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Null Poison Ch301

The Power of Poison

“Chris! We didn’t see you even a single bit but looks like you were alright huh!”

“Chris-san, I fully believe in you but still………thank you for being safe!”

“Sorry, looks like I made you guys worry over me. But the work’s done perfectly, and without taking even a single scratch so don’t worry.”


Reassuring them both of my well being, all of us, including myself, breathed a sigh of relief.


To calm them down, I was thinking of telling them exactly what all I did while inside the [Black Mist] but………

We were not give such leeway as the Black mist inside the cave was blown by what I could only assume was the flapping of the wings of the winged wolves.

I was originally planning to wait while the poison fully spread across the bodies of the monsters while they were blinded by the mist but, with the mist blown away, it won’t be long before the monsters find our location.

At first they weren’t being cautious so they didn’t detect me approaching but, now they were all going to increase their vigilance to the maximum towards their surroundings and will most certainly fish us out.

Since most of the monsters here had been successfully poisoned, we could fully retreat all the way back and let poison do its job but then again if the most of the monsters are suffering and weakened already, there’s no reason why we should run away either.

“I was hoping to give a detailed explanation but it would seem that my [Black Mist] has been blown away already. Except the Black slime, all the monsters are poisoned so let’s go together and finish them off.”

“I can’t keep up with all these rapid developments! It’s fighting time again already!?”


“Can’t be helped. If we don’t clear them out properly now, there’s a chance more new monsters might pop up in their stead.”

“Agreed. The insides of the Cave of Bahamut are supposedly filled with thick miasma as well, if we don’t properly finish them off, we are only going to open ourselves up to some kind problem hurting us later on.”

While I did originally say that I’ll take them on alone, now I was going to have all of us fight together to finish the fight.

I’ll handle the still healthy Black Slime myself since I have experience fighting the Hedro Slimes, and the rest of the monsters should be weakened enough to not cause any issues for these two and Snow.


And right around then, having finally noticed our presence here, the monsters began to swarm out of the cave and started to head towards us.

At the front were the winged wolves, and the golden monkeys right behind them.


Further behind them were the black slimes crawling across the floor, meanwhile, the horned dwarf like monsters lay still squatting on the ground showing no signs of moving anymore.

This was all within my original expectations, as it was clear that the poison affected different monsters differently.

The 4 winged wolves running towards us while baring their fangs most certainly had a high resistance towards poison.

That said, it was clearly not a perfect resistance like my own as I could see that their movement lacked balance and were occasionally staggering here and there.

“Alright everyone, I will begin firing magic then. [Icicle Rain]!”

Before I even needed to give the order, Esta fired numerous ice type arrows towards the winged wolves.

While the monsters did somehow manage to avoid fatal damage, each of the winged wolves had still ended up with a dozen ice arrows stuck inside their bodies.

Having received further damage and their movements dulled even further, the winged wolves retreated and let the golden monkeys behind them take the frontal charge instead.

And, as for the monkeys that had replaced the wolves……….well, most of them had a blank look in their eyes and I could tell the poison had spread really well across their bodies.


They seemed to be running purely on instincts, but their excessive movements had only helped the poison spread across their bodies faster.

Both the wolves and the monkeys seemed to be on borrowed time and would probably die if we just hold them back for a while so I left this job to those two, and I instead, ran around in a circle to attack the black slimes instead.

These ones were the most problematic enemy considering they had taken no damage and it was unclear how they could attack.

With the 3 black slimes set as my target—–I activated [Leg Strength Enhancement] and instantly closed the distance.

If I attacked normally at the slime body, it would obviously take no damage as usual but………

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I didn’t even unsheathe my sword, and while activating my skills I simply used my fists to punch it instead.


Seeing me rush directly at them, the slimes simply spread themselves wide as if opening their mouths to swallow me.

I wondered if a slime even had something like pride, or self-conceit but, let me destroy their belief that blunt attacks won’t work on slimes.

I charged my fist with the momentum of my body, and then swung it straight at the enlarged black slime.

And then, the moment my fist touched the slime——–I activated [hardening].

Not just my fist, but everything that touched my fist was hardened which included the body of the slime as well, and it was unable to absorb the impact of my fist like it normally would.

A punch infused with my strength skills, was too much for the now not-slime body of the monster to handle, and its body, alongside the core was smashed into pieces.

Now that I now that this works, the other 2 remaining slimes won’t take long to beat either.

The slimes did try to resist till the end and tried spraying some poisonous liquid at me but——–in the end, they were unable to stop my fist from smashing them apart.

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