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AkuMana Ch23

The Mastermind Fiancé and the Little Bro

“Wh, what happened?”

“Didn’t you say that you were going to the 1st year building? But I got info that Ricardo was here as well so I got a bit curious that’s all.”

(Why is his info gathering ability so damn fast!?!)

 Not much time had passed since Francesca had left the library. She wondered if he used some kind of skill for this.


(I wonder if this is thanks to one of the other two skills Leonardo has………no no, but, that’s still odd. Even his skill to [Stop the movements of his enemies] was quite plain for the highest ranking villain and last boss. It was one thing when you’re fighting against him, but if he had been made a playable character, I think most players would have complained that they wanted cooler and stronger skills.)


By the game’s standards, real strength was the ability to defeat even boss class enemies in the very first turn.

In that sense, for a [strong character], a skill that seals the movements of enemies for multiple turns was pretty useless.

It was hard for her to believe that one of the three skills Leonardo had would be taken up by that.

(In my past life, I too came up with all sorts of predictions and theories for what his other abilities could be, just so I’d have something to talk about with my classmates and mingle with them. Although I never actually succeeded in doing that though………..)

“So? My cute Francesca?”


As if he was her escort, Leonardo gently took Francesca hand in his own.

He peeked in at Francesca’s face, gave a sweet smile, yet in the depths of his eyes, she could sense a dark light dwelling within.

“——-Did Serranova do anything scary to you?”

(………Your eyes are far more scarier than Serranova’s though…….)


A cold chill ran down Francesca’s spine.

Even though she wasn’t even the target of his bloodlust and hostility, she still instinctively reacted to it.

Anyone who turns this man into their enemy will not remain safe for long, her body was desperately sending warning signals to her.


But before Francesca could answer, Leonardo’s hand was torn away from her.


The person who had got between those two was of course, a frowning Graziano.

“Sorry, but can you not act so overly familiar and touchy with the young miss.”

“Oh? Well if it isn’t the guard dog.”

Leonardo squinted with amusement as he looked down at Graziano.

“Good to see you’re as faithful and devoted as always. Be sure to keep protecting my Francesca like that always, okay?”

“Wha? Who is yours?”

“Am I wrong? She’s my fiancée, and will be my beautiful bride in the future.”

“Hey, wait, Leonardo!?”


She knew that his insincere words were nothing more than a ploy to instigate Graziano and nothing more. And Graziano glared at Leonardo while still protecting Francesca behind his back.

“This person is the sole daughter of the head of Calvino house……..our young miss. Show some respect.”



“~~~~~AAh, stop it!!!”

Unable to bear this situation any longer, Francesca raised her voice.

“You two, stop competing over something so stupid!!”



Grabbing the scruff of Graziano’s neck from behind, she pulled him away from in front of her and to the side. And then, she folded her arms and then glared at the two handsome, and much taller men in front of her.

“I belong to neither Leonardo, nor my house! And Leonardo! I forbid you from saying such overtly suggestive lines just so you can pick fights with everyone by using me as an excuse! As for you Graziano, I’m happy you tried to help me but you simply cannot act like this to the head of another family, am I clear!?”

“……….I’m sorry.”

“Hahaha, to think I would get scolded like this! How refreshing, not bad at all.”


Graziano drooped his head in shame but, she glared once again at Leonardo.

“Leonardo, there’s something I want to talk about but……..”


Just then, the bell rang across the hallways, notifying that only 10mins of the lunch break remained.

“………Francesca, wasn’t the next lesson a Phy. Ed. Class and the girls need to be in the yard for it?”

“You’re right!!”

Reminded by Leonardo, she suddenly began to panick.

“I need to go back right now! And you two, no more fighting alright!?”

Francesca left the two behind her, and rushed out of the first year building.


Graziano, seeing Francesca run out of the building could only sigh deeply.

(……….Haah, What a busy lunch break……..)

And due to some twist of luck, he was now left here alone with the Aldini head for whatever reason.

There was nothing more ridiculous than that, so he wanted to quickly return back to the classroom. It was right then.

“You, do you actually love Francesca?”


Being questioned by the Aldini head like that, Graziano turned around.

The man always looked very easy going. His hands were still in his pocket, and he had a frivolous smile on his face that Graziano really didn’t like.

And above all, the thing that annoyed him the most was how the man in front of him always looked so defenceless yet seemed to have no openings at all.

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(………..pisses me off. Even I can tell beforehand that if I actually tried to seriously kill him, I won’t succeed at all……….)

Coming to a bitter conclusion inside his mind, he could only glare at the Aldini head.


“It’s impossible. That person is not that kind of a person to me.”

“Oh? Then what kind of a person is she to you?”


After pondering for a moment, he spoke.

“………That person is like an older sister. She’s my big sis.”

“Haha! A big sis eh……..I see.”

His gaze seemed to hold some implication hidden behind it but, Graziano found it discomforting. The Aldini head’s golden eyes always seemed like they could peer right into his heart and see through it all.

“That’s good to hear though. Looks like you’re not going to be my enemy then.”

“………..I should tell you this I suppose but..”

Even if he knew that fighting him had no chance of winning.

He still, glared directly at the man in front of him.

“——-If you ever hurt my [Big sis], I will use all of my strength to erase you.”


The Aldini head narrowed his eyes, and spoke with satisfaction before leaving.

“How interesting……….but if a guy like you with such a strong resolve is beside her, she should be safe at her home at least huh.”


(……..Why is he acting all haughty for………..)

He thought, but wouldn’t say that out loud.

Graziano also turned his back to the man to make sure he didn’t broke his promise to Francesca to [properly attend classes, okay?], and returned back to his class.


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