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Null Poison Ch362


The next day.

We continued to laze around until the sun set but, once the sun did start setting we began our preparations and outfitted ourselves to leave the house at any moment’s notice.

“It’s almost time to leave, you guys ready?”

“Of course I am! I am ready to go whenever!”

“I am as well. We’re even perfectly prepared to fight if the need arises.”


“Alright then, let’s head to the [Lemon Kid], shall we?”

With our preparations full complete, we headed out to the meeting spot, the place called [Lemon kid].


Outside, the city had begun to go quiet, and you could hear the chirps of some kind of bird.

We moved in the shadows to avoid standing out, and finally reached the jewellery shop the Mielle had shown us when we arrived to the capital.

Of course, the lights in the store were not on, and it was completely quiet like there was no one in here.

But, when I used [Mana Sense] and [Life Sense] to check, I could sense multiple readings from inside so they must have already reached here.

“Huh……..did we come early? We don’t even have the key so I guess we have to wait outside?”

“No, they are already inside, I can sense them. So it’s fine.”

“Eh, really, you can sense them?………Esta, can you sense them as well?”

“No, I don’t have the ability to sense them either. But, Chris-san’s detection skills have never failed us so he’s probably right.”

“Man, Chris you really are as good as Snow at this huh! I’m really jealous how you can get skills from monsters and such!”

“Oi, Ralf. Lower your volume. And quietly follow after me.”


I quickly quieted Ralf down who suddenly started talking loudly again, getting all excited over something random, and silently began walking up the stairs to the store we saw last time.

When I put my hand on the door knob, as expected, it wasn’t locked anymore and the door easily opened.


“Damn, it really is unlocked. I guess they are here.”

“I don’t know if it’s really Mielle and Charlotte but, I can tell that someone’s waiting inside in the inner reception room.”

From the level of mana, one of them has to be Mielle, but the other one I wasn’t too sure about.

It was more of a strong life presence so, it was probably that dumb knight, Gautier maybe…….

Well, I don’t actually remember what his presence looked like so I’ll have to confirm with my own eyes in the end.

While being cautious and being ready to counter in case we get attacked, as soon as I put my hand on the door and entered the room—–

From the interior of the room, right beside the entrance, someone suddenly launched a slash right at me.

The slash was intended to kill, and the spped at which the sword was swung down at me was not normal at all but, since I was already prepared for something like this before I even entered the room, I could easily handle this.

I bent my body over, crouching like I was about to jump, and before the attacker’s sword could reach me, I unleashed a foot swipe at him instead.


Due to my sudden low attacked, his sword completely changed direction before it could even reach my body, and in that time, I grabbed the hand of the attacker and slammed them into the ground to suppress them.

I grabbed the joint of his arm, and the moment I was about to cleanly break it in two, the man suddenly shouted in a loud voice.


“It’s my loss! My name is Gilmour, Royal Knights, Vice commander of the 3rd squad! I yield, so please let me go!”

“Quite the selfish demand for a guy that tried to attack me, I must say. I don’t even know if you really are the person you just claimed to be anyway, so sorry, but I’ll be breaking your arm.”

I already noticed that Mielle, and also Charlotte and Gautier were inside the room as well but, I was really irritated from getting attacked with genuine intent to kill, so as a threat—–

I pretended to actually get ready to break his arm when, Charlotte who was sitting on the sofa stood up and stopped me with an applause before speaking.

“Chris, I will apologise on his behalf for this rudeness, so won’t you let him go for now?”

“……..If you’re already here, at least say something before attempting to kill someone.”

“Well, we don’t know if it really is Chris and your group that’s entering so we can’t take risks. Just a precaution, I had tasked him to kill anyone who tries to enter the room.”

She really is an insane princess.

If I wasn’t ready, I really would have been killed by this vice commander of 3rd squad Gilmour guy.


“Looks like you haven’t lost your edge yet. Hahaha, my body’s getting all fired up to restart our little match from back then!”


“Uh, who are you again?”

“—–What!? Did you really forget my face……..? You have some nerve. Fine, I’ll make your body recall it the old fashioned way then!”

Gautier was sounding all cocky which pissed me off so I pretended to not remember who he was, only for him to become an even more of an annoyance and try to attack me.

Well, I didn’t get to vent my frustration out properly on that Gilmour guy so might as well use Gautier as my sandbag instead I guess.

I grabbed the sword of Gilmour’s hand, and readied my blade to clash with Gautier’s, but before they could meet, Charlotte interrupted us with her voice.

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“Gautier, that’s enough!………if you go on a rampage here, I really will show you no mercy.”

“M- My deepest apologies! Charlotte-sama!!”

All the anger he was showing me instantly vaporized, as he quickly and cleanly knelt his head to the ground as an apology to his princess.

I was taken aback a bit from the farce in front of me, but my irritation also blew away just from the stupidity of it all.

………I mean, I already knew they were inside this room from the start anyway. So let’s just stop wasting time and get to the main point at hand.

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