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AkuMana Ch10

Waste of Effort

(After walking through the corridor, I’ve mostly figured out the reason behind my current situation.)

The classes that the heroine could get transferred to, was limited to just 4 according to the game’s scenario, and you basically got to pick which one you’ll get.

But, the total number of classes in this academy was 5. The last remaining class was left out of the game’s scenario because it had no role in the story of the game.


As per the setting, Leonardo was [enrolled in the academy however, due to his genius brain, had no real use for coming to school and was given an exemption and freedom to attend classes whenever he wanted to]. But he would still need to be assigned to one of the classes, and as it turned out, it was actually the fifth unmentioned class.


As for Francesca, she had not chosen any of the four families during the usual tutorial section.

So naturally, in such a case she automatically got assigned to the fifth [unmentioned class in the scenario] by process of elimination.

(I wonder if in the future the story of the game would have shown Leonardo to start attending classes as well. For that reason, the writers must have left this fifth class open as a loop hole……! Bwaaah……..)

She covered her face with both her hands and lamented the situation. As for Leonardo, he continued to find enjoyment from observing Francesca as her face changed colour and expression with every passing minute.

“By the way, during your introduction to the class, you named yourself [Francesca Amelia Trovato], and didn’t use Calvino as your surname, right? Are you really trying to hide your real family name?”

“……….why ask if you already guessed it? That’s right, Trovato, is my mama’s surname.”

She had pleaded her father, and even asked her deceased mother’s family to help her, just so she could go to the academy under her name.

Francesca’s mother was the daughter of a Count of a different country. And so on paper, Francesca was treated as a transfer student.

“How surprising, that’s seems like a lot of unnecessary work.”

“unnecessary, you say?”

“if you really want to hide your real heritage and attend school secretly, you shouldn’t have come to attend the academy in the royal capital in the first place. You could have chosen a school in a different city, if not a different country, and fully enjoyed your [peaceful life] that you so dearly long for, right?”


(And whose fault do you think it is that I didn’t!?)

She cursed him inside her head, but she didn’t say it out loud. What Leonardo had said did make sense, that is of course, if you didn’t know of Francesca’s secret.

(………..You will bring mayhem and cause incident after incident right here in this academy and the royal capital.)


Francesca simply continued to stare at Leonardo.


([Leonardo’s] scheme would become something that will drag all big 5 families into it, and become a huge problem that would shake the entire capital. According to the game’s story, of course the incident is resolved in the end but………as per the scenario, that only happens through the harsh struggles and efforts of the [Protagonist Francesca] and her comrades.)

If ‘Francesca’ had now chose to not get involved in this, she had no idea how the story would warp from here onwards.

Since she couldn’t predict the future, she couldn’t make the choice to completely abandon it all either.

Having made the decision to hide her skill, as well as ignore the main story, Francesca still felt the responsibility of having twisted the original story for her own selfishness.

(I can only pray that I don’t have to get involved with the main story and can live peacefully………But, originally these incidents should have been solved by me as the main heroine, so I can’t completely ignore it either. It is because if my own selfishness that I have distorted the original story that was guaranteed to get a happy end after all.)


She once again recalled the words of her grandfather from her past life.


(——-Real Villains must not drag innocent bystanders into their schemes.)

She truly lived by that ideal, which is why she chose to transfer to this school in the second year just like the original story.

Even though she would have really liked to have experienced joining the academy as a first year as well.

But, the longer she spends time at school, the more likely it was for her to come into contact with the people of other families.

(Being the main setting for the game and its events, this place is a lot more dangerous than you’d think.)

Francesca once again glanced at the root of her problems. Leonardo caught her gaze but didn’t seem to say anything.

(All of my resolve, would become instantly useless if Leonardo suddenly decided to change his mind though…….)

Thinking that, her expression as she stared at the handsome man in front of her started to become more and more grim.

Seeing Francesca’s brow furrowed in an uncute fashion, Leonardo looked at her with great interest.


“……….Do you hate me? Francesca.”


His smile looked somewhat lonely, and childish.


To his question, Francesca replied timidly with a question of her own.

“…………….I can’t seem to remember but has there been any point at which I would come to think favourably of Aldini-san, since the moment we met………?”

“Hahahahahah! You got me there.”

“It’s not a laughing matter!”

But, Leonardo was blessed with great looks. It wouldn’t be a surprise if his tyrannical actions were often overlooked by people just because of his looks.

Speaking of, even her classmates that were playing the game would sometimes say things like [I wouldn’t mind getting killed by Leoonardo], with a deadly serious face.

After laughing for some time, Leonardo came close and looked down at Francesca’s face.

“If you really don’t want to marry me that much, you really should kill me, no?”

“……….You’re saying that again.”

Francesca sighed, and then grabbed Leonardo’s necktie.

And then pulled his face near her own.


“Let me say this clearly.”

Leonardo’s moon-like golden eyes were shining.

It was almost as if they had a light of their own, and gave his eyes this luminescent look, even though she knew that that was not possible.

Looking directly into these full moon-esque eyes, she declared.

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“I will probably never make any of your wishes come true.——-I hope you don’t forget that.”


When she did, Leonardo simply narrowed his eyes, and then happily smiled for some reason.

“Even this side of you is genuinely cute.”

“………Y-you simply refuse to listen to me huh!……..”

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