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Kuro no Maou Chapter 185

Backstories, Lore, Kurono’s black hole level of denseness, and my usual irritation with the fact that I always end up using ‘he’ for Simon even when in Kurono’s perspective. Maaan, it took me time to change them back to ‘she’ all over the chapter……..Do ignore if its still ‘he’ somewhere.

Read Chapter 185


3 responses to “Kuro no Maou Chapter 185”

  1. Your comment reminded me of a male friend with girly face. When he’s on cashier, apparently the attendant was confused about his gender and inadvertly said “mba…sss..” which is a mix of Indonesian words “mbak” which means “miss” and “mas” which means “mister” :))

    He’s a genuine guy and pissed that people often mistake his gender though xD

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