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Null Poison Ch350

First time Drinking

By the time all the cleanup was done, and we returned back to the inn, it was already dawn.

Honestly, I was completely exhausted but, Ralf and Esta didn’t seem like they were in the mood to sleep as there was large amount of food and drinks on top of the table.

“I’ll ask again just in case, but are you two sure you don’t want to sleep and get some rest first?”


“Not happening! I’m sure you’re tired Chris but, until we’re done talking, we’re not gonna let you sleep either!”


“I apologize as well Chris-san, but I am of the same opinion as him. We can all go to sleep once we’re done talking.”

Not just Ralf but even Esta seemed adamant about this.

In the end, we never really got to properly have dinner so I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hungry but…….more than that, I’m sleepy as hell too though.

Tired both physically and mentally, and I was emotionally not in the place to be having a chat with anyone right now but, Esta and Ralf were both seemingly refusing to give tonight.

Suppressing my yawns, I resolved myself to get this over with.

“Fine. Well, I too was thinking it’s about time we had a serious talk about things so we might as well do it before sleeping………we can eat while we talk though right?”

“Of course! That’s precisely why we have all this stuff on the table right now anyway! And just for today………I even brought some alcohol!”

Considering the time, most normal shops are closed so I don’t know where he got this from but, there was indeed a cask of alcohol lying beside the table.

As for alcohol, anyone who had received the [Heaven’s Blessing] was allowed to legally drink but, we never really had the leeway with money to spend it on something like alcohol so none of us had gotten drunk before.


Especially in Ralf’s case, he had had to deal with a drunk abusive dad so I had the image of him hating it but……

He seemed to have already moved past that stuff, and was in the mood to try some alcohol tonight.

“By the way, I’m not going to drink okay?”


“That’s not allowed! What’s the point if I’m the only one getting drunk? At least for today, both you and Esta are joining me!”

“Eh? Me too??”

“Of course you too! I’m the one who hates alcohol the most here! If I’m drinking so are both of you! Otherwise it won’t make any sense!”

“Then simply don’t drink, in the first place? It doesn’t seem like any of us are interested in it.”

“Agh enough arguing! C’mon, I’ll pour so let’s drink!”

Ralf forcefully poured alcohol for us both, and the three cups were placed in front of us.

Apparently, we’re going to have a ‘cheers!’ before eating the food, and led by Ralf, we drank down our portions.

………………yeah, this shit fucking sucks as I thought.

The strange bitterness seemed to be getting rejected by my body and my throat struggled to pass it through easily.

Not just me, these two also had a similar experience as they were both making grimacing expressions as they looked at each other.

But, Ralf was not the type to back down, especially when he suggested something, so he finished gulping down the contents of his cup and then urged us to do the same.


“——So bad. Why do I have to drink this garbage damn it.”

“Hey, I thought it sucked but I drunk it anyway too! I heard that it’s easier to say what’s on your mind when you’re drunk! That’s why I decided that today was the day to try drinking this stuff!”

“………..I will admit, my head’s already swaying to the sides. I wonder if it’s because we drunk it all down so quickly?”


“Yeah my body feels hotter as well! I guess it was worth forcing ourselves to drink it then!”

These two seemed to be saying this, but my body showed absolutely no change whatsoever.

Now it’d be awkward if I was the only one not getting drunk, so while unwilling, I still poured out another cup and forced it down my throat but……….besides the torture to my tastebuds, my body didn’t seem to show any change.

“Ooh, now you’re getting into it eh!? Chris, did you suddenly awaken to the taste of alcohol or something?”

“that’s not it. Unlike you two, I don’t feel any different so I figured I’ll down another cup to see if it works.”

“So, how do you feel now? Does your head or body feel lighter or something like that yet?”

“………nah, honestly, I don’t feel any different. I wonder if my [Null Poison] skill makes it so that I can’t get drunk or something.”


If you were to think of Alcohol as also a poison to the body, it won’t be strange if it’s effects got completely nullified by my skill.

If nothing’s gonna happen no matter how much I drink, there’s no point in forcing myself to drink something this bitter and horrible in taste.

“Is that even possible? And here I thought we’d all get drunk together but in the end, you won’t even get drunk Chris!?”

“It’s not like I can control it so it can’t be helped. You two can enjoy it without me.”

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“If Chris-san isn’t drinking, why should I force myself to drink this………”

“Hey no! at least the two of us will drink Esta! I mean, I spent money on this shit!”

Seeing these two force themselves to drink more, just so it wasn’t a waste of money, I decided to start eating my food in the meanwhile.

I did eat some of the poisoned meal back at that restaurant but, I was still so hungry that I needed to get food inside me before I could have this chat with them.

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    The two got drunk and chris couldnt get drunk the end. There now u dont have to read this chapter


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