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Null Poison Ch293

The Relay Point

In general, it was hard to see but more than that, the number of monsters that appeared because of the miasma was really abnormal.

On top of that, the further we approached closer to the Cave of Bahamut that was the source of the miasma, the stronger the monsters got as well.

No wonder the request for investigating the Cave of Bahamut was set at Scarletite rank, and I finally understood why this place was also considered as dangerous as the East Area of the Roza forest.


But from my point of view, just having solid ground underneath was a huge advantage in comparison, and the danger coming from simply big strong monsters was a simple and easy to understand problem to face.


Of course that meant that you had to possess a certain level of strength to survive here but, I’m truly that confident in our strength.

“So how do we move from here? Same as before?”

“We’ll stick with this formation until we get to the Cave of Bahamut. Though we might have to improvise and change depending on the miasma.”

“I agree. First let us head to next relay point. If the miasma gets thick before we get there, it’ll be very tough for us to deal with it all.”

Sticking to our usual formation, it was Ralf as the vanguard, and Me and Snow lined up behind him to make a triangle shape.

And Esta was in the centre of this triangle, and was guiding Ralf on where to go next.

What me and Snow had to be careful of were monsters that could appear from the side and behind us.

As for the monsters that show up from the front, until and unless it’s some super strong monster, Ralf could deal with them on his own, and so we continued to move like this to make sure we don’t get ambushed.

Now I know I said that we were cautious of being ambushed,———but the number of monsters while inside the miasma was way too big to avoid everything.


Most of them were Ogre type monsters, and after those the second most common were Bull type monsters that had the appearance of a wild boar.

Other than those, there were also Orc types and Goblin types that we had to fight through.

Even the more troublesome undead monsters were popping up here and there, and even bug type monsters, the type that I dislike fighting the most, had begun to show up.

“Ralf, focus on holding down the monsters up front for now. You don’t need to worry about killing them.”

“I know! I just need to buy time right?!”

“Exactly. Esta, focus fire on all the small monsters. Me and Snow will get rid of the monsters trying to surround us.”

“Understood. Leave it to me.”


I left Ralf to handle the monster upfront all by himself, and asked Esta to deal with the bug type flying monsters that were buzzing around, and then worked with Snow to get rid of the remaining monsters circling us.


The required ability right now was speed but, we still tried to take care of them while using as little strength as we could.

For that reason, I only activated [Flesh Enhancement] and [War Dance].

Outside that, only when I found the right timing and the right opportunity, I’d use the [Hardening] and [Sticky String manipulation] combination to kill some of the enemies here and there.

We started with monsters behind us, and the quickly made our way around the circle, killing everything in sight until we were left with only the monster up front that Ralf was holding down, and then we cut them all apart as well.

The monsters themselves weren’t even my enemy, my real opponent was Snow who was doing the same thing as me but from the other side.

To make sure I don’t fall behind, I continued killing the monsters with the least movement required and———both Snow and myself made it in front of Ralf at almost the same time.

“As expected of Chris and Snow! Both of you tore through everything so easily!”

“Please don’t drop your guard. More monsters are already on the way.”

“Man this really is a mess. If a normal person made it here, they’d be mauled to death in no time.”


“Why the hell would a normal person ever come here though!?………but, wouldn’t it be extremely dangerous if this miasma ever made its way to Edestor?”

“More monsters approaching fast. Enough chitchat, and get ready for the next wave.”

“No time to even take a rest huh. Snow, c’mon, let’s get rid of them all asap.”


Just when I thought we had cleared through the horde of monsters, another horde was already rushing towards us.

There was no time to even breathe in this situation but, right now we should trust Esta and focus only on killing the monsters.

Giving a signal to Snow, we joined the battle again, this time with Ralf also taking part in the attack.


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An hour passed with us fighting monsters again and again.

Ever since we stepped foot into the middle section of the mountains, we’ve barely had time to rest and have had to continue fighting almost nonstop.


I was honestly starting to get tired of just seeing the faces of these damn ogres, and it was right around then when I heard a delighted cry from Esta, who was our guide.

“Ralf! Take the left right around there!”

“Left? You mean to this animal trail like path? It’d be dangerous even for us if we got surrounded there you know!?”

“I know it looks like an animal trail but, it’s at the end of this path where our next stop, the relay point lies, right?”

“Exactly. I’ve investigated it heavily in advance and my info is not wrong so trust me.”

“Alright! I’ll go first so look after my back!”

It was a narrow path and Ralf struggled before walking through, and soon after, Esta, Snow and then finally me also went on that path.

Now if we get attacked from the back here, or if some monsters jumped out of the vegetation on the sides, even we’ll have trouble dealing with them promptly but………..such an attack never happened, and we continued walking until we reached a wide open area.

“What is this place? There’s no monsters here………?”

“Even the miasma isn’t gathering within this area.”

“I don’t know for sure if there really are no monsters here but……….as my info said, this place really did exist huh.”


The place was like a big hole in between all the plants and vegetation, and was a wide open area.

I could not sense even a single monster here, as if the hordes of monster we have been fighting until now were just an illusion or something.

This looks like the relay spot that Esta had been talking about. One of the few safe zones in all of Barbadd mountains.

…………it’s not like I didn’t believe her but, I was still amazed by how perfect Esta’s guiding had been.

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