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Null Poison Ch366

Decisive Day

Reaching right in front of the black market, we hid nearby and waited for the knights to arrive.

The east street was mostly empty during the day, which made me relaxed knowing I didn’t need to be overly cautious for now. Helped keep my nerves cool as well.

“……..They’re here. A large group of people is coming this way.”

“Eh, where? I don’t see shit!”


“I just felt their presence, we’ll see them soon enough. Just wait a couple of minutes and they’ll be here.”

I properly explained to Ralf who began to look around trying to see the knights, and then further hid ourselves until the knights were in plain sight.


About 5 mins after I had sensed their presence.

As expected, with Alexandra at the helm of the group, we saw the royal knights squad walking towards the black market.

“ooh, that’s hell of a lot of knights! I wasn’t even thinking about it but, isn’t that close to like a hundred of them!?”

“I don’t know how many squads the Royal Knights have but, for just one squad to have this many is certainly a surprise. But, with numbers this big, there’ll be zero chances of being covert about it, and any kind of ambush is completely out of the window.”

“Won’t they just run away after seeing this many people? If they have already escaped by the time we reach them, all of this would have been for nothing.”

“Visibility won’t be a problem this time of the day so if we leave about half of the squad at the entrance to block any runaways, it should be impossible to escape. Of course, if they have a different route to escape on the other side of the capital, we’ll be completely out of luck.”

Since I did infiltrate into the black market just a while back I know but, the black market was at the edge of the east district, the only entrance and exit into the area was here as far as I know.

Even if they try to climb the spiked barricade like I did, if we have knights patrolling the area, they’ll be caught quickly, and furthermore without a skill like [Pain Inhibition] like I do, it’d be borderline impossible to climb the barricade safely in the first place.


“But man, if they escape out of the capital, won’t that be better for us?! It’ll mean that we’ll have less disturbances during the clash with Klaus!”

“That’s true as well I suppose. Personally speaking, I want to completely crush [under Eye] right here and now but, even if they were to run away, we’ll still be closer to our main objective of striking at Klaus…… then, let’s go and talk to Alexandra.”


I walked up towards the knight squad marching uniformly and stood in front of Alexandra.

Like Charlotte said, they had not told the squad any of the details until today and of course, they must not have been explained anything about me either as when we came out to stand in front of them, as if we were trying to stop them, the royal knights began to get noisy while staring at me.

Noticing that, Alexandra promptly raised her hand as hand, and made a fist as a signal——–and instantly, the knights went pin drop silent.

As expected of their commander, she does know how to lead a large squad alright.

“Chris-san, we’ll be in your care for today.”

“Likewise. I don’t want to suddenly order you guys around but……..I do have a suggestion. Mind listening?”

“Oi, don’t get cocky! The only one that can lead us royal knights is Alexan——“

“Bruce, shut up.”


Bruce who was standing behind her alongside Gilmour tried to come up front to flaunt but, Alexandra instantly shut him down with a glare filled with killing intent.

With a despondent look, he fell back again, although he did continue to glare at me while making sure that Alexandra didn’t notice.


……….I am starting to genuinely doubt if this guy’s actually supposed to be strong or not as everything he does or says screams ‘scrub’ and nothing more.

“I apologize on Bruce’s behalf. So, what is your suggestion?”

“I want half the squad to guard the entrance. Both to block the escape route and to reduce our own numbers, as it’d be a pain to lead this big of group inside.”

“I don’t mind that at all. That was my plan from the very start after all Chris-san.”

“Is that so? Then I suppose my advice was unnecessary.”

“No. with my position being what it is, it’s rare for people to openly give me advice. I don’t mind it one bit.”

Saying that, Alexandra gave me a curt bow as a show of thanks.

In my head, I had this extremely haughty and prideful image when it came to royal knights but Alexandra was unlike my imagination, and quite easy to talk to.

………well, the rest of the knights seemed to be much more like that as they all seemed to be quite irritated seeing me talk so casually with her.

“Then, let us rush inside and attack before they catch on to our plan. Mind if I ask you guys to lead the way until we reach [Under Eye]’s base, if you don’t mind?”


“As long as you are okay with it, I will but it’ll be a bit more difficult that you think?”



At first I didn’t understand why she said it’ll be ‘difficult’ but as soon as Alexandra stood in front of the guards at the entrance of the black market, I understood what she meant.

“I am the commander of the 3rd squad of the Royal knights, Alexandra. We have come because we have heard that [Under Eye] has a base within the area. Let us pass.”

“Yeah that ain’t gonna happen. Past here, is a lawless area. I don’t give a shit if it’s on the country’s order or whatnot but, that’s gonna be a no from me.”

“Still, I didn’t know the commander of the 3rd squad was a woman. Heee, how about it? Now that you nothing better to do, why not hang out to play with us instead. Trust me, we’ll make you feel real good.”

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Geha Geha. The men laughed in a vulgar manner as they began to encircle Alexandra.

I thought they’d have a bit more authority but as expected of people attached to the underworld, not even the royal knights got to enter without their permission.

From what Alexandra said before,………I guess we’re going to have to break through with force after all.

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