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Null Poison Ch331


Early next morning.

Probably because we had all gone to sleep early, I felt really fresh with all my fatigue gone by the time I woke up.

It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to meet the handsome priest but, we were already planning to head to the capital so we can just meet him there.

Normally thinking, transfer from Realzard to the Capital is basically a promotion so I doubt he is in any immediate trouble.


I chose not to dwell too much on it as nothing would come out of it and began thinking of what we’ll do today.

We could go around the back alleys again like the good old days, or maybe we could roam the main streets, something we could only dream of back in the day.


Of course we could also go back to [Shichifukuya] to continue our talks……..

At that moment, I suddenly thought one more thing I really wanted to do.

That’s right, I had left Realzard without finishing one specific job.

I was ambushed and had my life put it in danger by that thing——the bear-like monster.

………..I should go to Peixa forest and get my revenge on that thing now.

It’ll be the perfect way to tell just how much stronger I have gotten since then, plus this was a personal matter.

I wanted to head to Peixa forest anyway, considering how much I owe to that place so I guess that’s my plans for today settled.

“Chris, you’re up as well! What are you doing today? If you ain’t got any plans, why not come hang out in the back alleys with us?”

“Sorry but, today I plan to head to Peixa forest. I owe a lot to that place plus I just thought of something I had left undone over there.”

“Eh, the forest again!? Well, I suppose that’s very much like you eh!………Alright, we can go roam the back alleys tomorrow then, you okay with that?”

“Sorry about ruining your plans, but yeah, that works for me.”


Saying that to Ralf, I left [moonflower] before those two.

Now then, I could go straight to the forest but, if possible, I do want to look up info on that bear-like monster before that.

Now that I have money, I could go to a info broker and get to know everything………but wait, then it won’t be a direct comparison to last time would it.


Instead, I’ll head to the guild and try and just figure out that thing’s name, and nothing more.



After doing everything I wanted in Realzard, I left the city and went straight to Peixa forest.

On top of a little info gathering, I also did some shopping so by the time I reached the forest, it was already past noon but, well, if I can’t run into it today, I’ll just come again another day…….

Since I have already made a promise for tomrrow with Ralf, I wanted to quickly find that bear-like monster——-I mean, Duke Urus.

By the way, I heard that bear-like monster’s name from an old soldier in the guild.


Apparently, the rumours that no man or monster ever went to Peixa forest because of the existence of this Duke Urus have existed for a very long time now.

Of course, I had no idea such rumours even existed when I was constantly going to Peixa forest…….


But it made sense why there really weren’t many monsters in that forest when compared to the others I have visited.

These facts only gave more credence to the old soldier’s words, and it made sense that this bear like monster was the root of these rumours.

While thinking about the DukeUrus, I stood in front of the Peixa forest and looked up to fully appreciate the sea of trees spread in front of me.

“……how nostalgic. So much has happened that my memories of this place seem like they happened so long ago but, now that I am right in front of this place, it’s all coming back to me so clearly.”

Muttering to myself, I closed my eyes and recalled the first time I came to Peixa forest.

The smell of nature tickled my nose, and that helped my recollect all my experiences in this place much more vividly.

Unlike the time I was just a [Farmer], I had become incomparably stronger now, but still my heartbeat rose and my hands began to shiver.

I lost everything during the [Heaven’s Blessing], abandoned by my parents, I was almost killed as I ran here with nothing to my name……….but now, I was back. Stronger than ever before.

The bitter memories of those days, were washed away by the happy memories I made until now thanks to all the dear friends I had created during my journey——and soon my heartbeat calmed down again and so did my shivering hands.


“I’m fine now……….Alright, first, let’s go and pay back my debt to the Duke Urus, shall we?”

My lips rose into a smirk, as I proclaimed to no one but myself.

The first task on the agenda was my rematch with Duke Urus.

And then came……..Klaus, who’s enjoying life in capital unaware of what’s about to come to him.

Although I would have loved to talk about many things with him, we never had a relationship where we’d talk to each other.

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Ours was a relationship so twisted at this point that it won’t be strange if we both lunged straight at each other’s throat the moment we saw each other. So much so that it’ll be hard to believe for anyone that the same blood runs through our veins.

——but, I chose to forget about Klaus for now, and focused entirely on the Duke Urus.

Once I was mentally in perfect condition, I took my first step into the Peixa forest after a long while away.

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