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Null Poison Ch63

Immigration destination

Around 3 weeks had passed since Esta and Ralf returned back to Realzard.

The entirety of last week and last to last week, all I did was take on designated quests alongside Esta and finally raised my rank to Silver.

After that, I made sure that Esta could complete Bronze rank quests on her own, and then secluded myself inside the Peixa forest for a whole week.

Taking into account that our new place of living might not have easy access to ability raising poisonous plants, I began gathering as much as I could with Rizaf fruit as the main focus.

By the way, ever since that day the bear like monster attacked me, I have yet to even feel its presence in the forest again.

It’s an opponent that I can’t yet fully defeat but I made a vow to return to Peixa forest some time later just to hunt that specific monster down.

After making that resolve, I made my way back to Realzard.

Oh and as for the most crucial part of the issue which was Ralf’s leg……..

“Hey Chris, you’re finally back!”

As I made my way back with a big bag on my back, Ralf who had waiting in front of the Shangri-La hotel, noticed me and rushed towards me with greta speed.

As you could tell from just that, his injury was healing at a rapid pace, and even before I left for the forest he had already become able to start running around in short bursts.


“I’m back. You sure look energetic.”

“But of course. I mean look at me! I can run so fast, see? And I still feel no pain whatsoever!”

Doing quick side jumps repeatedly, Ralf spoke with a smile.

The cast around his knee was gone and while you could still see the old wound, the person in question seemed to be feeling no pain anymore.

I really am glad that it had healed properly but at the same time, he’s become even more annoying now.

“Well I’m happy for you. Now I need to go to the room so move.”

“Oi oi, so cold as always! C’mon let’s have a quick bout. My body will become dull if I don’t get some real exercise!”

“Tomorrow, we’ll do it tomorrow okay? I’m tired today, and not to mention now that you’re healed, we need to discuss about our new destination as well.”

“—!! Oh, so you’ve found a good place finally!? Well shit then let’s go back to the room quickly!”

Leaving me behind, Ralf ran back inside the [Shangri-la Hotel] with rapid speed.

Man, I liked him better when he was still injured. Only in terms of his movement I mean.

Watching him rush everything made me think of such rude thoughts.


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“Chris-san, welcome back, I just heard from Ralf but apparently you’ve decided on our new destination it seems?”

“ah yeah, I decided while I was still in the forest but, you know about one of three great cities [Norfast]?”

“EH!? We’ll be living in Norfast?”

“—-there’s a town nearby to that called [Oxter]. We’ll be moving there.”

“What the hell, so we’re not moving to actually Norfast ?”

“I’m already Silver rank but you two are still Bronze. You won’t get much work in one of the three great cities with that kind of qualification.”

“I don’t know, I think we’d manage. Well I mean sure there’d be a lot more high rank adventurers but similarly there should be a lot of low rank adventurers in a city that big as well no?”

“Perhaps but this suits us better. I’m the type that likes to keep my feet on the ground and progress slowly. Besides, it’d be easier to lay low in Oxter rather than a popular city.”


It’s easy to forget after spending three fairly peaceful weeks but I am a hunted man right now.

Judging by the lack of pursuers, I’m sure that Mielle successfully delivered my letter but I don’t know how long it’ll take before they find me out.

Until I get strong enough, I need to always make sure to not attract too much attention.

“Considering the thing with Chris-san’s brother, Oxter is certainly the better choice.”

“And once we do get stronger, it won’t take much effort to switch to Norfast later on anyway.”

“I have no objections. Not to mention, just like how Realzard was close to the Capital, living in Oxter which is close to Norfast really gives a similar vibe so I’m all for it!”

“No objection here either. Will be fun to start afresh in Oxter.”

“Then we’ll go with that.”

And thus, our new base of operations was decided.

We plan to depart by the end of the week.

In the meantime, we’ll give our farewells to our acquaintances, as well as prepare for the long walk to Oxter as well.

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