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Kuro no Maou Chapter 201

Sorry for not updating yesterday but my PC has been acting very bad for the past few days, crashing, hanging way too many times which led to me losing some parts of translations a few times. AND IT”S FCKING IRRITATING WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! I almost cried. I still don’t have enough money to buy myself a good new PC yet so I tried and somehow was able to get it back working again. So much pain!! My head is still aching due to it -_-

Anyway, enough of my griping. Here’s the new chapter

It’s a small chapter but you’ll have to bear with it.

4 responses to “Kuro no Maou Chapter 201”

  1. Reblogged this on EnTruce Translations and commented:
    So did you got rid of your boner…oops, I meant danger of hanging on cliff. For some people that too is arousing,why? Those people just…….make me want to not be sadistic.


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