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Null Poison Ch325

The Last Ability Assessment

The day after our fun sightseeing trip, it was finally the day we depart Edestor.

Yesterday, we had found many more new stores and places in the city so I was feeling a regretful about leaving the city now but………..

To attain my goal and settle the matter once and for all, I must leave this place.


“Ralf, Esta, hope neither of you are forgetting anything?”

“I finished my prep days beforehand so it’s all good here!”


“I am finished and packed as well. We can leave whenever you want.”

“I see………..then let’s go.”

With big amounts of luggage on our backs, we finally left the [Gorush] inn, that had served us so well during our long stay here, for the last time.

We had only chosen this because of Snow as it was the only inn that allowed for pets but, it was quite comfortable and the owner of the place was nice.

It was always a bit sad to leave a room that we had gotten so used to but, one day, I’m sure we’ll come back.

“Now that I think about it, aren’t Bors-san and others waiting for us at the exit of the city?……..just like in Oxter, we are lucky to have friends that would see us off with smiles, don’t you think?”

“You’re quite right indeed. We owe a lot to Bors-san ever since we came here.”

“Well, I do recall you making fun of him quite a lot though Chris!”

“And now I talk to him very politely so it equals out in the end.”

While having a chat, we began walking towards the exit of the city.


Not just Bors-san, a lot of people had helped us out here. There was mountain full of things that I alone would have been able to nothing about.

Yesterday, we did go around greeting, and thanking all of them but, one day I’d like to thank them all properly once more.

At that moment, I suddenly recalled that I had failed to greet one other person.


It was the old sister that always did the ability assessment for me at the church.

Well, I don’t know if she qualifies similar to all the other people that I owed a debt to but, I did definitely cause problems for her with my attitude sometimes so leaving without saying anything would sit wrong with me personally.

And at the same time, I suppose I should go and get one last assessment done as well.

“Ralf, Esta, sorry, I just remembered I forgot to do something.”

“What now?! Chris, you were constantly asking us if we had forgotten something but, instead you forgot something yourself? What is it!?”

“I just need to go and greet and say my farewells to someone. You two go ahead and wait for me at the exit. I’ll quickly meet up later.”

“Understood. We’ll go ahead then.”

“Honestly, didn’t something similar happen every time we were about to leave a city!?”


I let Ralf and Esta go on ahead, and I turned back and made my way to the church.


Now that he mentioned it, this did happen both time in Realzard and Oxter as well huh?

……….and now that I think about it, the priest in Realzard also told me that the Cardinal had told people to look for me as well.

I was a bit curious to know if he’s alright having leaked that info to me, so when I go back, I’d like to meet him again as well.

While thinking of the handsome priest, I entered the church.

Ignoring the praying townsfolk as always, I made my way to the inner room.

It’s early in the morning so no one was here, so I rung the bell and waited for the old sister to show up.

“Oh, how rare for you to show up so early in the morning. More consecutive assessments today  as well I imagine?”

“no, one will do today.”

“Well, now that really is a rarity! Did you finally understand that doing multiple assessments so quickly was meaningless?”

“Nothing like that. Also, that was never meaningless from the start……….but, today, I’ll be leaving the city so I thought I should come and say my farewells and get one last assessment done to go with it.”

“Oh, is that so. Well, I’ll certainly miss you. You are most certainly a weirdo but, also interesting as well. So where are you heading next?”


Ah, so I am a definite weirdo in her head huh.

Well, my actions certainly didn’t help with it.

“Thanks for the all help sister. Also, I’m heading to the capital next.”

“Hoh, the Royal capital eh! I suppose if you’re looking for a good destination that’s not Edestor while staying in the country, the capital is a great place as well eh………..also, since you came to greet me all this way, let me give you a nice piece of info since you are regular customer of ours.”

“A good piece of info? You too eh?”

“Me ‘too’? was there someone else that gave some info to you as well?”

“Ah, no, a slip of my tongue. Don’t worry about it.”

Since I was thinking of the priest in Realzard, I ended up saying that.

Giving an actual explanation would take way too long and I even might cause trouble for that priest so I urged her to continue and forget about what I had said.

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“I see, you really are strange…………but anyway, as for the nice info, if you go to the orphanage in west district of the capital and tell them that [Edestor’s sister sent you], I’m sure they’ll treat you very well.”


“The orphanage in the west district eh. Got it. I’ll go visit once I’m in the capital. Were you also stationed in the capital in the past Sister?”

“…………A long, long time ago. Yes. But enough chat. And let’s get your assessment done, shall we?”

“Yeah, I’ll be in your care.”

It seems she wasn’t interested in talking about it as she quickly glossed over it.

“——–And it’s done. Please check.”

“Yeah, it’s done properly as always. Then, once again, thank you for everything. And if and when I return to Edestor, I’ll be in your care once again.”

“Of course. I’ll be waiting.”

And so, after giving my thanks and saying my farewells to the sister, I left the church.

The chat ended up being a bit longer than I had thought, so I should hurry up my pace and quickly head to the city’s exit.

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