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Null Poison Ch334


I really am unlucky to be getting tailed on the day I spent an entire day out in the Peixa forest and had to fight the Duke Urus.

It was already so late at night that I was really sleepy and knowing that my opponent was also skilled, it’s better if I quickly grab them before the situation escalates.

Since I used my detection skills while I continued to leisurely walk, I don’t think I made it obvious that I had noticed that I was getting tailed.


Which should give me the element of surprise over the person tailing me, so I should drag them into the back alleys first. A place I know like back of my palm.


While pretending to be completely unaware, I walked from the main street into the back alleys.

I wondered if they would hesitate over coming to the back alleys but…….they showed no hesitation and continued to follow me.

When I reached the rundown house that Esta and Ralf once used as their base, I stopped——made a 180 degree turn on the spot and instantly charged towards the person tailing me.

[Flesh Enhancement][Physical ability boost][leg strength enhancement][Gale]

I activated these skills instantaneously and closed the distance in a flash, giving no chance for the person to run away. And it ended with me standing right in front of them and directly facing the person.

Under the moonlight I caught the figure of the person tailing me but because they were dressed in a black robe and hood, I couldn’t see their face.

“Mind explaining why you have been following me?”

“……….Tch, what the hell, you noticed me.”

It was slightly muffled, deep voice of a man.


His voice reminded me of Carlo so I figured the man underneath was also probably a rough looking man.

“I asked, what do you want from me. Answer me.”


“I was asked by my boss to gather info on you. You’re Klaus-sama’s older brother Chris, aren’t you?”

So he really was someone related to Klaus huh.

So was this ‘boss’ Klaus, and he was here to gather info on me on his orders——-I assume.

He told me his purpose quite honestly without even me needing to do anything but, now that I know he’s Klaus’ subordinate, I’m not gonna let him get away from me either.

“Interesting. I’d like to hear a lot more about this.”

“I have nothing more to tell you……….or are you going to try and force it out of me?”

“That was the plan yeah? Man, do I have to say everything out loud for you guys to understand me?”

“Ahahaha! Good joke coming from a fucking [Farmer]! Well, if you’re gonna try me go ahead. I might as well get info out of you instead.”

Saying that, the black robed man pulled out a dagger from his inner pocket.


Well it’s to my advantage if he’s gonna fight me and not run away to be honest.


This is my first time fighting a dagger user but, fighting in close quarters is my speciality. I’ll do well against weapons with short range I think.

As for my weapon……….the iron sword will do I guess.

I don’t want to use Vendettatein, that I’m still getting used to using, and accidentally kill him before I get info out of him.

As I drew the iron sword from my waist, our battle began.

The first one to make a move was the robed man.

With a strange dance like way of stepping forward, he closed the distance between us with incredible speed.

His movements were nimble but his speed wasn’t really something I’d have difficulty dealing with.

I was thinking of swinging down my sword against him to match his attack but…….suddenly, the image of the robed man flickered and blurred oddly.

It wasn’t because our surroundings were dark, so it was probably something the robed man was doing?

I suddenly felt a bad premonition towards attacking the robed man like this, so I quickly changed my course of action.

I activated [Sticky String Manipulation] along with [Hardening], and launched a wide ranging attack in front of me from all of my fingers.


The hardened strings struck the robed man and——in that instant, the robed man’s figure disappeared like mist.

And the moment he disappeared, the robed man appeared, diagonally to the right of me instead.

He was aiming straight at my neck, but because I had fired the strings in a wide range, one of them went straight at him as well and made him unable to continue his attack.

What I just witnessed……..was that a shadow clone?

The robed man charging at me was a phantom, and the real body was the one that appeared after words.

And his real body completely disappears while the phantom is still active as well. What a troublesome technique. It has to be a Skill.

The problem is not knowing when he switches with the phantom version but, I think that strange dance like steps he made were probably designed to distract me I think.

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“I had heard you were a [Farmer] but I guess you can fight a bit after all, and you have some kind of weird skill as well………….Did Klaus-sama lie to us?”

He seemed to be talking quite nonchalantly still, which meant he hadn’t fully used his strength.

My instincts had let me switch to using [Sticky String manipulation] to attack at the right time but, if I had tried to attack with my sword, I might have genuinely been in danger.

………honestly, I was looking down on him a bit due to his life presence and mana but from here on out, it’s time to get serious and use my full strength it seems.

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