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Null Poison Ch339

Connecting Info

4 days had passed since the day I met the info broker.

Since I couldn’t do anything that could make me stand out, I was left with not much to do in Realzard. So the most I did was basically shopping to make sure we were ready enough and could leave the city whenever needed instantly.

I could have gone and secluded myself in Peixa forest as well but, well, there’s not much I’d gain there either in the time it’d take for those two and Snow to come back to Realzard.


Today as well, I was thinking of walking around the city to try and see if I could spot any suspicious people, when…

The door of the room opened, and Snow energetically ran towards me and jumped at me.


“Chris, you were in the room huh! We’re back!”

“Welcome back. Did you guys manage to meet Charlotte?”

While getting my face licked by Snow, I asked Ralf and Esta who were smiling.

They came back faster than I had expected, so I have to assume they had succeeded.

“Yeah we did! We met both Mielle and Charlotte!”

“Allow me to explain in detail. When we went to the informant we visited in the capital from last time, apparently Mielle-san had already made arrangements there as, as soon as we asked, the informant sent a message and we were able to meet quite quickly.”

Esta sighed at Ralf’s dumb and simple explanation and instead properly explained how things had gone.

As for the informant she was talking about…………it must be that guy who talked like a woman that we met last time.

It was that same informant that had told Mielle about me which led to her attacking me when I was returning so they must have worked things out between them I assume.


Mielle did nothing but complain whenever I asked something of her but, on the contrary she does do her job properly regardless.


“So that’s why you guys were able to come back so quickly. Looks like things worked out pretty well……..So, what did Charlotte say?”

“She said to stay on standby in Realzard for some time. Apparently this organization called [Under Eye] is snooping around for you so she can’t safely guide us in the capital right now.”

“[Under Eye] is snooping around for me? Are you certain those are the words she used?”

“Yes. Do you know of this organization Chris-san?”

“Yeah, while you two and Snow were away, I went and contacted the informant here you had told me about Esta, and got some good info on the guy that attacked me.”

“Wait, could it be the guy who attacked you was………”

“Yeah, he was almost certainly a member of [Under eye].”


I thought it was a coincidence that he had found me here, but it looks like they actually are trying to actively search for me.

Does that mean Klaus is that worried of my existence to the point that he’d move an entire organization just to get to me?


Well, he did even put in a search request through the Cardinal of the Church as well so it’s not impossible but…….

This doesn’t sound like the Klaus I know.

“Then, won’t that mean they know we’re in Realzard now!? Won’t it be dangerous if we don’t move from here? We were hoping to get the initiative on them but this will make us fall behind instead!”

“It’s hard to make decision just yet. If they actually knew I was here, then they wouldn’t have sent one guy to tail me. It’s been five days since then, and I have been roaming around the city daily and yet, I haven’t run into anyone else from [Under Eye] yet.”

“Which means…….they are still searching for you Chris-san. You just happened to cross paths with them huh.”

“I think that’s the right assumption to take for now. According to the informant, [Under Eye] has only a few members. So we don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by numbers anytime soon either. So I think, we’ll follow Charlotte’s instruction and stay on standby here in Realzard.”

There’s no doubt [Under Eye] is searching for me but, I don’t think they know I’m here yet.


And even if they do find out and come after me, I just need to strike back and get rid of them.

The only worry would be if Klaus himself showed up but, I’m sure Charloote would find a way to let us know of that in advance if something like that was going to happen.


“You sure we’ll be okay!? That said, it’s not like we have anywhere else to go either………well, if the princess wants us to stay, I guess we do what she says eh?”

“I don’t see any other option for us either. In the off chance Klaus found out about us, we will lose our element of surprise but, in that case, we just need to settle matters there and then and all will be good!”

“Pretty much. I want to keep myself hidden as much as I can but, let’s not let it affect our daily life. Let’s just make sure that we all stick together while I use my detection skills when outside, but other than that, we go on with our lives normally.”

“Alright! A normal life until a messenger from Charlotte arrives it is then! And speaking of which, remember our promise to go around the back alleys? Chris, you haven’t forgotten it right?”

With a grin, Ralf looked at me.

 Since I got attacked, the trip was postponed and I thought he had forgotten about it but……..looks like Ralf really wants to go exploring through the back streets.

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I mean I was the one that said that we should live normally so I guess, we can finally do so while still maintaining a level of cautiousness.

“I haven’t forgotten. Let’s go tomorrow then, alright?”


“Yeah! There’s so many places I want to show Chris!”

“A trip through the back alleys eh, sounds nice. But, I’d like to go around the main street as well.”

“Then we can do that the day after.”

“Heck yeah! Can’t wait!……..wait, why tomorrow? We could go today as well right?!”

“No need to be so impatient. Besides aren’t you tired from your travels. Rest for the day.”

“But I’m not even tired! Hey hey, c’mon, let’s go today please!”

I soothed down Ralf who couldn’t even wait until tomorrow, and then I alone left to patrol the city once more today.

Regardless, our plans for the near future are set so I should just enjoy this time fully, while being cautious of [Under Eye] of course.

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