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AkuMana Ch24

Bargaining with the Fiancé

Same day, after school.

Without rejoining Graziano who was on cleaning duty, Francesca was roaming around the academy and sighed when she finally caught sight of the conspicuous black hair she was looking for.

“……….Finally found you, Leonardo……..”

“Oh, Francesca?”

Sitting under the shade of a tree, Leonardo was relaxing with both his coat and vest off.


He was simply in his shirt and slacks, even his necktie was off, and the sleeves of the shirt had been rolled back. He must have been moving about as well as she could see sweat drops on his forehead, which were dazzling under the rays of sun seeping through tree leaves.


However, Francesca wasn’t the type to be charmed by this scene.

“You didn’t show up in homeroom, so I was searching, only to find you in a place like this. Just what had you been up to until now?”

“We were having a sports match with the boys from the other classes. I saw a bunch of acquaintances so I figured I might as well have some fun once in a while.”

Saying that, he lightly tapped the ball lying beside him.

(He was having a truly youth infused moment! Ugh, I’m so jealous…….!!)

Although he was quite feared by most students, Leonardo still had a bunch of friends.

He was actually quite well liked by a bunch of student groups that tend to stand out themselves, and would occasionally show up to hang out with them once in a while.

Even though he barely even showed up at school, his ability to grasp people’s hearts and quickly become well liked by them was truly fearsome.

(no one would believe that the mastermind of the drug trafficking incident is spending such a nice youthful daily life here…….)



Leonardo stood up and looked down towards Francesca.

“You came out all this way just to find me? As expected of my beloved darling fiancée.”

“Enough of that please. That aside, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”



When she said that, Leonardo smiled.

“I’ll be more than happy to tell you anything I know of to you my cutie.”

(……….Seriously, his looks alone really are worthy of the [highest rank] huh…….)

She truly and sincerely felt that way. But, it was obvious that Leonardo seemed to always look handsome and beautiful so, she couldn’t let it distract her every time.

“I’ll be completely direct.”

“Go ahead.”

While staying cautious, Francesca questioned him.


“Leonardo, are you involved with the drugs being circulated in the capital recently?”



While still smiling, Leonardo’s eyes narrowed a little bit.

Of course, this was basically her asking if [he broken the Iron Code] after all. An accusation like this was no joke, worst case, it could even instigate a war.

Leonardo amusingly looked at Francesca who had made such a question so openly, and his eyes seemed to imply like he was having fun with this.

 (Of course, I already know the answer to this question though.)

After all, the game’s first chapter was dedicated entirely to this investigation.

The protagonist was working with the Ricardo, the heir to the tradition loving Serranova family. Under his father’s orders, if he failed to resolve this situation, he would be deemed unworthy of succeeding him as family head.

In the game, Francesca is already known to be from the Calvino family, and had been kidnapped right before the drug trafficking incidents began.

Ricardo, assuming that there may be some connection between these two incidents, decides to take Francesca under his wing as an assistant investigator in this matter.

(Both the protagonist and Ricardo finally nail down a person, not connected to any of the families, as the culprit behind the incident. But soon another incident happens and only then do they finally arrive at Leonardo.)


That event is how the player finds out that [the Aldini Head, Leonardo is the mastermind], and the main villain is set.

(I don’t need to hear from him to know if he knows about it all or not. But, if I first don’t ask him this question, I can’t lead the conversation to what I really want to ask about.)


Leonardo gently stretched his hand towards the nervous Francesca.

“You don’t need to be so vigilant, Francesca.”

As he softly caressed her hair, he laughed as if he was looking at something very beloved to him.

“No matter what kind of crazy question you may ask, I would never hurt you or get angry with you, you know that.”

“………Then, will you tell me?”

“let’s see……..”

As he spoke, the light in his eyes slightly wavered.

“——-If I said I was, what would you do?”


Francesca stared directly at him.

“Of course, I will ask you to stop right now.”

This was the real thing that Francesca wanted to talk about.

To continue her peaceful life, she wanted to avoid getting dragged into the main story. Let alone investigating together with Ricardo, she wanted to make the incident itself to not occur in the first place.

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“Even if you make a lot of profits from drugs, in the grand scheme of things, the losses will be far more no? If the fact that you broke the Iron Code was found out, even the Aldini family will not come out of it unharmed……..and it’ll be much worse if His Majesty, the King were to catch wind of this.”



Even if they were part of the underworld, on the surface they were nobles of this kingdom, and official stance was that [They do the King’s dirty work]. The 5 great families had contributed a lot directly to the royal family which was why they held such a special position in the country.

Normally thinking, they would not want to do anything that would aggravate the royal family.

But, the person in front of her was none other than Leonardo. So normal logic wouldn’t really work with him.


(What a creepy smile!!)

She wouldn’t let herself be fooled by the beautiful smile on the surface. No matter how you looked at it, Leonardo, who was looking closely at Francesca, was making eyes that were hiding some kind of deep scheme behind it.

“I’ll do as you say. However, in return for listening to your request, you must listen to one of my requests as well.”

Surprised by the sudden bargaining, she widened her eyes.

“th…….That depends on the conditions!”

“Hahaha, that’s certainly true!……..Then, my dearest Fiancée,..”

Leonardo took Francesca’s hand, lightly kissed the back of her hand, and spoke in a courteous way as if he was enacting a play.


“There happens to be an evening party at the next full moon. I will come to pick you up, so will you do me the honour of being my date for the night?”


Francesca stood speechless, as Leonardo smiled teasingly.

“I want to take you with me, and show off my cute fiancée.”


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