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Null Poison Ch370

A Crazy Organization

It’s not like I didn’t think that the enemies could use magic too but, I didn’t expect them to be this quick in dealing with it.

………or rather, it’s really only Milworc that caught me by surprise by being able to see through the pitch black darkness of [Black Mist] and avoid my ambush.

No wonder the rumours of him being more adept in battles than even Klaus had been going around.


Prudence turned out to be much more capable than I assumed as well, and while I was confident in being able to take them on by myself…………this might be a closer match up than originally expected.


I glared at Milworc who had easily dealt with my [Black Mist] but, his eyes, specifically his pupils, were completely unfocused and seemed to be staring into the distance instead of looking directly at me, which was quite unnerving to look at.

It wasn’t even that he was mocking me, I think he is genuinely completely insane but……..getting looked down upon by a psycho on drugs really got under my nerves.

“Like Milworc-san said, you really did survive the explosion huh.”

“HYA HYA HYA HYAH! Told ya, didn’t I!? ………he’s pretty damn fast as well. Ain’t no pushover, it seems eh?”

“I am quite interested in that smokescreen as well——–could you tell me what kind of variety that move belonged to?”

Without even looking at me, these two were having a chat with each other, after which Prudence suddenly threw a question at me.

As the rumours said, she is certainly beautiful but……..just like Milworc, there’s an eerie aura about her as well.

Her expression seemed to be completely frozen, and only her mouth seemed to come alive when she talked. It was more like looking at a sculpture talking instead.


“Well aren’t you guys quite easygoing, asking questions to a guy who’s come to kill you.”

“fufufufu, aren’t you the one that’s easygoing? This is our territory after all? More of our comrades are going to come running from behind, and it’s you who needs to be all worried.”


That’s the reason behind their relaxed attitude eh?

I could sense a bunch of presences heading towards us from the lower floors, so she was right in that I certainly didn’t have the time to be playing around.

But, I am also confident in being able to take these two down before their reinforcements can reach here, that’s all.

My ambush may have failed but, I just need to take them head on instead now.

My first aim will be——-the easier kill, Prudence.

“Prue, he’s about to attack!! But don’t go for the kill, and just endure for now,okay!?”

“I know. Leave it to me.”

[Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Physical Ability Boost][Ability Unleashed]


I activated my battle skills, and my enemies seemed to sense the change in atmosphere as well as Milworc quickly called out to Prudence to warn her.

………but, just because they can sense my attacks coming doesn’t mean they can deal with it.


As soon as I took my first step to lunge towards Prudence, I further activated [Leg Strength Enhancement] and [Gale].

She seemed to be wielding what seemed like a black whip but, like Milworc had ordered her, it was clear that she seemed to be entering a guarding stance instead.

I could tell that she was putting all her concentration in her eyes to just keep up with my accelerated speed.To make her get even more focused on my movements, I began to use the strange step moves that I stole from the [Under Eye] member that used shadow clones, but right at that moment—-

“Prue, that black thingy is coming again!”

Milworc shouted out another warning in a hoarse voice, but I still used [Black Mist] regardless.

Against enemies that have survived the black mist and know how it works, the effectiveness greatly decreases but, you just need a little bit more imagination to figure out even more new ways to use it.

And of course, just because Prudence knew how to deal with the [Black Mist] doesn’t mean she could instantly face it head on either.

To make sure to kill Prudence in a single strike, I laid out layer upon layers of different plans and strategies, and would use everything to go for the kill.


As soon as the room turned black, I activated [Silent Steps] and [Stealth] once again to disappear into the darkness, and then I circled to her left and slashed at her from the side.


Of course, there was a chance she could also see through and deal with it like Milworc but, from the looks of it, Prudence didn’t seem to know where I was at all.

Furthermore, due to me using [Black Mist] she was probably trying to use her wind magic to blow it away like she did last time, as I could tell that mana was gathering in her arms.

She was probably hoping to blow away the black mist, as well as launch an attack at me at the same time with the wind magic but——-that was the worst option you could have taken against me.

Prudence fired the magic in front of her, and just like last time, my [black mist] was instantly blown away but, I was already right beside her swinging the Vendettatein at her from the side.

[Strong Arm] and [Hard Hit] activated as well……….and my strike hit her directly at the back of her neck, and I swung down the sword right to her waist, ripping her apart into two.

She seemed to have also activated some kind of defensive magic as well but, against a strike from Vendettatein buffed with all my physical skills, no skill would have any chance and Prudence’s body fell to the ground as blood splashed and sprayed all over the room.

My eyes met with the dead Prudence’s eyes but, even in her last moment, her expression remained unchanging like before.

It was like she was monster rather than a human——the moment I thought that as I observed her body, Prudence’s face crumbled, like a mask shattering into pieces.

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The beautiful face seemed to have melted away, and underneath it was a completely burnt skin, and an ugly face, quite contrary to the one she seemed to have attached over it.

The guy who committed suicide instantly, Wood, Douglas Dyne, and now this Prudence.

It seemed that [Under Eye], much more so than even those from [The Maginicks], was a congregation of people who couldn’t find a home even in the underworld, and carried extremely dark pasts behind them.

Seeing Prudence’s real face revealed, and Milworc who seemed to be guffawing after seeing her corpse, I finally understood just what kind of twisted organization [Under Eye] really was.

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