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Null Poison Ch46

Loud Frog

Stray Cowbird hunting and Magic & Sword practice.

And the occasional, plant gathering.

Speaking of plant gathering, I didn’t wander too far away from my base in the forest so I hadn’t run into that bear like monster again so far.

In the first place, in addition to hiding for a month, I have only encountered it once in two plant gathering trips to the Paixa forest, so I think the probability of encountering it is extremely low.

Anyway, while I continued leading pretty fulfilling days, in the meantime Esta had now mastered Arrow type magics after ball type ones.

From today, they would graduate from goblin hunting and finally challenge bronze quests. And just for today, I planned to go with them as an escort.

The request they had taken was to subjugate a group of Loud Frogs  that appeared in the Fields to the south-west.

Loud frogs didn’t just have, well, loud voices but were also pretty big in size themselves, and their main way of attacking was to use their high jumping ability to trample adventurers under their bodies.

Also, their skin had a mucous membrane with a slight poison that could cause pain or even numbness if touched.

If you look at them simply, they might not look that strong but a whole group of them was a lot more trouble, as you’d expect of a bronze quest.


“Are you two ready? Haven’t forgotten anything right?”

“Un, everything’s ok. Ralf, you haven’t forgotten the strategy either have you?”

“Y-yeah I think? I’ll deal with the frogs that come closer and you’ll shoot down the ones far away, simple—–right?”

“Good! Then let’s go!”

“……….he-hey, are you sure such a simple strategy will be okay? Saying it out loud just made me even more worried honestly.”

“You two, enough chatter. It’ll be fine so let’s go already. Haven’t got all day.”

“Chris you just don’t get what its like for people like us okay!?”

“Yeah yeah, hurry up already. Or I’ll leave to do something else instead.”

After preparing and checking the equipment and strategy, I whipped the two into speed and urged them to hurry and leave Realzard.

I too was a bit worried when I went on my first Hedro Slime hunt so it’s not like I don’t get them but there’s a limit to my patience.

Not only Esta has finally learned magic, Ralf had been diligently training everyday in swordsmanship and were those a lot more stronger than before.

They had stuck with Goblins until Esta learned Arrow-type magic, by her own request, but……even with the big handicap that is Ralf’s injury, I’m confident they’ve grown strong enough to defeat bronze rank monsters.

Not to mention, I’m accompanying them today as well so not matter how many mistakes they make, they won’t be in too much danger.

Urging the two to move, we finally headed towards the south-west fields.



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“Those are the fields mentioned in the request. And I can certainly see a couple loud frogs roaming around as well.”

“We are really going to fight something other than goblins………These aren’t even humanoid-shaped either.”

“You’ll be fine with Esta’s magic here. As practiced, don’t forget maintain the distance and hit them properly okay?”

“Yes, then we’ll begin.”

Ralf and Esta.

Walking side by side they inched closer to the fields and faced the Loud Frogs that had made these fields their turf.

I stood some distance and observed their fighting methods.

Now I have seen Esta use her magic but I have no idea whether she can actually use her magic in an actual battle properly or not.


From what I’ve heard, her magic was able to defeat goblins in a single hit so I’m not that worried though.

While looking forward to seeing monsters being hit by magic live, I waited silently for those two to reach within striking distance to the frogs.

One of the frogs noticed them approaching and had begun leaping and coming closer towards them.

Ralf pulled out his sword, and Esta put her hand out and waited for the right timing to fire her magic.

The first move was made by the Loud frog.

It pulled back on its oddly long hind legs to the max like a spring, and leaped high into the air, almost like it could fly.

The two had completely locked on to it after seeing the frogs leap, but in the meantime 2 more frogs approached from the front.

I had already decided to not speak up to help, but its obvious they’ll be in full panic the moment they notice them come closer so I quickly barked order to the two.

“Esta! Two more coming from the front as well! Leave the one that’s leaping towards you to Ralf and aim for those two instead!”

“——! Understood! [WindBall]!”

Turning around instantly at my words, Esta aimed at the 2 frogs and fired two WindBalls.

The balls looked a bit smaller than what I had seen from her in practice but that’s probably because she doesn’t want to cause damage to the fields.

The palm sized wind balls fire from both of her hands enveloped the wind on its way and flew straight towards the two frogs.

The weakness of Loud frogs was fire.

So FireBall would be the most effective move but she avoided it to avoid setting the entire Field on fire.

But that said, how much damage would these WindBalls do on the other hand?

The two frogs must deemed the windball impossible to dodge as it rushed at them with great speed and so instead curled up in defensive stance to reduce damage.

Esta’s wind ball finally hit their curled up bodies and——completely tore into and ripped through the Loud Frogs’ bodies.

The wind ball, now dark blackish in colour being enveloped in the blood and entrails of the Frogs, moved through and hit the ground and disappeared as if there was nothing there.

While looking at the miserable remains of the now dead and destroyed Loud Frog, I ended up showing a wry smile.

Surprised by the sheer power of magic, I, in turn, felt a bit of fear rise inside me.

This was just Elementary level magic and yet it has this much strength.

Esta’s my colleague so its fine but in the off chance I have to fight a magician, I’ll need to start coming up with ways to fight one right now. I felt so strongly.

“Loud Frogs, two down!”

“I’m done with mine here as well.”

Turning to Ralf’s side, here too, as expected the Loud Frog that had made that great leap was lying upside down, dead.

Looks like he aimed for the exact moment it was landing and slashed its stomach open with a single strike.

Maybe due to panic, the slash must have been a shoddy one as the blood spray had drenched Ralf’s body all over…….well a win’s a win.


I ended up helping them slightly but they were able to pretty easily take down 3 loud frogs in time at all. With this, their nervousness should also disappear and they should be able to go and finish the job as usual.

After quickly killing one frog that was approaching me, I continued watching their work from afar.

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