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AkuMana Ch19

Have I Captured Him Already?

(I have neither made any friends nor have I succeeded in getting my engagement called off, and now it’s already May. This month is when the First Chapter of the main story of the game begins.)

In the tutorial Chapter that Francesca completely skipped, they also had lessons about raising the skills of the characters you have gained as well as mini games that acted as an ability measurement.

Once all the explanations are done, the calendar turns to may, and finally the game’s main story begins in its earnest.


(As someone who didn’t meet anyone during the tutorial, I don’t have anyone whose skills I’d need to raise so it’s all fine right now! I haven’t gotten dragged into some great plot involving the entire underworld, and neither have I suddenly become close with nobles of other families. Yup, so at least that part of my plan is still going well!)


“Francesca? If you’re going to just sit there deep in thought, at least let me look at your cute face in the mean time as well.”


Grabbing her head with his both hands, Leonardo made her look directly towards him.

Blinking blankly, Francesca suddenly realized something, and turned completely pale.


(——-Wait a minute.)

To hopefully reject the sudden thought that had appeared in her mind, she reflected on it once more.

(In the game, Francesca would get the tutorial as per the story after choosing the family of her choice during the kidnapping incident, and gaining characters from said family. And then, she’d have to help raise the abilities of those characters, and do mini-games for studying together with them, as they approach the first chapter of the story.)

Francesca stared at the beautiful man sitting in front of her.


(……….I met him due to a kidnapping incident, made a bond with him, and even improved his skill. And on top of that, I’m even studying together with him like it’s a game event, and of course, he’s also a member of another big family……….)

The conditions of the game were technically all met here as well.

(———-I didn’t accidentally [acquire] Leonardo as my character and now expected to ‘raise’ him or something, right——…..??)

The game’s systems were of course different than real life.

In the game, the characters were [Acquired through gacha] but, in the real world now, such a concept obviously doesn’t exist so what exactly had it been replaced by? Francesca had no idea.

But still, the fact that she’s spending time with Leonardo like this was definitely because of something like that, she hypothesized.


“Awa, awawawa……..”

“Hahaha, what happened now? Why are you suddenly trembling all of a sudden. Seriously, I never get bored of just watching you.”

“Actually! I just recalled I had an errand for Graziano!”


Francesca stood up from her seat in a panic, and quickly gathered her notes. Leonardo, with his chin still resting on his hand, continued to gaze her actions.

“Oh Him. The youngest member of your family, right?”

“Hey, that kind of vernacular is forbidden in the school! ‘Graziano is a butler from my family, and is attending this school both as my escort as well as my caretaker!’ That’s the official reason!”


While Leonardo gave an agreeing sound which seemed to hide a deeper meaning to it, Francesca spoke further.

“Anyways, see ya. Thanks for teaching me!”

The thing with Graziano was obviously a lie. But she needed to get away from Leonardo for now, and then reassess her current situation.

But, as if unwilling to part from her, Leonardo grabbed Francesca’s hand, and smiled as he stared at her with his golden shining eyes.

“I enjoy seeing you rely on me………you can ask me for more help whenever you need, Francesca.”


(If this wasn’t coming from the mastermind and main villain of the game, these would have been truly reassuring words but alas!!)

Gununu…….her mental state was a mess as Francesca rushed out of the third floor’s Library.


(What do I do? What do I do!? The more I think, the more it seems like I’m following the game exactly as it was!!)

Now that she further thought about it, it was odd that Leonardo would interact and talk to her so much.

The first time you’d meet him in the game was only in the latter half of the first chapter of the story that hadn’t even begun in this world. According to the scenario, Leonardo never came to the school, so there were no events with him either.

But right now, her relationship with Leonardo might be progressing like he was a playable character as well.

While hugging on to her notes, she walked at brisk pace, not quite running, but she was moving fast nonetheless, as she continued to rack her brain.

(It’s only a matter of time before the events of the first chapter begin to take place, the start of may. If things are still proceeding as the original story, the next person to get involved with the protagonist was………)

She entered the building where the first year classes were, and while walking towards Graziano’s class, she turned past a corner of the corridor when.

(This presence!)

She quickly dodged back to hide herself.

She stuck her back to the wall, and pretended like she was one with the wall. The students around her looked at her suspiciously but, she didn’t care about that for now.

As Francesca’s had unfortunately guessed, that person had appeared. As soon as that person turned the corner, they instantly became the centre of everyone’s attraction.

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“Look, it’s Ricardo-senpai!”

Snow-like silver hair, that had been neatly styled with a hair oil.


His gaze was strong like a rock, and his lips were tightly shut close.

His brow was slightly furrowed, but his posture was completely straight. He looked like he was somewhat angry but, there was still an elegance about it, and he had an overall dignified look to him.

(I knew it.———-Ricardo Stefano Serranova…….!)

Francesca knew who he was.

Of course he was a character in the game but more than that, she had seen him from afar before as the daughter of the Calvino household as well.

(That person is the sole child of the Serranova family, a family that honours tradition over everything. And he’s of course the next heir……..)

And Ricardo stopped directly in front of Francesca.

Since she was expecting him to pass by but he suddenly stopped, she inadvertently put her both hands to her mouth. She thought it’d be fine if she fully hid her presence but, if she did it now, it’ll only create more suspicion.

(This is bad, could it be, he recognizes my face?)


“………You over there.”

“Hyaa, Yesh!?!”

Ice cold, yet pretty face, and a clearly displeased countenance.

His look was also clearly popular as many girls in the corridor raised their voices. But he didn’t pay them any heed and walked straight towards Francesca.

(What do I do? If he recognizes me as the [daughter of the Calvino house], there’s nothing I’ll be able to do………..)

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