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Kuro no Maou Chapter 141

All aboard the despair train!

Read Chapter 141

Sometimes I feel that this novel really is too underrated.

EDIT: Just realized that comments aren’t showing on the last two chapter pages and I have no idea why! If anyone knows where the problem may be, do tell me.

Comment problem fixed. Pages have the comment box once again! WordPress can be so buggy at times -_-

9 responses to “Kuro no Maou Chapter 141”

  1. Lily is really really really scary. If I met someone like her in real life, I’d run as fast as possible in the other direction lol. Thanks for translating the chapter :3


  2. Well, you never know with this series. She might just want to have a friendly chat with Kurono and Lily. You know, talking about blood, death and dismemberment; and kittens.

    Anyway, let’s not forget the fight with Sariel. Kurono was able to inflict a wound on her that was able to corrupt her body, which she felt necessary to deal with by piercing her own hand to remove the infected part.

    Then there is Lily, who made Sariel get serious and defend herself with all her power (I’m assuming), and that was just a distraction on Lily’s part so she could grab Kurono and escape.

    Now they also have Fiona who, if she doesn’t hold back, can probably even break through an Apostole’s shield spells (though I doubt she’d be able to actually defeat one on her own).

    While I don’t expect them to be able to kill Ai, I’m hoping they’ll at least defeat her and make her run away back to where Sariel is. And I’m hoping she’ll lose a couple limbs, has a few organs crushed, missing an eye and all her hair burnt off. Wiith a nicely burned red, and occasional scorched black, skin for good measure.

    In my opinion this straight-out-of-a-horror-movie look is quite fitting for the Apostoles. Really reflects their true self of a monster.

    That’s also how you make an enemy for life. Right now Ai is just playing around, but after all that she’d be thinking of nothing but revenge. Going out of her way to hurt Kurono in any way possible (so even more dark moments in the story).


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