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Null Poison Ch357

Covert Operations

We properly explained to Isabelle the events that led to us deciding to stay at her place, and while she was shocked at hearing that we were getting pursued by [Under Eye], we did reach a proper understanding with her.

Our biggest issue was finding a safe place to stay at, which had now been solved, but there’s still things we have to do within the three days we have before meeting Mielle again.


“Chris! So what’s next on our agenda? Or are we going to quietly stay inside for now?”


“No, in the next three days I want to gather as much info as we can. Although, not standing out remains very much our main objective.”

“But, isn’t your face already known Chris-san? You should leave info gathering to me and Ralf. It’d be safer.”

Like Esta said, me going out to gather info came with a lot of risk.

Well, but that’s why we went out of our way to get a place to stay at Isabelle’s house instead of a normal inn as well.

When you consider it that way, it’d be better if I stayed hidden inside the house and let these two gather info instead.

That’s the safest option but, this time I’m really thinking I should go out to gather info as well.

“No, all three of us will go. You two can continue as you had been in the past. I’ll take a slightly different approach instead.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“I planning to use my stealth skills and roam the streets of the city. I’m not planning to go to any informants and buy info, I’m planning to gain info from observing the city itself.”


“I see! I think that’s not a bad idea either. Chris-san’s stealth skills are really strong, plus this will also help you get a full layout of the city as well, so it’s a win win.”

“I don’t really get it but, well, if Esta says it’s a good idea, then it probably is!”

To be honest, it was a pretty risky move but both of them seemed to agree with my idea……….well Ralf’s just going with the flow in all honesty.


“alright then, let’s get some rest, and then go out separately and gather some info. I’ll leave getting info on [Under Eye] the normal way to both of you.”

“Please leave it to us. We’ll make sure to not stand out and gather as much info as we can.”

“Chris, you be careful to not get found as well okay!”

“Yeah, I won’t mess this up so don’t worry.”

With our plans for the next 3 days set, we quickly went to our rooms to get some much needed sleep.

The sun had fully risen but, we hadn’t really rested ever since we decided to rush to the capital last night and besides, it’d better for us to move in the darkness of the night anyway.

Spreading the bedsheet on the floor, something I hadn’t done in quite a while, I quickly fell asleep.




I woke approximately 5 hours from when I went to sleep.


The sky outside was already orange in colour, and the sun that had risen when I went to sleep had begun to set again.

Honestly speaking, part of me wanted to sleep a bit more but……..I forced my sluggish body to rise up and began to prepare to leave.

I checked inside their rooms but Ralf and Esta were nowhere to be seen meaning they had already left to gather info.

They should have been as tired as me but they were working extra hard for my sake which increased my level of gratitude towards them even more. I also put on a black robe to hide my face and then went out into the city.

Now then, where should I start?

If I wanted to gather info on [Under Eye], it’d best to head to the black market but, one of my goals was also to get a proper feel for the layout of the city as a whole as well.

Since I’d have to roam the entire city sooner or later, I decided to start with the west district where I already was for tonight.

I activated [Stealth][Silent Steps][Colour Change], and killed my presence as much as I could as I began to roam the streets.

Since I don’t know when and where these [Under Eye] members might attack me from, I activated my detection skills as well, and started to look around the west district while not attracting any attention to myself.

I had already seen the road between Isabelle’s home and the orphanage but, I also needed to explore the rest of the main residential area as well.


There were really no stores or anything here, and the orphanage was really the only odd building out. It seemed like the place was entirely dedicated to houses alone.

The people that passed by me were mostly returning from their day jobs, and while I saw a couple adventurers here and there, most of them looked like normal, upstanding adventurers rather than villainous ones.

The roads were well maintained, and things like dangerous back alleys were basically non-existent here……….I don’t think I’ll find anything of note in this district honestly.

After about an hour of exploration that was the conclusion I came to, that the west district of the capital was completely at peace.

I’ll spend just a little bit more time to fully learn the routes of this area, and then I should head to a different area.

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After another hour of exploration, I was completely done with learning the ins and outs of the west area.


There were no places that could count as suspicious here, and with my exploration done and yet having gained absolutely no worthwhile info, I really felt like I had wasted my time

But, I quickly reinvigorated myself and decided to head to a different area.

The area from the gate of this city in the south to the centre was quite prosperous, and the further north you went, while the number of people in the streets decreased, the number of well dressed people seemed to increase.

In the east of the city lay the black market so obviously, the public order was bad there, and so if I had to pick my next spot to explore, it’d have to be the central area.

But, I had spent enough time in the west area that now it was already quite dark outside.

For night, there were still quite a lot of people out in the streets, so it was a pretty good time for me to hide in the crowd under the dim lights, and explore the most dangerous area of them all, the east district.


I know heading to the central area would have been more efficient in terms of order but, I was going to pass straight through the main street and head right into the east district instead for tonight.

It was mostly instinct that made me make this decision but regardless, I made my way to the east district, the area where [Under Eye] had their base.

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