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Kuro no Maou Chapter 202

ughh I’m getting more lazy :P. But I made it somehow.

Read Chapter 202

Cliffhangers won’t stop for the next few chapters, my speed only seems to be falling, Void stopped translating Xian Ni………….these are some bad days….

Kuro no Maou Chapter 201

Sorry for not updating yesterday but my PC has been acting very bad for the past few days, crashing, hanging way too many times which led to me losing some parts of translations a few times. AND IT”S FCKING IRRITATING WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! I almost cried. I still don’t have enough money to buy myself a good new PC yet so I tried and somehow was able to get it back working again. So much pain!! My head is still aching due to it -_-

Anyway, enough of my griping. Here’s the new chapter

It’s a small chapter but you’ll have to bear with it.

Kuro no Maou Chapter 198

Well, the novel is coming back to where it truly belongs! Despair!!! Btw Volume 13 began with the 191st Chapter and the volume name is Roar of the Red Rage!!

Also, I haven’t properly updated the index since the previous few chapters were done by ET so…bare with me! XP

Anyway, read Chapter 198


Kuro no Maou Chapter 186

Lily’s yandere tendencies are a bit too…….realistic XD. If there’s something like a sane yandere, Lily would make a perfect example for it.

Anyway, Read Chapter 186

Kuro no Maou Chapter 185

Backstories, Lore, Kurono’s black hole level of denseness, and my usual irritation with the fact that I always end up using ‘he’ for Simon even when in Kurono’s perspective. Maaan, it took me time to change them back to ‘she’ all over the chapter……..Do ignore if its still ‘he’ somewhere.

Read Chapter 185

Kuro no Maou Chapter 184

wooow, rich girls……………nothing else……..

Read Chapter 184

I should go play MGSV. Too bored……

Oh btw, if anyone likes mecha, they should read Knights of Sidonia manga. It’s finally completed now! It’s a pretty great experience. There are 2 anime seasons as well.

Kuro no Maou Chapter 183

And so the series of small, uneventful chapters continues…………..C’mon author, make something happen!

Read Chapter 183

Kuro no Maou Chapter 182

Another small, uneventful chapter…………..I feel lazy just translating this XP

Read Chapter 182

Kuro no Maou Chapter 181

Well, another chill humorous chapter. I wonder why these chapters seem so lacklustre in this novel when most of the other WNs are basically full of such chapters only?? I guess I’ve gotten to used to all the despair, angst, and tension filled fights this novel usually has…….

Anyway, Read Chapter 181


Kuro no Maou Chapter 180

New, small chapter……..nothing really worth mentioning …zzzzzzz

Read Chapter 180

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