask you to guide Chris around the store and explain the items on sale?”

“Of course. I just happened to have finished my magic practice for the day so I’m okay with showing him around.”

“Well that’s that. Sofia here will help you out.”

“After nursing me, I’ll be once again in your care so thanks.”

“No worries. When it comes to [Magic Cave], I know everything there is to know so leave it to me!”


Sofia hit her chest with pride, and said so with confidence.

Well she certainly looks more dependable than the old man when it comes to this, so I may have gotten lucky here.

After giving my thanks to the old man as well, me and Sofia went out to the main store.

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