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Null Poison Ch44


“Now then, let’s begin our Magic practice okay?”

“yes. I’m in your care.”

“me too.”

“…….Why the hell are you here as well Ralf?”

“Cuz I’ve got nothing better to do?”

“——Then, I’ll teach Ralf in swordsmanship instead.”

“………Eh? Wait really?”

“If you really don’t want to be left behind then sure, though to be honest I don’t really want to but……..I suppose I can’t be selfish right now.”

“I never really received proper sword training so I’m genuinely grateful !”

After meeting up when I came back from my assessment at the church, we left Realzard and were currently in the grassy plains right outside the city.

Since practicing magic inside the city could lead to problems, we went to a place where she could let loose as much as she wanted.


“Umm, first of all being able to image it properly is the most important thing. Light up a candle, then while looking at it, trying turning your magical energy into fire as well——or so it says.”

“Imagine turning magical energy into fire was it? Understood. I’ll try my best.”

Esta lit a candle, and then put up her own left index finger beside the candle and tried to imagine her finger as a candle itself.

Her right hand was hung above the flame of the candle itself as apparently the heat will make her power of visualization stronger.

Looking at her made me want to try it as well but since I couldn’t even sense my magical energy, I knew it’d be useless.

Although from the assessment I know that I do have some mana in me, even if it was borderline insignificant.

“Alright, until Esta succeeds, let’s swing our swords together.”

“Yes! I’ll be in your care!…….Master!”

“I’m going to vomit if I hear that one more time so please stop.”

“But why? Aren’t you a bit too cruel to me specifically?”

I remembered seeing my father being called ‘master’ by disciples of the family, and all it did was that it sent shivers down my spine.

Can’t help it since all I have are bad memories of him.


Calming myself down, I began teaching Ralf some actual swordsmanship.

Ralf’s movements were smooth but since he didn’t know any of the basics, I began to drill those into him first and foremost.

He is a [Holy Knight] after all. Just being taught the basics will exponentially increase his strength.

While I continued to ruthlessly coach him…….I heard Esta’s voice from behind me.

“Chris-san! I did it!”

“Looking her way, I could certainly see a little fire burning on top of her finger.

It’s only been 30 mins but, is magic supposed to be this easy to learn?

Was Esta that talented or was this how it normally went? I had no idea but there’s nothing wrong with it I suppose.

“If you have learnt that then, let’s see what’s next, umm ‘practice firing that flame in a specific direction’—-it says.”

“Umm, sorry for maybe being presumptuous……. but can’t we just skip this and move straight to learning actual spells?”

“And skip the basics? If you think so Esta, then sure I don’t mind.”

“Right now, I think I have grasped the core of it so I should be fine.”

“Alright. Then, I’ll read out the magic spell written here for you so remember it properly.”


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As Esta asked, I read out the spell formula for using [Fire Ball] in the Grimoire.

From an amateur like mine’s point of view, it seems like gibberish at best but according to the grimoire this is the best way of activating magic spells apparently.

After reading out the spell formula for Esta, she closed her eyes and started muttering something to herself over and over again.

When I read it out I couldn’t feel a speck of magic around me but as Esta continues to mutter, I could feel mana slowly starting to gather and swirl in the palm of her hand.

“Call me when you’re done.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

Realizing that it won’t be long before Esta starts using magic properly, not just Ralf, even I felt a bit panicked.

At this pace, she’s gonna surpass me in no time as well.

Of course, including Ralf, for their sake I plan to spare no effort to make them stronger.

But…….to be surpassed, is something that what little pride I had left wouldn’t allow.

Feeling fired up and motivated so as to not get left behind in the dust by these two, while simultaneously teaching Ralf, I began swinging my sword as well so as to review, recall and re-sharpen my own sword skills.

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    Thanks for the chapter. Nothing like seeing a newcomer learning quickly to fire you up.


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