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Kuro no Maou Chapter 161

I promised and I deliver! (It’s a fcking miracle!!!) Anyway it’s a really small chapter with some Fiona’s inner thoughts and stuff. Enjoy!

Also since I saw a lot of people making Mushoku Tensei references I feel that you should be aware that Kuro no Maou started almost 1.5 years EARLIER THAN MUSHOKU TENSEI. KnM was already on its 17th WN volume when MT started so you guys are getting your order wrong! XD Really KnM is one of the older WNs (Log Horizon, slave harem in another world dungeon are a few others) on syosetsuka ni narou that are still going on now that SAO, mahouka, DanMachi, etc have been removed from there.

Anyway, Read Chapter 161


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