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AkuMana Ch20

Unknown Arrangements

“——-Your ribbon tie is loose.”


Francesca stared blankly, as the brow on Ricardo’s forehead continued to grow even more furrowed, and he spoke coldly.

“I said, your uniform’s ribbon tie is loose.”

“Ah, you’re right!”


She dropped her sights, and noticed that indeed, her ribbon was on the verge of coming completely loose. Ricardo snorted in exasperation as he continued to scold.


“Be more careful. A disorder in your clothes shows a disorder in your discipline. Ignore it for too long and it will only lead to more trouble down the line.”

“Uh, yes! I’ll be more careful!”

As she quickly retied her necktie ribbon, Francesca thought to herself.

(Rather than the heir to an underworld family, he’s more like a public morals chairman or a teacher……)

Ricardo continued to stand in front of Francesca with his arms folded, and staring at her with a daunting pose.

It seems until she fully fixes her uniform and satisfies his demand, he won’t let her go.

“It’s done!”


He carefully looked at the ribbon, as Francesca proudly puffed her chest.

“I’ll give it a passing mark. The two sides have a difference of 1cm, which isn’t very nice to see however.”

(Wha, how exact does he want me to be!?”)


“And you, the boy over there. It’s against the rules to leave your top button of your shirt open. Button it immediately.”

“Wha, Yes! My apologies, Serranova-senpai………!”


The first year who was the target of his sharp scowl, panicked on the spot and quickly buttoned up properly.

Meanwhile, Francesca adjusted the ribbon to be even more precise, while giving a quick glance towards Ricardo.

(Ricardo Stefano Serranova is an awfully serious man, an honours student who is strict with both himself and others around him. A true believer of order and discipline, he’s a character that will always aim to do things the ‘correct’ way even if it makes everyone afraid of him……….well, at least, that’s what the first impression you get of him is like………)

Her gaze moved towards the vest of the uniform he wore, as well as his back pocket.

(——-it’s a good copy of the normal uniform’s vest but in reality that’s a double weaved bulletproof vest. And he has at least two knives hidden inside his coat……, might be three actually.)

Analyzing the man in front of him, she raised her level of caution against Ricardo.

(It’s not exactly against the rules but, it’s hardly the equipment of a normal student either is it……..)


As expected, in the end, Ricardo too was the heir of an underworld family.

His strict discipline and rule-abiding personality wasn’t even that rare in the underworld either.


(Most giant gangsters organizations have their own set of rules and regulations that they strictly follow. The society may deem them as criminals of course, but even the 5 big families have iron clad rules that they always follow.)

Speaking of which, it reminded her of the First chapter of the main story. She was pretty confident that Ricardo had already become involved with that incident.

(Ugh, why did he have to show up here now…….! Also, surely Leonardo must have also noticed my ribbon being a mess considering how much he was looking at me right!? It might be unreasonable of me to blame him for this, but still, I would’ve liked it if he had told me when he saw it!!)

While lamenting the situation inside her mind, she glanced at Ricardo once again. He was currently looking around and pointing out the problems in the attires of all the students around him.

A certain section of the female students were intentionally loosening their ribbons just so they could get Ricardo to tell them off.

While the girls were getting excited from being scolded, Francesca saw a chance to escape.

(Alright, I should leave while I have the chance……!)


She casually began to step away from the place, and decided to walk back to the 2nd year class building. She was hoping to go check on Graziano while she ran away from Leonardo but, that would have to wait it seemed.

But, noticing her attempt to escape, unfortunately Ricardo called her out again.


“Oi, you, over there. Wait.”

(Whaaa, he’s coming here again!!)

Driven back into the corner of the corridor, Francesca was baffled.

With her back to the wall once again, and gripping on to her notes, Ricardo once again came in close to study her face.

“Wha, what is it……..?”

“……….Rosy red hair. Sky blue eyes. A 2nd year, but the uniform is clearly new……….”

(Could it be, he finally recognized her this time!?)

Francesca was 17yrs old but she hadn’t had her high society debut. If she had publicly come out as the daughter of the Calvino family, her friend making plan would have gone completely out of the window.

But her characteristic red hair and blue eyes were similar to her father and quite recognisable. It won’t be strange if Ricardo guessed her true identity.

“——–you’re the transfer student that Aldini was talking about, aren’t you?”


She could only stare and blink.

“Did Leonardo, perhaps, say something about me to you?”

“Last month, that guy just showed up in front of me out of nowhere and gave a strange warning.”

With a annoyed looking expression, Ricardo spoke while looking down at Francesca.

“………[Don’t come close to Francesca Amelia Trovato.”


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“[She belongs to me, and if a member of another family touches her, there will be no forgiveness.], is what he said.”

Francesca eyes widened in shock.

Perhaps due to remembering the incident, Ricardo’s brow furrowed even further as he glared at Francesca.

“He threatened to kill anyone who even dared to contact you. Of course, I’m not the only one who got this warning.”



If Leonardo was here, she would have grabbed his collar and shook him. Behind her back, a dangerous talk had begun somehow.

“Do you want to be rid of Aldini? Transfer student?”


With a plainly cold tone, Ricardo asked her so.

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