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Null Poison Ch308

Trump Card

My body slammed into the wall, and the impact almost made my consciousness fade away.

My body was already suffering from spasms from all the fatigue, and now I was struggling to move even a finger in my body.

The left arm of mine that I had used as a last minute guard refused to move even a bit, and I’m pretty sure it was completely broken.

Due to [Pain Inhibition], I wasn’t feeling any pain which was the only good thing right now but, it didn’t change the fact that I had been dealt an extremely heavy blow.


The cause of my defeat was that I had misjudged the timing to launch my attack.

I was too focused on letting it enter my range, and instead ended up letting Bahamut make the first move.


While being hit with a strong sensation of exhaustion, I looked around with blurry eyes only to see Bahamut slowly crawl towards me while limping.

The word ‘Death’ crossed my mind, and I was close to giving up as well but………

Just then, I suddenly recalled the faces of Ralf, Esta and Snow who were waiting for me outside the cave.

I wonder if they’ll cry if I never made it back.

Honestly, if it’s them, they might end up waiting many days hoping for me to come.

Ralf is very likely to rush into the cave to try and search for me, even the usually calm Esta would probably go along with it I feel like.

I was honestly amused just thinking how those two would react but, then my thoughts went towards what would actually happen if they really did enter the cave.

Not only was this place crawling with monsters, after a point, the cave was filled with deadly poisonous gas.

I didn’t mind dying if it was on my own terms but, the thought of those two and Snow losing their lives for my sake was something I didn’t want to see.


If I wanted those three to not lose their lives like this——–Then I simply need to kill this Bahamut and return back alive!!

I deactivated [Pain Inhibition] and let the excruciating pain jolt my body and mind awake.

My entire body was creaking from the immense pain, but it cleared the blur off my eyes.


Once my consciousness was back again, I activated [Pain Inhibition] again, and used my still functioning arm to pull out a potion and poured it all over my body.

Thanks to the highly effective potion that Rupert had suggested to me, my body became able to move again. With the exception of my broken left arm of course.

Since the Bahamut was walking slowly towards me, confident of its victory, it allowed me a sliver of chance to gain victory. I instantly got up and began to desperately limp towards it to close the distance between us.

Although I said I was able to move my body again, it’s not like my fatigue and damage had completely disappeared so it wasn’t like I could fight like normal again.

Only my right arm holding my sword was still functioning properly , and the only move I could make was to counter right as Bahamut launches it attack at me.


But considering the condition of Bahamut itself, I don’t know if it’ll even be able to launch an attack that could have such momentum that’d make a counter possible.


Of course a slower attack makes it easy to counter but, since my style of countering used the strength of the opponent against them, a weak attack will only create a weak counter.

On top of that, with the state of my current body, I won’t be able to aim and make a precise attack like before so, no matter how dull Bahamut itself had become, landing a precise fatal counter was borderline impossible for me right now.

But if I end up hitting the scales, it’d be worthless considering I was unable to cut through it even when I was at full strength.

The energy I generated by feeling the pain of my body only lasted for so long, and I could feel cold sweat puring down my back again.

As all these things went through my head, Bahamut continued to crawl towards me with its big jaw and sharp fangs open for all to see.

I activated [Mind Unleashed] to come up with all sorts of simulations to find a way to winning but, the only conclusion I came to was that no tactic would work with the current state of my body.

In that case, the only tactic left for me was———[Suicidal Strike]. One final attack with my life on the line.


That skill uses all my remaining energy, and if it’s that skill, it might go through even the hard scales of the dragon.

Since I fall into a deep sleep after its use, if I fail, I will most certainly die ………but that was the only path left for me.


Since I was going to lose my consciousness anyway, I also activated [Mad Warrior], something I hadn’t done in quite some time.

I had basically intentionally sealed the skill away since my battle with Carlo but, if I was putting my life on the line, I might as well really go all the way.

I wondered if my brain in this state even remember that the plan was the counter the enemy’s attack but, last time I used, I did have some level of consciousness so hopefully it goes alright.

I used my steel sword as my crutch as I stood, and waited for Bahamut to be directly in front of me.

This time I made sure to wait and not get caught out by Bahamut’s attack again, and then activated [Mad Warrior].

——-and the next instant, my consciousness flew, and a delightful blood boiling, heart pounding, euphoric sensation rose across my body.

I really want to feel everything with my body so I guess I should turn off [Pain Inhibition].

……..Kuh Haa Haa. Aah this pain is proof that I’m alive, it was comforting to me.

I forced my broken left hand to grab on to the sword as well and then used [Hardening] to fully fix my arm in place.

KUH HA HA! Even if the arm’s broken, now I can still use both hands to swing my sword like this!!

Seeing the Bahamut charge at me with a fierce face, a brilliant smile flashed across my face.

Even the fear of death felt nice to experience, and it honestly seemed like a waste to use the [Suicidal Strike] skill because I wanted to experience this for longer but……….I bit on to my tongue and then activated the skill.

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As all the strength left my body, and even further pleasant sensation struck my body.


So much power came out of me that I could drop to the floor and writhe in pain from it.

Honestly, it was such a nice feeling but, it was too bad it was impossible to continue feeling this for longer than this.

While relishing the sensation coursing through my veins, I swung down my sword directly at Bahamut who was right in front of me now.

The sword approached its head, and the sound of a great explosion alongside a metallic clang resounded ———-and then, bluish black blood exploded across the entire area.

Of course, it splashed all over me as well but, the sensation felt nice. To have overcome Bahamut in a battle to the death.

“Guh HAHAHA! AMAZING! This is the fucking best!! I wanna kill more! MORE! KILL KILL KILL EVERYTHING, AND EVERYONE!!!”

Bahamut’s head had been cleanly split in two, but I continued slashing and stabbing my sword at it.


It was the greatest feeling ever but, unfortunately the sensation didn’t last too long.

Suddenly, all strength drained out of my body, and I collapsed head first into the ground.

And instantly, I was hit with an intense drowsiness. I tried to resist it to hopefully continue feeling this euphoria for just a while longer but……….it was sadly of no use, and within seconds I entered a deep slumber in the depths of the cave, right in front of the corpse of the dead Bahamut.

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