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AkuMana Ch13

The Mastermind Fiancé and His Goals

One of the skills that Graziano had was full body strengthening.

His attack, defence, and even his speed were magnified through this buff. In the game world, it was a vital skill that gave him high firepower, pre-emptive attacks, and a health pool that wouldn’t go down even after many turns.

In the real world, it allowed him to fight even armed opponents with his bare hands, and gave him physical ability so high that it actually allowed him to dodge even bullets fired at him.

“Young miss. It’s over.”


Graziano, while dragging the two unconscious men by the scruff of their neck, came back to her.

It was like watching a feline predator come back with his brand new prey in his mouth to show off.


“Any injuries? You okay?”

“Did you forget who I am? Of course I’m uninjured. As if I would get hurt against scrubs like these.”

“You’re right. I know. Still, thank you as always, Graziano.”


As Francesca gave her thanks, even Graziano who usually had a listless expression, showed a more proud smile.


Still smiling, which was a rare occurrence on its own, Graziano  continued to speak.

“Well, it’s not a bad feeling to have you worry for me either so I’ll let it slide.”

Well, it was obvious she’d always worry for him though.

After all, Graziano, before being her caretaker, was basically like her younger brother. Even if he does possess some strong skills, there was no guarantee of what might happen after all.

“For the time being, let’s put these people inside the carriage and take them home shall we………”

“Sure, but in that case we’ll have to walk back home instead. If I someone found out that I let the young miss travel inside the same carriage as the people who were aiming for your life, I’ll get thrashed to death by the Family head.”


While having such a chat, they made the carriage driver help them to imprison the assailants inside the carriage. After putting a lock on the doors of the carriage and making it a makeshift prison, they made the carriage go on ahead to their home.

“Now then, although it’s a pain, let’s walk back home shall we?”


“Wait Graziano. If we have to walk, might as well take a detour and buy some crepes to eat on the way as well.”

“Ah, sure. Your treat.”

“What do you mean? We both get the same amount of allowance! We’re splitting the bill equally okay!”

While chatting, she began to walk back with her younger brother.

The protagonist of the game struggled to reduce the distance between her and Graziano and was always treated quite coldly by him. And Graziano would even sigh or curse whenever he saw the protagonist so until you deepened your bond level with him, things were always quite awkward.

(Even the pre-destined relationships according to the game’s scenario get changed by my actions greatly. Of course, I’m well aware of that seeing both Papa and Graziano but still……..)

Even so, she secretly sighed to herself.

(To think even that Leonardo would change his attitude so greatly.)

Recalling the events from yesterday and today, it made her head hurt.

After their chat behind the school building, Leonardo never came back to the class. To be honest, some of her classmates seemed kind of happy and relieved that he didn’t come back.

(In the game, Leonardo was [Francesca’s] enemy. He held a much more direct animosity and killing intent towards her as it is slowly revealed more and more as the scenario progresses.)


In the game, Leonardo openly declared this to her.

[One day, I will most certainly kill you Francesca.]


But the things Leonardo said to her now were basically the exact opposite of that.

(It’s all become twisted……..the things and events that happened in the past that led to Leonardo becoming the person he was, we got some glimpses of those in the main scenario but……..)

It was not something Leonardo directly told the player.

As the player would go about completing events to solve the incidents being caused by Leonardo, various other characters would slowly reveal bits and pieces of the story to you.

This country was controlled from the shadows by what is now known as the [5 great families].

But until 7 years ago, back when Leonardo and Francesca were still 10yrs old, there were actually 6 major powers that existed.

And the one family that had disappeared was one that had put up a fierce resistance against Leonardo’s Aldini family.

(Back when Leonardo was only 10yrs old, he had been abducted by the rival family once. In that incident, there were actually 3 victims. Leonardo’s father, his older brother were also kidnapped……….meaning, the head of the family, and the heir to the family were attacked as well.)

And at the end of that incident, Leonardo ended up as the heir to the family. Because the family head, his father and his brother were both killed by the rival family and only he survived alone.


And the explanation was, that [the second son, Leonardo, to take control of the family had planned the deaths of his father and brother since he was a child] or so it was told.

(——of course, that was simply speculation from the character in the game that told this story to the player.)

Recalling the screen of the game, Francesca cast her eyes downwards.

[That kidnapping was all planned by Leonardo. To become the next head, he joined forces with the rival family, and had the obstacles, his father and older brother, killed.]

[Once they had killed his father and brother, Leonardo showed his true nature. And then proceeded to annihilate the rival family as a means to silence them.]

By the hands of a mere 10yr old child, an entire powerful family was massacred.

The 6 great families became the 5 as we know them today.

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[Leonardo’s aim was to become the head of the Aldini family.]

That character telling the story clearly said.

[——–in the end, Leonardo will come for the other families as well and after killing them all, he wants to become the true king in the shadows.]

The 5 great families served the king from the shadows and were deeply involved in both the matters of the royal family as well as the politics of the country.


If he were to become the sole person to have so much power, it was true in saying that he would be the real king that controls the country from the darkness.

In the game Leonardo would soon antagonize all the remaining families as well.

And that all would have begun with the now failed kidnapping yesterday.

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