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Null Poison Ch42


The day after I bought the Grimoire.

Today I skipped on hunting Cowbirds and instead went on a rare shopping trip as well as a visit to the church for my monthly assessment.

In the afternoon, I planned to help Esta practice magic as well. It was going to be a busy day indeed.

By the way, as for my status right after I faced the bear-like monster attack……



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 11(+12)

Strength: 6(+8)

Stamina: 7(+8)

Magic: 1

Agility: 4

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None


As you can see, the amount in the plus bracket have most certainly increased.

From here onwards, I plan to slowly consume all the dried Reizen grass and genpei mushrooms that I had brought from Peixa forest in the upcoming month.

Since I didn’t really get hit when fighting Cowbirds, I don’t actually feel how much of difference my body has had but I’m still excited to properly find it out.

Also from today, I plan to start consuming all the new types of plants that I had gathered as well.

Once I had confirmed just exactly how much growth the grass and mushroom has had on my body, I’ll return to the inn to consume all of the new plant species and see if I’ve found some that increase any other stats.

I was planning to head to get my assessment done again but…..

There’s only so much my stomach can hold even if I have the help of my secret weapon, Oblaat, it seems it’ll be difficult to consume all the types in just one day.

Quickly adding that stuff to my plans for tomorrow instead, I went around shopping in the time before the church opened. In a rare occasion, I went to the main streets instead.


My list mainly included, a new sword and armour.

I tend to take good care of my sword but, since it was a bargain bin purchase and I use it for literally everything including corpse processing and stuff, it lost its sharpness very quickly.

I still kept using it forcefully, but its finally time to replace it.

My armour as well is now permanently stained with blood and rusty, and its really about time I change considering the looks I get from other while walking around in it.

Leather armor doesn’t cost much so I’m not worried about the price there.

The sword on the other hand……..

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Just how high quality of a sword should I buy? I’ve been racking my brains in regards to that for the last couple of days.

The bargain bin sword I’ve been using was certainly not bad, so I feel like I’ll be okay with just buying another one like that but, thinking long term, buying a legit good sword and having it last for a really long time would be more cost effective.

Not to mention I need a good weapon for that bear-like monster I faced. You really don’t know when or where something strange might happen and so you need to be prepared.

Right now, I have the leeway with money so buying a good sword while I can seems like the right thing to do but, there’s also the fact that we’ll need to save money for Ralf’s treatment so maybe I should stick with cheap ones for now?

I couldn’t come with an answer while on the way to the weapon shop, and just decided that I’ll go with whatever suits me best on the spot.

First I went and rummaged through the ones left outside in a group with the board- “one for six silver”. 

The sword I was using uptil now was in here last time but this time I can’t seem to find anything that looks decent.

Still, I picked one that looked somewhat okay from them and kept it for now while I headed inside to check more.

From ones kept on a rack and ones that were grandly displayed in glass showcases, and even ones that didn’t even have a display and only a detailed information on a paper. There was every kind of sword inside.

Of course, not just swords; spears, hammers, bows, staffs, literally all kinds of weapons could be found here but I only really knew how to use a sword properly so I didn’t really have a good idea about other types of weapons.

After looking around, rather than go for pure quality, I think I’ll choose with cost performance in relative to quality after all.


I went around picking up a couple from the racks, checking the ones on showcase from every angle etc.

As for the ones that weren’t even on display and only had descriptions written, well, they were so expensive that  didn’t even bother with them.

After spending an hour on deliberations, the two on the racks that really caught my attention were, a thin rapier-like steel sword, and iron-made magic sword with a cross shaped hilt that had apparently had major effectiveness against undead enemies.

As for the ones in glass showcases, there was a bright red mithril sword made out of a dragon’s fang that was very enticing.

As for their prices, the thin rapier-esque one was the cheapest while the dragon blade was the costliest.

If we’re judging cost performance, the dragon blade feels like it could last a lifetime but………it’s price is a bit out of my current reach.

I felt some regret since that one felt like the obvious best choice, but I forced myself to choose among the remaining three.

The thin steel sword, the cross shaped iron sword and the bargain bin one I brought inside with myself.

After some deliberation……I finally decided on the thin steel sword.

Each of them had their own merits but considering my primary hunting target for some time are going to be those stray cowbirds, I felt the steel sword was the best choice.

While it was enticing to have a sword that could hurt undead, it would be nothing more than a normal iron sword outside of such fights so that was out first.

As for the slightly rusty bargain bi sword, the cost and labour required for keeping it sharp constantly was too much of a demerit at this point to stick with it.

Which of course left me with this steel sword. A steel sword should last a lot longer in my opinion.

After a long long time spent thinking about it, I finally purchased the steel sword and a sheathe for it for 4 gold coins.

After buying new leather armor as well, I quickly left the weapon shop having spent a way longer here than originally expected.

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