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Null Poison Ch342

Handmade Potion

“Then, I’ll buy this potion. I wasn’t too interested to be honest, but I don’t usually see Esta make a selfish demand so might as well do what she asks.”

“Chris-san, thank you so much! And so, will you sell us the Ryst grass potion, Shannon-san?”

“I mean, I’d be more than happy to sell it but……….are you really going to buy it? I have said this before but it’s not cheap, and I can’t give a lot of discount on this one either okay?”


“It’s fine don’t worry. We’ll pay the full price!”

“Well, if you go that far then sure, I’ll sell it. The cost is one gold coin, I can give you a 10% discount at best!”

I was a bit surprised hearing the one gold coin price.


She had been saying that its ‘expensive’ so much that I was ready to pay like a platinum coin for it but…….it’s just a measly one gold coin.

Perhaps my sense of money has gone crazy now, as now that I think about it, one gold coin is definitely a expensive item for something sold in the back alleys.

But well, if it was just this much, she didn’t even need to ask my permission to buy this stuff.

……….i mean, I burn a gold coin for every ability assessment like it’s a joke after all.

“No worries, we’ll pay the full one gold! Chris, it’s fine right?”

“Of course.”

“……..To think that our Esta would become someone who could put out a full gold coin like it’s nothing…I feel both happy but also kind a sad, what a complicated feeling.”

We bought the Ryst grass potion as well a couple other cheap potions that Esta recommended from Shannon who was moved to tears, and finished our shopping here.

It was like this at Ralf’s recommended bread store as well but, in the end, I’m quite enjoying going around these back alley tents.


There’s the excitement of not knowing what kind of place it’s going to turn out to be until you actually enter the tent, and quality in the stores is honestly better than expected.

Well, as for quality, that might be more because Esta and Ralf were leading the way and knew which ones were already good though.


“Esta, thank you for buying so much. Chris as well, sorry if I forced you into buying all this…….Also, if you make Esta sad, I won’t forgive you okay!?——that goes for you as well Ralf, staring blankly like that!”

“fueh!? Wait why did I get scolded!? Esta can be happy without my help you know!”

He must have been bored out of his mind from the potions as Ralf was just sort of standing there staring into the space as he jumped up suddenly when he heard his name getting shouted by Shannon.

“Oh shush it! You two are dragging her around with you, you must take at least the minimum responsibility for the girl!”

“Shannon-san, it’s fine. I’m already as happy as I could be! So don’t worry and thank you for caring so much!”

“………you’ve finally become able to show such a nice smile as well huh. I know these back alleys might be too dirty for you guys but do show up every once in a while okay?”

“Yes, of course we will!”


Esta gave a deep bow to Shannon and then we finally left the potion store.

What the old man of [Shichifukuya] was for me, Shannon was probably to Esta.——it’s just my speculation, but from their conversation, that was the feeling I got.


“That was a nice store. Shannon seemed like a good person as well.”

 “Shannon has always looked after me since long back. Back when we taking care of Ralf’s injury, it was also Shannon-san so who lent us her help.”

“Now that I think about it, I did wonder how did Esta manage to help Ralf after he got thrown off the roof by his father considering Esta herself had only just escaped the orphanage but I guess it was Shannon lending you her potions that helped you guys huh.”

“Precisely. She’s Ralf’s saviour as well, yet he’s like this and doesn’t give her the respect she deserves!”

“I mean, why does she always have to be so mean to me? Even though she’s always so sweet to you and spoils you!”

“That’s because of your attitude of course……….but enough of that conversation. First of all, thank you for agreeing to my request to buy the Ryst grass potion Chris-san. I finally feel like I have been able to thank her properly at least a little with this.”

As I thought, that was Esta’s real intention.

She could have told this to me in advance but, I get that it would not have felt the same to her in that case.


“I don’t mind. One gold coin is not something you need to ask my permission for before using anyway. I did all the time after all.”

“For those assessments right!? Man, that always seemed like such a waste……….I mean I get why it can be kinda fun to see your strength showcased in numerial form but, one gold sounds so expensive for just that!”

“You two don’t get your assessments done too often after all. In my case, I do need to check once more before I face Klaus though.”

“No no! like I said, what does that even help with?! I mean if you see a big growth then yeah it can feel nice but if you don’t see an increase, I feel like it’ll just make me depressed!”

That’s always what he says before he refuses to take the assessment.

I feel like it provides a good point of reference to work with but, I can see why spending one whole gold coin just for that might seem like a waste to these guys.

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“if you hate it that much, I won’t force you to do it. Anyways, let’s go the next store, where to next?”

“Ralf, you had a place decided next right? I think we’ll continue to alternate between our choices to keep things fun.”

“Yep, sounds good to me! Next one’s pretty fun as well so look forward to it!”

“……….if Ralf says that, I’m already readying myself to be disappointed.”

“But why!? I am confident you know! Fine, I’ll make you eat those words, I swear!!”


And so, like that we headed to our next stop.

The back alleys themselves weren’t the only thing that were fun, I was also really enjoying seeing a different side of these two that I hadn’t seen much as well.

I didn’t have much memories even at my hometown Dezir so I did feel a bit envious as well though………..but right now, I’ll continue to enjoy our little tour.

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