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Null Poison Ch346


While looking down on Pablo, who was drenched in sweat and wet with rain water, I began my questioning.

“Start talking about everything related to [Under eye]. First, who ordered the hit on me?”

“……..Boss. Milworc-san gave the order [Find Klaus-sama’s older brother, Chris].”

“So a direct order really has been relayed. Is Klaus directly related to this order?”


“………I really don’t know about that. We just heard that it was an order from Milworc.”

Judging from his heartbeat, Pablo wasn’t lying here.


Looks like he really isn’t aware if this order came directly from Klaus or not.

“In the first place, explain what kind of relation Klaus has with [Under Eye]. Considering you are using ‘-sama’ for him, I assume you are now his subordiantes?”

“I’m not sure either. Boss decided to join Klaus-sama’s party, which made us work like his arms and legs but in truth, none of us except the Boss have met Klaus directly.”

“I see. So you are basically being used through Milworc’s connection.”

If Klaus isn’t directly controlling them, it probably means that this order came from Milworc himself and not necessarily Klaus. I’m confident of it.

I was suspicious the moment they tried to poison me but, now I was convinced.

In this case, if I play this well, I could kill this troublesome Milworc beforehand on his own by dragging him out.

If I topple their head, the rest of [Under Eye] will lose their reason to serve Klaus, and Klaus’ own forces will dwindle by quite a lot.

………But of course, there’s also a chance that he might make a move and come directly for me to take revenge for killing this Milworc though.

For the time being, let’s change my current target to [Under Eye], specifically this Milworc, before Klaus.


“Next, tell me about the members of [Under Eye]. Since you guys are supposedly few and handpicked, surely you know them all right?”

“………Only Milworc knows everyone. We don’t get the full details from the Boss. And we have no idea about everyone else’s abilities or even names.”

I could hear his heartbeat rise.

Since he was talking so smoothly, he must’ve thought that his lie won’t get caught. What a simplistic fool.


“that’s a lie. In the first place, I heard you talk about some Douglas Dyne…….I did say I’ll pull out a nail if you lie didn’t I?”

“I’m not lying I swear! Douglas Dyne is, well……’s like a codename!”

I circled around to the back of Pablo who was desperately making excuses, and grabbed his right arm that was tied to the back and was hung limp from being broken.

With the arm already broken, I wondered how much pain would he even feel if I pull out a nail now.

With this simple question in mind, I let all of Pablo’s excuses go from one ear and out of the other, while I grabbed one of his fingers, and then jammed a iron nail that I picked up from the ground in between his nail and the skin of his index finger.

And the next instant,——a piercing wailing scream came out of Pablo.

The scream was much louder than I imagined, so I quickly  tore of a piece of his black robe and jammed it into his mouth.

While breathing out of his nose, tears were rolling down out of his eyes and down his face.

“Even though I warned you so many times to not lie to me. Did you know that the point under the nails have a lot of nerves which makes the pain you feel there much stronger. It won’t even make you lose consciousness because the pain is so sharp.”

I explained the reasoning behind why he was feeling such intense pain but, it didn’t seem like he was hearing me much right now.

I can’t really continue talking like this so, while it feels like waste, I should probably use a potion to heal him a little before I continue.



“You were screaming again when I pulled the iron nail out as well, but hey, I even healed you back, so you should be able to talk again right?”


“……, please forgive me, ju, just let me die already!”

“if you tell me everything I want to know, I’ll give you a nice peaceful death……….you guys were the ones who attacked me. Don’t expect me to make it easy for you though. You should probably be able to tell now that I have healed you that I can do this a dozen more times, if not more.”

It looked like his heart was finally broken, so I doubt he’ll lie anymore, so I began asking about [Under Eye] once again.

Just around when I was done interrogating him and getting all the info I could get out of him, I was about to end the interrogation when the door of the room was pushed open.

Ralf entered the room looking very serious.

“Chris! Two more guys dressed in black robes like that guy just showed up! Looking just from afar, they seem pretty strong so I’m confident it’s them!”

“I see. I’m done here too so let’s meet up with Esta and face them.”

“………We’re really gonna fight them huh. I don’t like fighting inside the city but, I guess can’t get picky right now eh? So, what are we gonna do with that guy?”

“Sorry, but I’m going to kill him. I’ve ripped him of any fighting spirit that may remain but, he knows about me, what I look like. There’s no merit in letting him live.”


“Got it! Part of me wants to stop you but, with the incident with Greath and then Carlo, I’ve already made up my resolve! I won’t let you carry this burden on your own……..Let me do it!”

“No. I don’t plan on handing my prey to others. Ralf, you go outside.”

“But! I too—–“

“I said, LEAVE!”

I shouted at Ralf who suddenly said he wanted to kill the man, and pushed him out of the room.

It’s not like I’m actually angry, it’s just an act for Ralf.

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I know I’m the one who dragged them into this but it’s my own selfish desire of not wanting Ralf and Esta to cross that line.

“those that can easily kill humans aren’t humans themselves.”

I know that’s a fact because I have felt it myself.

Looking down at the ground, the man was still muttering and mumbling randomly, as I put my sword at his neck, and to make sure that at least it wasn’t painful any longer——I chopped his head off in a single slash.

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