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Null Poison Ch52

The Royal Capital

Two hours passed since we started walking down this straight road.

Originally it felt like a long time, but while talking time passed surprisingly fast and the capital came in our sight before I knew it.

Just from a glance you could tell that it was incomparably bigger than Realzard, and the line for entry into the city was also far longer.

I had heard it was about 4 times bigger than Realzard but the huge number of people made it look even larger.

“This is my first time to the capital but it really is huge, isn’t it?”

“I know right? I was seriously nervous the first time I came here as well.”

“I’m surprised you two managed to find that Brad guy in this huge city.”

“Well, Esta did technically. Used the information broker didn’t you?”

“I did. Well first I had to find info about the broker, then I bought info on Brad from them. All possible because Chris-san gave us extra money to spend of course.”

“Smart as always…….So that means Esta, you know where the we can find the broker right? I wanna dig up some info on Klaus remember? Introduce me to him.”

“Of course I will. Once Ralf is left with Brad-san, we can go to the broker together.”

“——EH!? You won’t watch over me while I’m undergoing the surgery!?”

Ralf cried pathetically.

“And what would that change? Not like either me or Chris-san could actually help with the surgery. It’ll be a waste of time.”

“How heartless! At least stay nearby and cheer me on or something. Also, dude’s a fallen back alley doc you know?”


“…….Ralf, you really are weak minded aren’t you? With your kind of past you’d think that you too would be as gutsy as Esta but I guess not.”

“Because I’m cursed with failure!! Nothing I do ever goes right——ah but, recently thanks to Chris’ influence I’m not as constantly depressed at least, right?!”

“I’m not too sure about that. Especially when you were literally whining a second ago.”

“Alright fine! I’ll get it done by myself. You two can go gather your info or whatever.”

After a little bit of cajoling, we agreed on going to the broker after dropping Ralf for his treatment.

But the first priority is of course to meet this Brad. I’m excited to see what kind of person he is.

While praying that he didn’t die or something in the small time it took for us to gather money, we stood in the line for inspection for entering the city.


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“Body check complete, IDs look fine. Lastly, please show the contents of your bag.”

After almost an hour of standing in line, finally our turn came.

Having our inspection done, and showing our adventurer cards to the soldiers, we were safely able to enter the city.

The inspection was a lot stricter than Realzard’s and I would have definitely got caught if I had brought my poisonous plants. That’s how thorough their check was of our bags and stuff.

But having safely passed through, we crossed a giant gate and entered the capital proper.

I had been surprised by the cleanliness of the streets of Realzard, on the other hand what shocked me the most here was the sheer number of people and shops.

Even this was the outskirts of the district, it was crowded and full of lively shops with people going in and out constantly.

Diagonally across there was water fountain that looked more like waterfall and beyond it, in the distance, you could see a huge castle.

The place where the king of this country lives.

I never really thought about it but watching the giant royal castle really reminded you of his authority.

“Chris-san, are you okay? Let’s move on.”

“Ah, of course. Let’s go.”


Having been stunned still upon entering the city, Esta urged me to keep moving.

No time to get overwhelmed by sights. We have important things to do.

We began moving away from the flourishing and lively side and made our way to the less populated portion of the city.

After walking for a while, we reached a huge barricade built across the street.

Smelling the same scent as the back streets of realzard, I knew beyond the barricade was the black market of this city.

A complete contrast to the previous scene, an odd atmosphere could be felt from the place.


“That’s our destination I presume?”

“Yes. If you give that guy over there some money, he’ll let us through.”

Esta went up to the person standing in front of the barricade and handed him some money, albeit not a huge amount or anything.

Apparently that’s the toll fee to enter the place.

Entering the capital didn’t cost anything yet it did to go here.

I had heard it was place where poor people gather but it feels a bit different than that.

“Chris-san, let’s go. They’ll let us through now.”

And thus I followed Esta as we entered the black market.

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