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AkuMana Ch14

Resolve Towards the Mastermind Fiancé

(By the time I was alive, only the first 5 Chapters of the main story had been completed.)

According to the live stream from the company that made the game, the main story was supposed to be completed with 7 Chapters. Which meant that Francesca only knew the story to a certain point, and not all of it.

(I have no idea what happens after Chapter 5 plus, it’s not actually clear if Leonardo really had his father and older brother killed or not either……….and there’s even more things that I don’t know as well…..)


She was talking about Leonardo’s skills.

(Within the main scenario, they had only showed one of his skills. I’m curious about what his other 2 skills are.)


To stop the incidents that Leonardo will cause in the future, she knew that skills will be vital to it all.

(………..and even the one skill I do know of is a bit too simple and straight forward for the guy known as the [Highest Rank Villain] and the [Strongest and Worst Enemy]………)

It might be too dangerous to take everything she knew from the game’s scenario at face value.

She couldn’t help but feel this way because after having met Leonardo directly upfront in this world, she felt that he seemed like the abyss itself. His true motives seemed to be hidden deep beyond the reach of anyone.

“Speaking of, young miss.”

“Wha! Wh, what? Graziano?”

While walking and eating his crepe, Graziano spoke up to talk to Francesca.

“Continuing the topic from before, you said that the Aldini-family’s head was in the same class as you right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. When I entered the class, he was already there. Just seeing his face sent me in despair………)

“Eh? But young miss, have you even met the Aldini family head before today?”



Francesca suddenly froze, and then faked a smile.

“………I haven’t, but I have seen a portrait of his before! I mean, he still is technically my fiancé that too from the day I was born after all right!?”

“……..?Well, I mean, yeah. But be careful okay. There are rumours of that man being a complete philanderer. Even us first years have heard of such rumours.”


She was relieved that she had been able to gloss over the truth. She had not told anyone about getting kidnapped by Leonardo yesterday after all.

Leonardo’s first objective was to hurt the relations between the 5 great families, and break the equilibrium maintained between them.

Which is why in the game he had aimed for the [sole daughter of the Calvino family that had been raised away from the underworld].

And the protagonist of the game would then, to defeat Leonardo, meet and deepen bonds with the members of the different families in every chapter.

To make sure these events don’t happen, she had chosen to hide the kidnapping incidents that happened yesterday.

“If you really want to cancel your engagement with Aldini, you can always ask your father to do so at any moment young miss.”


Still expressionless as always, but with a bit more intensity in his eyes, Graziano spoke so emphatically.


“——-……..If you do so, we’ll all do our best to grant you your freedom, even if we have to kill Aldini for it.”


He was completely serious. Francesca’s smile froze and awkwardly tried to feign happiness.

“……….yaay, how reliable……..”

She said that but inside, she was sweating bullets.

(——It’s because Papa and Graziano are like this!! That’s why I had to try and [convince Leonardo and achieve a engagement annulment through mutual consent] and had no other choice!!!)

If Francesca proclaimed that she didn’t want to marry him, and Leonardo disagreed with breaking their engagement off, it would almost certainly result in an violent outbreak between the two families.

To avoid that, she needed Leonardo to agree to calling it off as well.

(I wonder if he’ll come to the academy tomorrow as well. Leonardo.)

While stuffing her cheeks with the delicious strawberry and cream crepes, Francesca wondered.

(………I don’t want to interact with him too much but, I should at least try one more time to try and get him to break our engagement off……….if we can meet at the academy so easily, it’d be a waste to not use this opportunity.)

In the game, he was an elusive villain that stayed in the shadows.


Other than resolving for death and barging into the Aldini mansion, there was no way to meet Leonardo in the game and you had to wait for him to come and interact with you instead.

(ugh…….! Yes, we must talk. For the sake of getting him to break our engagement, I must talk to him a bit more…….!!)


Swearing to herself, her eyes shone with resolve while her jaw moved to chomping down on the remaining crepe.

(I will not stop! My one true goal of living a normal peaceful life!! While Leonardo is still oddly interested in me and we can peacefully talk………!!)

“Young miss, your mouth looks like a complete mess………..Ahh, dear me………”


The next day, Francesca had come to class earlier than anyone, yet there was the lone figure of Leonardo already in class.

She didn’t think he’d come to class so early in the morning. But, if she can talk to him while there’s no one else in class, there was nothing more luckier than that.

Francesca quickly looked around the corridors to check for people, and then called his family name to talk to him.

“Good morning! Umm, Aldini-san!”


Seated at the very back of the class in the furthest corner, leaning completely on his desk and his head resting on his chin, Leonardo looked towards her with extremely sleepy eyes.


She felt a little uncomfortable from his atmosphere, but Francesca quickly headed towards him regardless.

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“Umm, if you don’t mind I wanted to talk about the thing with our engagement again but………”


“——–Sorry but”

Leonardo lifted his body up, and gave a teasing, evilish smirk.

His eyes looked gloomy, and a quiet bloodlust could be left in them.

“I happen to be in a really bad mood today.”


While she still stood there blinking, Francesca’s wrist got grabbed suddenly.

“That’s why..”


She was pulled, directly towards him, and almost crashed into him. But having stopped herself somehow before that, Francesca saw his golden eyes stare directly at her from a very close proximity.

“You shouldn’t come too close to me today. Do you understand? My cute Francesca?”

(Wha…….wha, wha, wha……….)

Leonardo’s finger caressed Francesca’s cheek.

“……….before I get the urge to kill you, you should disappear from my sights.”

(……….some kind of strange event has suddenly begun…….!?!!)

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