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AkuMana Ch18

Being Together Alone is a Problem

In no time at all, a month had already passed since Francesca had transferred into the academy.

Both the physical examination as well as the first proficiency test for the second-years had been completed, and it was now the first week of May.

While early mornings and evenings still had a bit of an overcast weather, the days themselves were warm and sunny.

The summer winds that made the fresh green tree leaves rustle, blew in from the open windows and swayed the white curtains of the library. Sat at a desk, Francesca stifled a yawn as she continued to write with her feathered pen.


(Even thought I studying for my tests, if I let my guard down, I’ll start getting all sleepy again…….Although thanks to a certain someone, I can’t seem to let go of a certain level of nervousness either……..)

While thinking that, she gave a quick glance to the seat beside her own. And it just so happened, that that person’s eyes met directly with her own.



“Hm, what is it? Francesca?”

“What do you mean, ‘what?’”

She stopped her pen, and turned to look at that man once again.

“………I can’t calm down if you keep staring directly at me……..”


Laying down flat on the desk with his head resting on his arms, Leonardo simply continued to stare directly at Francesca.

“I can’t help it, can I? Your serious studious face is simply so cute, that I can’t seem to take my eyes off you.”

“Yes, yes. I get all that but before someone sees us like this and makes me stand out even more, can you please go away already.”

“Even the way you talk to me like that, makes you look cute.”

Giving his usual light flattery as always, Leonardo squinted his eyes.

“Your long rosy red hair and your long eyelashes both seem to be glittering under the sunlight……..and every time you blink, your clear blue eyes seem to look even more beautiful than before.”

(Well yeah, I know I have the looks of a game heroine after all.)


Francesca didn’t care much for all that. And besides, if we’re talking about outward appearances alone, it was Leonardo whose beauty was basically in a completely different dimension of his own.


Even when he lay lazily like that, his luscious black hair looked elegant, on top of his porcelain like skin. And his golden eyes seemed to have a light of their own as they shone like the moon itself.

His gaze always had this cool and refreshing feel to it, and his eyelashes, both top and bottom ones, were long. It wasn’t just his eyes that were pretty, but even the shape of his nose, his lips, everything about his looks was basically as perfect as they could be.

And a man with such looks was currently lying on the desk beside her, with his two top buttons of his shirt open, and his necktie loosened.

Needless to say, this defenceless and languid figure was very alluring to look at. If the girls constantly vying for Leonardo saw him like this, they’d be screaming in joy.

But the reason why Francesca was troubled by Leonardo was not because he made her heart flutter or anything like that.


(……….If someone saw us like this, I will definitely have the entire students body talking about me…….!!)

There was obviously no way to avoid being conspicuous while being with a man like this.


Thankfully, this academy had multiple libraries. Among those, this one had the most meagre collection of books, and was mostly used as a room for self study so it was empty right now as the lunch break was going on.

That said, she simply got lucky this time.

The moment they were noticed by anyone like this, it’ll become the topic of rumours for the entire school in no time.

“If people found out that I was spending my lunch breaks alone with you Leonardo, all the women in the school would become my enemies……..”

“Hm? Don’t worry. You are more precious to me than any woman in the entire world.”


Francesca frowned, and grabbed Leonardo’s arm that was stretching towards her hair and held it in place.

“Are you sure it’s fine to waste your time everyday like this?”

“Why would it not be?”

“How about you study? You sleep through all the classes as well, and that is when you actually bother to attend the classes at all. You skip most of them anyway.”


Francesca was of course doing some self study here because after seeing the results of the proficiency test that took place last week, she definitely panicked a bit.

Although she had achieved enough marks as she had been aiming for, there were still a lot of question she had found very difficult.

When she had decided to transfer to this academy, the head of the Calvino family, her father, had told her so with a serious look.


[You have been taught very well by your home tutor so you possess enough ability to get 90+ points in every test. In the off chance your grades do fall, you don’t need to worry or be ashamed. Because it must mean that it is the academy’s fault for failing to help you grow, and disrupting your excellence.]

[Pa, Papa…….!?]

The beautiful man she called father, spoke so with no hesitation.

[——-An academy like that, I would get rid of it instantly.]

[STOP PAPA!! Calm down, okay!? I’ll work hard to study at the academy as well alright!!]

Gripping her feathered pen tightly, Francesca recalled such a conversation with a distant look.

(I need to continue to score high marks, or this academy really might be in danger……..)

It just so happened that the fate of all students in this academy rested on Francesca’s own results. Thinking of that, she knew she couldn’t take it easily at any point.

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“Aren’t this academy’s tests really tough? So I was wondering if Leonardo was doing okay or not.”



When she said that, Leonardo finally raised his body from the table.

She thought he was going to stand up to leave but instead, he leaned towards Francesca and slid towards her a paper note with a numerical formula written on it and then tapped his finger on it.

“……..this one.”

“Eh? What?”

“The formula you are using isn’t correct. Use this one instead. You’ll get the answer instantly.”

When he said that, her eyes widened with surprise.

“Also, didn’t use that formula four questions ago? Use that one here instead and………”


Seeing the answers derived so easily, Francesca could only stare in shock.

“……….you’re correct……”

“You’re not very good with trick questions, are you? Although that’s kind of cute in its own way though.”

Leonardo was only trying to look frivolous.

Probably, he wanted to show off how he was able to solve all these questions even without listening to the school’s lessons.


But, seeing him so adeptly solve these problems, Francesca eyes were earnestly shining with admiration.

“Leonardo, you’re amazing!”


“I actually made a similar mistake in the last test as well. But, next time, I’ll definitely get it correct now I think!”

Genuinely happy, she smiled brightly as she told him so.

“Thank you so much for teaching me!”


His golden eyes simply continued to stare at her face.


And then suddenly, Leonardo’s index finger was held up in front of Francesca’s lips.




In the corridor right outside the library, a bunch of school girls walking close by, laughing and talking could be heard.

“Hey did you really see Leonardo-senpai in this side of the school?”

“Yeah I thought so. But, maybe I was just seeing things?”



As she quickly held her tongue in a panic, Leonardo couldn’t help but snicker in amusement from seeing her like this.

“Good good……….you don’t want to be seen like this right, so be a good girl and stay silent.”


Faced with his soft smile, even she couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

(………well, at least he’s actually trying to make sure that we don’t get seen by ourselves either I guess……..)

Realizing that this was his way of being considerate, she was a bit surprised.

(Wait no no no! The fact that I am spending the lunch breaks away from my classmates and have Leonardo sticking to me in class as well, are still not things I want to happen though!?!)

Meaning, the main reason why Francesca still didn’t have a single friend in school even after a month was also the man gently smiling at her right now.

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